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Best Dropshipping Courses: What’s The Best Way To Learn Dropshipping?
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You’ve probably heard about the dropshipping fame by now. This market is growing as rapidly as the speed of light! 🤩

And, according to the latest data, it is expected to reach $301.11 Billion in 2024, at a CAGR of 23.4%.

However, if you are willing to jump into this business model, we advise you to look up a little assistance and collect information.

Today’s positive side is that technological innovations have made it possible to do everything online, including educational courses.

There are thousands of dropshipping courses available online, but determining which one is ideal for you might be challenging. It is critical to research before purchasing a course since what works for others may not work for you.

There are numerous excellent courses, but some are appropriate for newbies while others are appropriate for intermediate, or expert levels. Therefore, in this article, we will guide you through some of the best dropshipping courses. Let’s begin!

What Are The Dropshipping Courses?

A dropshipping course is simply a set of education classes designed to assist businesses and individuals who want to launch their own dropshipping companies about various dropshipping backgrounds.

These courses vary in length, with some lasting only a few hours and others lasting 10+ hours. They all, however, cover pretty comparable elements.

Essentially, they all educate you about eCommerce and how to get started with your own dropshipping business.


What To Look For When Choosing A Dropshipping Course?

The top dropshipping courses will teach you all you need to know to operate a profitable dropshipping business.

When you are deciding on the type of course and skill level you desire, it’s important to seek:

🔶 A course taught by an expert in the field.

🔶 A course that fits your financial capabilities. It makes no sense to go into debt before you even begin. When selecting a course, keep your budget in mind because there are free and paid options. While free courses are available at any time and at no cost, premium courses can range from $10 to $1000.

🔶 Determine your knowledge level. Are you a newbie looking to learn the fundamentals or an expert looking to grow your business? Determine your knowledge level in dropshipping first, as this is a major indicator of the difficulty of the course you want to take.

🔶 Choose a teaching style for your course. Choosing a course teaching style refers to the way you want to be taught. For example, a  theoretical method discusses topics without executing or demonstrating the actions. Practical courses, on the other hand, explain step-by-step methods for each topic covered.

🔶 A self-paced course that allows you to go through courses again and again until you thoroughly learn the content. Self-paced courses also allow you to make a break if you want to.

🔶 Positive customer reviews. It’s tough to uncover the real vs unreal reviews because many websites post them just to generate affiliate sales. You can try to discover courses that are recommended by eCommerce platforms. 

🔶 Choose classes that are relevant to your selling channel. Following that, you may select dropshipping courses based on your preferred platform. There are dropshipping courses available for marketplaces like AliEpress, Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and others. Mastering one platform is more important than mastering all of them.

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The best dropshipping courses will educate their learners on how to develop and expand their dropshipping store.

But, not just that, they should also cover the best social media channels for driving traffic, email marketing, brand building, and the significance of customer service.

7 Best Dropshipping Courses 2024

Dropshipping 101

Dropshipping 101 is a suitable course for individuals who are just getting started with dropshipping or who plan to get started soon.

The course, taught by Jessica Guzik, will teach you all of the techniques, methods, and tactics you’ll need to win over your competitors and stay on top.

Dropshipping 101 is a comprehensive course and video training that guides you through the steps of establishing a profitable dropshipping business.

This course will teach you:

  • Select a dropshipping niche 
  • Choose trustworthy suppliers on AliExpress
  • Choose the ideal product
  • Create a brand and gain an audience
  • Creative writing to boost sales
  • How to build a Shopify store step-by-step

The course is FREE, and the teaching style is theoretical.

After completing the course, you will be able to determine your target audience, the most successful dropshipping products, how to develop a brand, and how to leverage Facebook advertising to your advantage.                                                                                           

Dropship Lifestyle (DSL)

Anton Kraly teaches the Dropship Lifestyle course. He saw the difficulties of creating and developing eCommerce companies without a good plan, so he devised a 7-step model.

Anton Kraly developed this training course to educate students on his 7-step method for beginning and expanding a business employing the dropshipping model.

It is great for anyone searching for a comprehensive program that will teach them all they need to know to create and maintain a successful eCommerce business. 

It contains material on market research, traffic generation, supplier approval, outsourcing, automation, and many other topics. Moreover, Dropship Lifestyle primarily focuses on private supplier dropshipping to Shopify.

This course covers:

  • Anton’s personal supplier directory for dropshipping
  • Shopify store design tutorial (how to make more sales included)
  • essential core skills like specialty research, market analysis, and how to be approved by suppliers.
  • Google Ads course to increase traffic to your dropshipping business
  • Ticket to their Prague retreat (to meet Anton and other students)
  • Complete Shopify store created
  • 1 year of private tutoring

The DSL course is expensive, but it promises a 30-day money-back guarantee. It has 2 pricing plans :

  • Premium plan – $2.997
  • Ultimate plan –  $4.997

However, you should consider that the course lacks product research content, and is more difficult to find high-end suppliers

Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0

Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0

AC Hampton leads Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0, which teaches you how to develop and expand your Shopify dropshipping eCommerce shop from the scratch using certain crucial tools. This course was upgraded in 2022 with the most recent strategies.

AC’s preferred method of driving visitors to your Shopify store and merchandise is through Facebook advertisements

The course includes 8 modules with over 30 training videos, which is 4 hours of video content.

It also contains a list of 950 outstanding product ideas to assist you to save time during the product research process. It also includes web design and SEO training. This course costs $597.

The 8 methods that this course covers are: 

  • Shopify Training & Setup
  • Running Your First Ad
  • Video Testing
  • Icebreaking Interesting/Lookalike Audience Testing
  • Retargeting Funnel
  • Scaling
  • Automate Your Store
  • Important Bank Criteria

The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

This course is excellent for beginners and dropshippers who struggle in their dropshipping journey. It is taught by Tim Sharp.

The Complete Shopify AliExpress Dropship course will show you how to create a very lucrative dropshipping business on Shopify, using AliExpress to source products. To join the course, you do not need any prior expertise or experience with dropshipping.

It consists of 13 modules with 8 hours of on-demand video. Furthermore, it has 3 downloadable resources, and 5 articles. Also, it gives you a Certificate of completion at the end. Here you will learn:

  • How to Create a Shopify Store
  • What to sell and how to find a market
  • How to Add Aliexpress Products
  • How to Analyze Your Target Audience
  • How to Increase Store Traffic
  • Order fulfillment
  • How to Establish Credibility
  • How to Grow Your dropshipping business

The course walks you through the whole process step by step. It is intended for beginners, but if you already operate a dropshipping business, you will discover numerous tips and techniques to aid you along the path.

This course costs $20.99, but prices can vary depending on sales, or promotions.

eCom Elites

eCom Elites

One of the best dropshipping courses for their budget is eCom Elites. It is a step-by-step entrepreneurship course with 10 separate modules taught by Franklin Hatchett.

These modules will show you how to create your store, choose the right goods, and generate traffic from various social media networks and search engines.

eCom Elites also provides training videos that lead you through each stage of the process.

When you purchase the course, you have full access to the videos, allowing you to watch them anytime and anywhere you choose. You also become a member of an inner circle and get access to the course’s top students.

A basic package plan is $197, but the extra $100 gets you a lot more. You can invest an extra $100 if you’re serious about generating money with a dropshipping store.

For $297, you receive 170 videos containing everything because Franklin has learned everything from establishing successful dropshipping stores over the years.  Moreover, for $297 you will get:

  • Guide to Creating an Online Store
  • Training for Facebook and Instagram traffic 
  • Setup and training for email marketing in depth
  • Basic SEO lesson for newbies
  • The first chatbot academy on the internet
  • Hatchett’s “super secret” training modules 
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other students

Furthermore, if you want to keep improving, the Ultimate package is $100 extra. This is what you get:

  • A step-by-step sales funnel academy to assist you in targeting the ideal customer.
  • Elite Google Ads training for dropshipping
  • 2 books about finding a niche and selling six-figure items (worth at least $297 each)

However, the disadvantage is that this is a type of course where you get the materials, but you study them on your own. Franklin is not completely absent, but you don’t get the full attention you do on high-priced courses. 

Product Winner Blueprint 2.0

Product Winner Blueprint 2.0

Tristan Broughton teaches the Product Winner Blueprint. This course is similar to the ones on our list. It teaches you how to choose the right products, find reliable suppliers, develop a business plan, and so on.

However, one feature that distinguishes it is Tristan’s emphasis on product selection, which is critical. He discusses four product selection criteria that you will learn about in the course.

Furthermore, he covers four modules on Facebook advertisements and how to use them to create visitors. As a result, you will discover all you need to know about Facebook traffic.

The modules that are included in this course are:

  • Module 1: Setting Up Your Dropshipping Store
  • Module 2: Product Research
  • Module 3: Facebook Pixel
  • Module 4: Facebook Ads: Targeting
  • Module 5: Facebook Ads: Testing
  • Module 6: Facebook Ads: Scaling
  • Module 7: Facebook Retargeting
  • Module 8: Increasing AOV
  • Module: 9: Email Marketing
  • Module 10: Automation And Team Building

Furthermore, there are 50 videos in his modules, and you also get access to the Facebook Mastermind group.

The course costs $297, focusing on Facebook advertisement. But if you want to add training about Google Ads, then you have to pay an additional $200.


The 2.0 University 2.0 University 2.0 University is a place for individuals who are interested in studying, chatting, and doing anything connected to dropshipping. It’s a place where you’ll finally learn and implement the essential actions to launch your business and start making money.

First and foremost, this is not a type of course where you get the materials and you are left to study it alone or end up confused.  The lessons included within are not general.  Instead, everything is built in a step-by-step process in which you are told what to do and then just do it.

Furthermore, with Dropshipping 2.0 University you get an exclusive community where you get more than just lessons, and all this for a one-time payment. You will be able to:

  • Talk with other people interested in dropshipping, company owners, etc.
  • Access to expert dropshipping mentors
  • Attend live online events, talks, AMAs, etc.

And this is not all! With this course, you also get access to all of’s resources, tools, and directories!

Are you interested? Let’s learn more! 

How Does It Work? course

To begin, the Official University is now separated into two Tiers.

In the future, there will be more Tiers with additional benefits, tools, resources, and much more. But for now, this is more than sufficient for newbies.

best dropshipping courses

Tier 1

Tier 1 just teaches you to dropship and the strategies you’ll use to begin selling online. Here you first join and unlock the first lessons.

After you finish the first category of lessons, you move on to the next category of lessons. Once you finish the whole Tier 1, you start doing all we taught you step by step and make your first sale. Then you get access to Tier 2.

What you get from Tier 1: 

  • Complete overview and understanding of dropshipping
  • Lessons for beginners, consist of everything you need to know to start making money
  • Tools and resources for exclusive and premium dropshipping
  • A step-by-step process guide to making your first sale
  • The ideal dropshipping platform for beginners
  • Credit gifts for dropshipping ads

Tier 2

Tier 2 improves the entire process by teaching you about the following topics:

  • Advanced training on every part of dropshipping
  • Tutorials, lessons, and Live streams with some of the major dropshipping businesses
  • Weekly and monthly events include important lectures from CEOs, Founders, and other highly competent individuals.
  • Purchasing more inexpensive goods from more trustworthy suppliers
  • Using 3PLs to drastically cut your expenses and shipment times
  • Everything concerning dropshipping taxes 
  • Dropshipping marketing and any other methods of efficiently advertising your dropshipping business
  • How to Automate Your Stores to Save Time

Following your registration, you will be led to the official platform, where you will have access to all of the materials, courses, members, mentors, and much more.

Because the platform is hosted on the website, it will be difficult for anyone to be scammed. 

Once you are in,  there’s a room named Start Here“, on the left side of the page. Once you click on it and read the content, you will learn what to do next to proceed to the tiers.

Why Is 2.0 University Worth It?

best dropshipping courses

This amazing academy has various benefits for dropshippers and the ones who want to jump into the dropshipping waters. Thus, by signing up to 2.0 University you have the benefit to:

Lifetime Access to everything you need to start and grow your online business

  • Access to Dropshipping Suppliers Directory
  • Access to Daily Winning Products Tool
  • Access Ready To Use Ecommerce Tools
  • Access To Live Q&A, Success Stories, and Interviews 
  • Access to a private community and 6-figure mentors
  • Spy on 12K Dropshipping Stores
  • Get Downloadable Guides and Templates
  • Get Handpicked Trending Niches and Trends
  • Get Dropshipping Software Discounts
  • Access To Dropshipping Apps and Mindmap
  • Earn awards and work with real businesses

Still not using What are you waiting for? We are more than excited to have you! Join now.


DSCOM Hub, hosted by, is your go-to place for all things dropshipping. With a community of over 5000 successful E-commerce enthusiasts, this hub is a treasure trove of shared knowledge and experiences.

Stay well-informed by accessing live group Q&A sessions led by DSCOM’s instructors or special guest founders who are experts in their field. It’s a chance to learn directly from those who have been there and done that.

But that’s not all! As a member, you’ll also enjoy:

  1. Cutting-edge education
  2. Professional networking opportunities
  3. Live workshops with industry experts
  4. Daily advice on E-commerce trends
  5. Store reviews and deep dives into suppliers
  6. Access to reviewed and discounted tools

This community is a space where you can ask questions, seek feedback, and learn from the experiences and mistakes of others. So, you can join DSCOM Hub to be part of a thriving community dedicated to helping you succeed in dropshipping.

Also, the platform offers a premium subscription of only $20/month. 👇


Starting a dropshipping business on your own can be challenging. You must be aware that before you dive into dropshipping you first need to educate and inform yourself about all the aspects that dropshipping holds on.

Thus, for dropshippers’ help, various dropshipping courses educate new entrepreneurs and support them during their journey.

Therefore, in this article, we guide you through a review of the Best dropshipping courses in 2024.

And more, we present you one of the best dropshipping courses – Dropshipping 2.0 Academy, giving you thousands of benefits, and thousands of dollars as well! Don’t hesitate, start!