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FashionGo Review: Is This the Future of Fashion Dropshipping?
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Do you want to start dropshipping fashion products? Are you looking for reliable suppliers? Look no further than this FashionGo Dropshipping Review!

FashionGo, the prominent online wholesale marketplace, offers a lucrative opportunity for retailers and boutiques. In this article, I’ll explore if FashionGo is the best choice for dropshippers.

I’ll guide you through the steps, from creating your FashionGo account to syncing it with your Shopify store, finding products, adjusting pricing and order settings, and the convenient order fulfillment process. 

FashionGo offers an array of options for dropshippers. Plus, it is available for free! So, let’s see what you got!


What Is FashionGo? 

fashiongo dropshipping

FashionGo is a prominent online marketplace for wholesale shopping, linking retailers and boutiques with a wide network of reliable top suppliers. 

They offer a broad selection of items, such as clothing, accessories, home decor, and more, to help you discover the ideal products for your customers. 

What’s more, your customers can also enjoy special perks, competitive prices, bulk discounts, and efficient shipping choices.

Furthermore, in addition to their strong online platform, they provide dedicated assistance to your wholesale and dropshipping brands so you can connect with retailers and explore new possibilities. 

Additionally, you can become part of a growing community that includes thousands of wholesalers and over a million buyers on FashionGo, all experiencing the convenience of wholesale trading.

Quick FashionGo Dropshipping Review


The best

  • Wide Range of Products
  • Integrated Dropshipping
  • Large Inventory
  • Free to Use
  • Shopify Integration

The worst

  • Niche-Specific
  • Documentation Required
  • Shipping Costs
  • Consideration of Profit Margins

Starting from

  • Free to use and install; Only pays for products and shipping.

How Does FAshionGo Dropshipping Work?

fashiongo dropshipping

FashionGo Dropshipping offers an easy way to connect your Shopify store by utilizing a URL. This process automatically showcases your chosen items on your website and synchronizes order details, streamlining the steps and sparing you time and hassle.

Additionally, you can effortlessly discover products you adore using advanced search filters, allowing you to sort by vendor, clothing category, price range, values, processing time, and more.

Furthermore, as there are no monthly expenses tied to using this platform, you can expand your business at your own pace without concerns about whether your monthly sales are sufficient to cover operating costs.


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How To Use FashionGo Dropshipping?

In this FashionGo Review,  I will guide you through my step-by-step process of using FashionGo Dropshipping. Let’s go!

Step 1- Create Your FashionGo Account

First thing first, you must register at FashionGo Dropshipping. Thus, once you are on the FashionGo Dropshipping website, click on the “Register” button in the right upper corner.


Now. you will have to provide your personal information, and business information, and go through email verification. 

register process

And, once you are done, you can start connecting your store with FashionGo.

Step 2- Connect FashionGo With Your Shopify Store

Next in my FashionGo Review, I will explain how to connect it with your Shopify store.

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Now is the time to connect your Shopify store with FashionGo and enjoy their features. 

So, click on the “Settings” section from their sidebar, and then click on “ Add New Store”.

connect your store

Next, you need to add your store information, like store name, platform, and the store URL. However, make sure you add the full store URL (with in its link). Once you are done, click on “Connect”.

FASHIONGO dropshipping

Now, go to your Shopify admin, and install the FashionGo Dropshipping Shopify App. Hence, this process is straightforward, just like with the majority of Shopify app installations.

Step 3- Find Your FashionGo Dropshipping Products

FashionGo Dropshipping simplifies your online store management. It automatically puts the items you’ve chosen on your website and syncs orders, making the process more straightforward, and saving you time and stress.

So, what I first do is search through their broad categories of products. In fact, I use their filter so I can narrow down my search.

find products

Also, I navigate to my specific dropshipping clothing niche, select trusted vendor options, and set additional filters. Thus, here I usually focus on setting inventory and the processing time.

So, once I find the product I want to add to my store, I click on the “Add To Import List” button on the product page.

import products

Then, I navigate to the Import List section, and I simply click on the “Push To Store” button. And, that’s it, an easy breeze.

push to store

Step 4- Adjust Your Pricing, Order & Shipping Settings

You can also tweak your store’s pricing settings. Besides setting your own markup prices, you can apply more advanced pricing rules. For instance, you can let your customers see a price comparison chosen by you and display a specific cent value for your price adjustments.

pricing rules

Furthermore, you can also adjust your order setting. For instance, you have the option to set a default credit card for order payments in your settings

This way, when a customer places an order on your Shopify website, FashionGo Dropshipping will automatically charge you for the item.

order settings

Furthermore, what I also advise you to do is, from your Shopify dashboard, go to Settings> Shipping and Deliver, and click on “Manage”.

shipping and delivery

Now, scroll down to the bottom of this page and enable the FashionGo Rates option. In fact, if you fail to do this, is going to give your customer an error during the checkout process.


So, you don’t want a cart abandonment, do you?

Next, FashionGo automatically fulfills your orders and sends them to your customers. This fulfillment includes packing, shipping, and even processing any requested returns.

FashionGo Dropshipping Review: Key Features

Product Catalog 


FashionGo offers you a variety of fashion products to choose from. Thus, in their database, you can find over 21,000 products in dropshipping niches, like apparel, shoes, jewelry, baby products, home decor, beauty, and more. 

Also, what I like about them is that even though you are not registered, you can see their pricing, processing time details, and shipping costs.

product prices and shipping costs

Furthermore, you can also search their product catalog and set up filters, like category, vendors, sizes, promotions, inventory, processing times, etc.

filters on fashiongo

Trusted Vendors

FashionGo Dropshipping also provides you with dozens of trusted vendors to choose from. Not only that, but they are also sorted into categories. 

For example, you can easily check on vendors that offer affordable shipping rates, or you can search through high-sales vendors.

affodable shipping vendors

Moreover, you can search for vendors selling in specific categories as well.

accessories vendors

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In addition, the platform also provides you with valuable insights about each supplier. So, if you access the supplier’s page, you can check on their shipping and processing times, shipping rates, filter their products, etc.

fashiongo supplier

Moreover, from here, you can also chat with the dropshipping suppliers. In fact, there are many ways to start a Chat concerning items, and orders, like:

  1. Top Menu > Chat icon
  2. Vendor Home > Chat with Vendor
  3. Item Details > Chat about the item
  4. Order History or Order Details > Chat about the order

“Fulfilled by FG” Feature

When you’re searching for items to link to your Shopify store, keep an eye out for the “Fulfilled by FG” badge. This special symbol appears on the item listing, item details, and order details pages.

Thus, “Fulfilled by FG” products are handpicked by the FashionGo Dropshipping merchandising team. 

Thus, this badge ensures you that FashionGo Dropshipping handles the entire order fulfillment process for these items, from beginning to end. This process encompasses packing, shipping, and even managing any requested returns.

Automatic Order Fulfillment

fashiongo dropshipping

FashionGo Dropshipping effortlessly integrates your customers’ information to facilitate a seamless order fulfillment process. 

As a result, suppliers handle not only your inventory but also the selection, packaging, and shipping of your orders, relieving you of the inventory management burden.

This means you can simply link your store to FashionGo and kickstart your dropshipping venture without the complexities of inventory management.

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Shipping & Payment 

FashionGo offers consolidated shipping to wholesalers and dropshippers. Consolidated Shipping is a convenient and cost-saving service to receive multiple orders in one shipment. With this service, you can save up to 30%.

Hence, vendors taking part in this offer will display a “Consolidated Shipping” symbol in the upper right corner of their vendor homepage and the details page for their items.

Additionally, these participating vendors will ensure that your order items reach FashionGo within 2 business days from the time you place the order.

As for shipping costs, they are mainly based on factors like weight, box size, and where the items are being sent. However, other factors like seasonal changes and delivery to residential or rural locations can also affect the cost.

It’s important to note that consolidation services are only available for shipments within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Also, for international shipments they collaborate with UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

On the other hand, when it comes to payment, you need to register a credit card as your primary payment method. 

They accept major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. While other payment options are available, it’s important to know that using a credit card is usually the most secure and straightforward way to make payments.

FashionGo’s trustworthy payment system, known as ‘FG Pay,’ is powered by Stripe. Thus, Stripe complies with the strictest PCI Level 1 standards established by credit card networks, ensuring your transactions are safe.

In addition to credit card payments, you can also use PayPal on the platform.

FashionGo Dropshipping App

fashongo dropshipping

Next, in the Shopify App Store, you have a completely free FashionGo Dropshipping App

With this app, you can easily import products to your dropshipping store, and sync all data just in time. 

Plus, Shopify users have rated the app at 4.1/5 stars, which confirms customer satisfaction and app convenience.


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Also, FashionGo has wholesale apps on Apple Store, And Play Store as well.

Customer Support

FashionGo Dropshipping offers multiple communication systems for customers. Thus, they provide you with email, phone calls, technical support, etc. 

fashiongo dropshipping

Moreover, they also provide educational and informational content through their Help Center and Blog articles.

fashiongo dropshipping

Fashion Dropshipping Review: Pricing

Fashion Dropshipping is completely FREE to install and use. Thus, you as a dropshipper, will only pay for your products and shipping. Everything else is free!

In addition, on the updated vendor policy, FashionGo Dropshipping is setting a maximum price for products. Here’s how it works:

  1. The product cost must be 1.8 times the wholesale price or less, and it should be discounted by at least 40% from the regular retail price (MSRP).
  1. If the wholesale price is $5 or less, the product cost can be up to $5 more than the wholesale price.

With these rules in place, retailers can anticipate more consistent price ranges for dropshipping products, rather than experiencing unpredictable price fluctuations.

FashionGo Dropshipping Pros & Cons

Pros of FashionGo Dropshipping

✅ Wide Range of Products

FashionGo offers a diverse selection of products, including clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more, making it suitable for various fashion-related businesses.

✅ Integrated Dropshipping

FashionGo has integrated dropshipping into its platform, allowing you to directly dropship products to your customers, saving you from holding inventory.

✅ Large Inventory

The dropshipping section of FashionGo boasts over 32,000 items available for dropshipping, ensuring a wide variety of products to choose from.

✅ Free to Use

FashionGo itself is free to use, and it’s available on the Shopify App Store, which can help you reduce initial costs.

✅ Shopify Integration

You can easily import FashionGo’s products into your Shopify store, set profit margins, track inventory, and more.

Cons of FashionGo for Dropshipping:

❌ Niche-Specific 

FashionGo may not be ideal for businesses outside the fashion, beauty, or home categories, limiting its suitability for some niches.

❌ Documentation Required

Accessing FashionGo may require you to provide legal documents such as a reseller’s permit or business structure, which can be a barrier for some users.

❌ Shipping Costs

Shipping products from FashionGo directly to your home country may be expensive, so you may need to explore alternatives like using a US Sky Box for more affordable shipping.

❌ Consideration of Profit Margins

To make a profit, you’ll need to carefully consider your profit margins when selecting vendors and pricing products.

FashionGo Customer Reviews

FashionGo has an amazing 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot. Plus, most of the customer comments are positive, talking about fast shipping times and excellent customer service. 

fashiongo reviews

However, it’s always a great idea to pay attention to the negative reviews as well. So, most of the user’s complaints are about inconvenient shipping costs. So, be careful when choosing dropshipping suppliers.

negative reviews

Nonetheless, there are various A-Z review videos from dropshippers using the app, talking about their great experience.

FashionGo Dropshipping Alternatives



Trendsi is a popular choice for US Shopify sellers who focus on women’s fashion. They provide lovely product pictures featuring their own models. The good news is they also offer free returns, use branded invoices, and have user-friendly mobile apps for running your store.

Getting started with a women’s clothing dropshipping business through Trendsi is straightforward. All you need to do is sign up, and you’ll instantly gain access to a vast collection of over 100,000 trendy items.

Furthermore, Trendsi offers fast shipping. Thus, US-based items will arrive within 2-7 business days, while products sourced globally will be delivered within 5-10 business days. Also, shipping costs start at a low cost of $3.99.

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Sellvia stands out as a strong e-commerce platform that caters to businesses of all sizes with its dropshipping solutions.

As a dropshipping supplier, Sellvia offers a straightforward way to bring in and sell a diverse range of high-quality products.

It comes with a fulfillment center based in the United States and a personalized store service, giving online store owners the freedom to tailor their stores to match their brand and enhance conversions.

What sets Sellvia apart is its top-notch product catalog, which features unique options designed to cater to the specific requirements of its customers. 

Moreover, Sellvia ensures swift product delivery within 1 to 3 business days, thanks to its US-based operations, which are limited to shipping within the US.

The icing on the cake is its seamless integration with Shopify, as there’s a Sellvia app readily available in the Shopify app store.

In terms of pricing, the platform offers two plans:

  • Sellvia Plan – priced at $39 per month.
  • Sellvia PRO – available for $69 per month or $399 per year.

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In conclusion, FashionGo presents a promising opportunity for dropshippers in the fashion and wholesale industry. With its seamless integration with Shopify, a wide product catalog, trusted vendors, and free access through the Shopify App Store, it offers a range of features to streamline your business.

In my opinion, FashionGo appears to be a solid choice for dropshippers, particularly those in the fashion niche. It offers an array of advantages, including a diverse product selection, ease of use, and cost-saving options like consolidated shipping. 

However, it’s essential to consider factors like niche specificity and potential documentation requirements before diving in.

Ultimately, the decision to use FashionGo for dropshipping should be based on your specific business needs and niche. 

By leveraging the information in this article, you can make an informed choice about whether FashionGo is the right fit for your dropshipping venture.

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