Free List Of Dropshipping Sunglasses Suppliers


Upon conducting extensive research, you will find out there aren’t many dropshipping sunglasses suppliers available online.

That’s why we are giving this list to you, to save you precious time and keep the bad suppliers away from your business.

Can you make money by reselling sunglasses? Sure you can, since some claim to have made over $8000 in just 30 days.

List of the top 10 Dropshipping Sunglasses Suppliers

To back up the stats and help you enter the industry, we’ve decided to share this valuable list of the top 10 dropshipping sunglasses suppliers.

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1. BrandsGateway

If you’re looking to make some serious cash, BrandsGateway is the place to be. Want to sell brands like Diesel, Dsquared, Esprit, Gant, Guess, Cavalli, Tom Ford, and other famous name brands?

They do charge for monthly or yearly subscriptions, but the profits are guaranteed to be the highest, compared to the rest of the dropshipping sunglasses suppliers.

The largest branded clothing marketplace is open to a limited amount of dropshippers at any given time, to equally divide profits among themselves.

However, they are always looking for new resellers and their customer support for dropshippers is among the top 3 dropshipping clothing companies, according to TrustPilot.

Also, don’t forget to check out their new collections for other accessories, as well as branded clothing. They ship worldwide, which takes no more than 1-5 business days, depending on the location.

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2. DropshipTown

Dropship Town is a U.S.-based sunglasses dropshipping supplier with a variety of other accessories to choose from.

Like most suppliers, they have a few subscription plans, one starting at $29,99, and the other at $69,99, both on a monthly basis. However, they don’t just offer regular, trendy sunglasses.

Apparently, with brands like Vicious Vision, Flying Fisherman, Bobster, and other performance sunglasses, there are good profit margins to be made by reselling on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

On top of this, you can choose a ‘Ready2Launch’ website, for a fee. This way, you’ll save time on creating a new website.

Be aware though, this supplier only ships within the U.S., so make sure to be residing there, because you might need an LLC in the future.

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3. BigBuy

BigBuy is a Spanish B2B e-commerce supplier of various products, including eyewear.

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Providing resellers with European stock and fast deliveries, BigBug is a recipient of multiple e-commerce awards from PayPal, e-awards, and other famous events. As for support, they will do everything in their power to help you with anything dropshipping-related.

You can sell on marketplaces like Rakuten, Amazon, Cdiscount, eBay, and even AliExpress. Moreover, you can use any of their packages for complete websites based on category.

As for brands, they got some pretty good ones, such as Guess, Just Cavalli, Kodak, Swarovski, Timberland, and Police. Given the circumstances, that’s a pretty decent collection of branded sunglasses to be dropshipped.

4. Akcessoryz

Akcessoryz has chosen to work with an affiliate program, allowing resellers to earn up to 15% in commission fees.

It’s free to join, and they allow all types of advertising, as long as you sell their products.

All orders are processed within 1-2 business days, and it takes them 3-7 days until final delivery in the U.S. As for international shipping, it takes a whole lot longer, 10-30 days on average.

Since there aren’t many sunglasses dropshipping suppliers available, we thought you might have a solution to the difficulties using their affiliate program.

5. Simply Wholesale

Simply Wholesale is New Zealand’s largest sunglasses dropshipping supplier, with almost a decade of experience in the industry. Over one million customers have bought products from these guys.

As for the types and brands of sunglasses, you can sell Starsky, Seafolly Zodiac, Spitfire, Allison Gia Franco, Le Specs, and other cool, very fashionable eyewear.

There are over 100.000 products, with easy returns. For certain countries, there’s worldwide shipping. As for domestic shipping, there’s a flat shipping fee of $9.95.

This market is highly lucrative if you’re willing to work that marketing magic in your store.

6. BeGlobal LLC

With head offices in the U.S. and Israel, BeGlobal LLC is a very popular sunglasses dropshipping supplier, with its own software for updating the entire inventory. This will avoid out-of-stock issues and make sure all the products are there.

Not much can be found on their website, except for a few slides of the products and the amount of inventory at their disposal. However, it’s still promising, compared to other dropshipping sunglasses suppliers with

7. Petra Industries

Petra work with hundreds of brands, from so many ecommerce product categories. There are a lot of limited-time deals and closeouts, that dropshippers often spend a large portion of their marketing for these special discounts and deals.

However, they are currently only selling one type of sunglasses – safety sunglasses.

These things change quickly, so while you’re waiting for their stock to refill, there are plenty of safety glasses to sell at any time.

You can become a marketplace reseller with this Oklahoma dropshipping supplier, so make sure to check out most products before choosing to deal with them.

8. CTS Wholesale Sunglasses

This Salem, Oregon dropshipping sunglasses supplier is a specialist in this category. Resell bamboo wood, party, aviator, designer, and other types of sunglasses for large profits.

Custom printing is available if you’re willing to create your own label.

With proper third-party logistics, you’ll go a long way. However, they do not provide blind dropshipping internationally. This might be a problem if you focus on selling worldwide.

On the other hand, focus on U.S. orders and you’ll do just fine. Learn more about how to dropship in the USA with the best wholesale suppliers.

9. Optieast

Optieast is a professional manufacturer of optical eyeglasses and sunglasses with our own lab and is able to supply optical frames, lenses, and finished spectacles according to your requirements. Learn how to find your product manufacturer in any niche.

1000+ latest styles of optical glasses, blue light glasses, and sunglasses at factory price. Logo customization, dropshipping and worldwide shipping supported.

Optieast partners with the world’s leading Chinese eyeglasses manufacturers, who are dedicated to providing excellent products and services for individual optometrists and opticians throughout the globe.

10. Mawu Eyewear

MAWU eyewear was created when two friends with different outlooks on life came together to build a shared dream of launching a global brand.

The dropshipping sunglasses supplier has gone on to collaborate with worldwide designers, photographers, video creators, and social media influencers, helping them to create their own destinies and step out of the ordinary.

Available on a first-come, first-served basis, Mawu eyewear dropshipping products connect those who seek something new and something worth considering for your dropshipping journey.


The best opportunity to find and work with the best wholesalers, and of course, with dropshipping sunglasses suppliers across the globe is to find your best vendor and build a partnership. To start, you can check our FREE Supplier’s directory with more than 1600 available suppliers in any category. As a bonus, here’s our ultimate and free list: Best Dropshipping Companies for all you need to start and run your business.