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AC Hampton: From Dorm Room Dreams to E-Commerce Glory
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Martin is an agency owner and SaaS projects maker. His work is featured in the leading ecommerce brands, magazines and podcasts. Talks about Marketing, Business Development, and Growth Hacking!
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Unravel the enigma of AC Hampton, the e-commerce wizard whose journey sparks intrigue and curiosity.

What led this Kansas City native, armed with a Business Administration degree, to forsake the traditional 9-5 grind for the allure of dropshipping? How did a chance discovery turn $165K into a thriving empire, surviving Facebook ad shutdowns and Paypal holds?

AC’s path is fraught with twists – from a crane disaster inspiring a new product to the evolution of Lavish Moms. Delve into the mysteries behind his success, his social media dominance, and the elusive Supreme Ecom Blueprint.

Join me as I peel back the layers of AC Hampton’s clandestine ascent in the e-commerce realm.

Who Is AC Hampton & What Does He Do?

Introducing Alex Hampton, also known as AC in the e-commerce realm. A native of Kansas City, Missouri, he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Missouri in 2018.

AC stumbled upon the world of dropshipping during his college days, inspired by a conversation with a roommate.

After a brief stint in a traditional 9-5 job post-graduation, AC took a bold step into entrepreneurship. He invested in a dropshipping course, though the initial outcomes fell short of expectations.

In a turning point during December of 2018, AC discovered a winning product that raked in $165K in sales within two months. Initially fulfilling orders through AliExpress, he later transitioned to Oberlo. However, the sheer volume of daily orders through his general store proved overwhelming, leading AC to find a supplier capable of handling all fulfillment responsibilities.

Since March 2019, AC has been working closely with this supplier. Unfortunately, by this time, the product he had been selling reached its saturation point. Complicating matters, Facebook shut down the ad account for his first store and product, and PayPal imposed a hold on his account for over 90 days. Undeterred, AC decided to start fresh.

He revamped his strategy, acquiring a new theme for a niche-focused, one-product store. The results were remarkable, with sales surpassing $1.7 million between March and December of 2020.

From that point onward, AC’s journey in e-commerce has been marked by continuous success. Leveraging his accumulated experience, he has gone on to make millions through various e-commerce stores.

Today, he shares his knowledge and insights through his online dropshipping course, Supreme Ecom Blueprint, providing a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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AC Hampton Social Media Presence

AC Hampton is quite the social media personality. On his YouTube channel, he’s got a solid following with 410k subscribers and has shared a whopping 575 videos that people seem to love, totaling over 14 million views.

Having such a big audience pays off for AC. He makes money through different channels like affiliate offers, sponsorships, and YouTube ads you see. His channel isn’t just for fun – it’s a place where he talks about his mentorship program and online courses, pulling in lots of free traffic.

But wait, there’s more! AC also has a good bunch of followers on Instagram, with 155k people keeping up with him, and on TikTok, he’s got 51.2k fans enjoying his content. So, he’s not just a one-platform wonder.

Oh, and he’s on LinkedIn too, keeping it real across various social media spots.

There’s also a Facebook community –Supreme Ecom Masterminds.

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AC Hampton History Of Success

1. Unveiling Hampton’s Entrepreneurial Expedition

Hampton’s dive into the entrepreneurial world kicked off during his junior year at the University of Missouri.

Using Instagram, he launched Sneaker Labz to sell sneakers, setting the groundwork for his future ventures.

2. Early Challenges and the Dive into Drop-shipping

Despite an initial triumph, Hampton faced hurdles in his senior year, initially brushing off dropshipping.

However, life after graduation prompted a rethink, pushing him to explore drop-shipping for online income.

3. Transition to Dallas and the Ignition of Success

Moving to Dallas for a sales gig, Hampton faced setbacks, including a break-in. Undaunted, he explored online opportunities, striking gold with drop-shipping and the product “The Spark,” a pivotal moment in his entrepreneurial journey.

4. Facing Adversity: Crane Mishap and Reconstruction

Tragedy struck when a crane destroyed Hampton’s apartment, leaving him without a home. In the face of adversity, he found inspiration for a new product—portable baby beds.

This led to the creation of Lavish Moms and a significant boost in revenue.

5. Broadening Horizons and Stepping into Education

Recovering from challenges, Hampton seized the chance to share his wisdom. Venturing into YouTube, he birthed Supreme Ecom—a hub offering courses, mentorship programs, and support for aspiring entrepreneurs, turning his triumph into an accessible educational venture.

6. Team Growth and the Pursuit of Generational Prosperity

Supreme Ecom, once a one-person show, has blossomed into a 30-member team, mostly composed of past students.

Hampton’s vision of building generational wealth extends beyond personal success. Now, he guides others to achieve financial goals through education and support.

7. Hampton’s Beliefs and Influence

Hampton stresses the significance of understanding one’s “why” in entrepreneurship. His journey serves as motivation for others, and through personal support, courses, and mentorship programs, he continues to empower individuals to build generational wealth in the ever-expanding drop-shipping market.

What Does the AC Hampton Course Include?

  • Live Masterclass Preparation Kit: Priced at $597, this kit serves as your guide to preparing for live masterclasses. It covers the essentials of creating a profitable Shopify store within 7 days, discovering consistently successful products, and effectively managing Facebook ads.
  • Dropshipping Mentorship: This program offers personalized 1-on-1 guidance directly from AC Hampton.
  • Supreme BnB Formula: For $497, this course delves into the realm of real estate investment through Airbnb rentals. If you’re interested in a bundled deal, you can snag both the Supreme BnB Formula and the Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0 courses for a total of $1,097.
  • Free Training Course: Dip your toes into the world of learning without any commitment through a free training course.
  • Webinars and Crash Course: For $371.25, you can opt for webinars and a crash course. More options are available for those seeking additional learning opportunities.

The Supreme Ecom Blueprint

This course by AC Hampton, updated in 2022 and priced at $597, is the cornerstone of his teachings. In it, you’ll discover the ropes of building and expanding your Shopify dropshipping store from the ground up, all while crafting a converting Facebook ad.

AC dives into the intricacies of effectively tracking your data, especially with the latest iOS16 updates.

As a bonus, once you enroll, you gain entry into AC’s exclusive private Facebook group. This community provides additional support and insights from both AC and fellow participants.

Known as the Supreme Ecom Blueprint, this dropshipping course, crafted by AC Hampton, promises to guide you from a meager bank balance to a six-figure income, employing strategies that are reputedly proven.

Furthermore, this eCommerce course equips you with the skills to establish and grow your own dropshipping online store. In essence, it’s a comprehensive preparation for success in the world of online entrepreneurship.

Supreme Ecom Blueprint Features

Alright, so there are 8 modules in the Supreme Ecom Blueprint course, and you can wrap it all up in about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Hence, you’ll be guided through each stage of building your own dropshipping store in every module.

Module 1: Back End Shopify Setup

In this one AC Hampton covers setting up your Shopify store. Everything – from getting your theme installed to apps – is explained.

So, the first part dives into dropshipping and your company strategy, followed by a chill slideshow presentation on what to do.

Module 2: Steps To Operating Your First Ad

Once your store is set up, hop into the second module – it’s all about running your ads.

 AC Hampton will guide you through product research, creating a Facebook page, using the ads manager, and buying your first ad.

It could’ve been split into two, but hey, they’re thrown together for a better learning experience.

Module 3: Video Testing

Here, we’re jumping into validating your Facebook ads.

AC Hampton will show you how to create video ads, use the “Ice Breaking” video testing process, and make those Facebook video ads of yours high-converting.

It’s a bit advanced, but trust me, it’s gold for successful online marketing.

Module 4: Icebreaking Interest Lookalike Audience Testing

Now, we’re digging deeper into winning ads.

This one is a treasure trove of info – KPI measuring, relaunching your campaign, building social proof, and playing around with “look-alike” audiences. It’s mostly Facebook ads focus here.

Module 5: Retargeting Funnel

This module is a bit shorter but still packed with useful stuff. AC Hampton will teach you how to start retargeting ads, dealing with live ads, testing video ads, and setting up a cart abandonment protector.

Module 6: Scaling

Next, AC Hampton is talking about increasing the size of your ads in this section. AC Hampton will show you how to copy a CBO (campaign budget optimization) strategy, microscale, and then blow it up to a bigger budget.

Hence, it’s short and sweet with just 3 videos, but it’s crucial info.

Module 7: Automate Your Store

This one’s all about making your store run on its own. Using Upwork, AC Hampton will demonstrate how to put up a job for a customer service agent.

Thus, it’s not about fully automating your shop, but AC Hampton will guide you through the process of hiring someone.

Module 8: Important Bank Criteria

In the final module, “Important Bank Criteria,” AC Hampton will walk you through managing your online store. AC Hampton will also chat about setting up an LLC and a company bank account. It’s a short one, just two videos.

Now, when it comes to bank accounts, AC Hampton is honing in on how to open one for your dropshipping company.

So, instead of having their own module, AC Hampton thought it’s best to slide them into an intro one. Cool, right?

Who is Supreme Ecom Blueprint For?

If you already have your own dropshipping business and you’re eager to level up your Facebook ad game, then Supreme Ecom Blueprint is your go-to. You can really amp up those skills.

But, here’s the thing – In my opinion, if you’re just starting fresh and don’t have a dropshipping business yet, this might not be your best match.

It’s more like a booster for folks who are already in the dropshipping game. So, if you’re just kickstarting your journey, you might want to explore other options first.

What Is AC Hampton Net Worth?

AC Hampton is recognized as a highly accomplished entrepreneur, adept marketer, and successful YouTuber. Additionally, his estimated net worth is reported to be $1 million.

Is AC Hampton A Scam?

So, here’s the scoop – they won’t just take your money and disappear. You’ll definitely get access to their course.

Now, making money with this program is possible, but let’s keep it real – it might not be as simple as AC Hampton makes it sound.

Thus, there’s some upfront work, and here’s the thing – success isn’t a guarantee. So, in my opinion, you might invest your time and money, but success isn’t a sure thing.

So, I would say- it’s totally up to you. Whether you want to give it a shot or not, that’s your call. Just want you to have all the info to make the best decision for you!

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AC Hampton’s journey from a college dorm room to a million-dollar e-commerce empire is a captivating saga of resilience, adaptation, and triumph. Unveiling the highs and lows of entrepreneurship,

Hampton’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the complex world of online business.

From overcoming setbacks to flourishing in the face of adversity, AC Hampton’s evolution into a successful entrepreneur and educator is a testament to the power of determination and strategic adaptation.

As he continues to share his insights through Supreme Ecom Blueprint, Hampton’s impact on the e-commerce landscape remains profound, offering a valuable guide for those seeking to carve their own path in the digital marketplace

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