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WinningHunter Review: The Rising Winning Products Tool
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Chief of Content Marketing
Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Ever wondered how some e-commerce entrepreneurs effortlessly uncover trending products, outsmart competitors, and skyrocket their profits? Let’s discover this in my WinningHunter Review.

WinningHunter tool emerges as a game-changer in the realm of product research. 

In this comprehensive review, I’ll delve into the core features that make WinningHunter a rising star in the industry, from its in-depth Facebook and TikTok ads insights to its innovative Sales Tracker and AI-powered Ad Copy generation. 

Are you ready to crack the code to e-commerce success? Let’s begin!


What is WinningHunter?

winninghunter review

WinningHunter is a robust and comprehensive tool for product research, boasting an extensive database. Thus, this database proves invaluable for dropshippers, marketers, and eCommerce merchants aiming to expand their business. 

Hence, the tool includes features such as TikTok ads, Facebook ads, tracking store revenue, and more.

With WinningHunter, you can also easily identify lucrative niches, discover trending products, and monitor competitors’ performance.

Moreover, its processes provide accurate and detailed data, granting you a distinct advantage in the e-commerce industry and facilitating the growth of your business.

This user-friendly product research tool is designed to save you time and effort by offering crucial insights into successful products and profitable niches.

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Quick WinningHunter Review


The best

  • Discover Trendy Products
  • Save Time and Effort
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sales Tracking
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Identify Profitable Niches

The worst

  • Only 3-day free trial
  • Learning Curve

Starting from

  • ➡ Basic Plan- Є49/month; ➡ Standard Plan Є119/month; ➡ Premium Plan – Є249/month
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How Does WinningHunter Work? 

With this tool, you can find your winning products by spying on your competitors’ ads and performance on various platforms, like Facebook, TikTok, and even Shopify.

WinningHunter keeps a record of all currently active Facebook ads in their database. This means you can customize your search using their filtering options to discover successful products that are on the verge of growing, and then outsmart the competition with a superior strategy.

Additionally, WinningHunter recommends monitoring the store of the product you want to test and exploring other sellers offering the same product in your country. So, to study your rivals, you can check their Facebook ads section for keywords in the product name or ad text. 

For dropshippers, the available filters allow you to specifically view Dropshipping ads with visible store revenue. By filtering based on your competitor’s scaling approach and the number of adsets they use, you can gain access to performance-based analytics.

Now, in this WinningHunter review, I will explain each of the features that make the magic happen!


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WinningHunter Review: Key Features 

🔸 Facebook Ads

WinningHunter’s extensive Facebook ads feature offers a practical advantage in understanding ad insights. 

The Facebook Ads Spy tool comes with a strong search filter, allowing you to organize ads based on various factors like 

  • Countries
  • Websites
  • Languages
  • Active Adsets
  • Sorting options
  • Scaling criteria
  • Media types
  • Page categories
  • Niches
  • Ad creation dates
  • Last seen dates

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🔸 Meta Advertisers

The Facebook Pages feature of WinningHunter provides detailed insights into brands and businesses on Facebook

Thus, you can filter through hundreds of thousands of Meta Advertisers and explore their page history with essential data to optimize your marketing strategies and stay ahead in the game.

🔸 TikTok Ads

WinningHunter’s TikTok Ads feature opens up the world of TikTok advertising. This tool allows you to access and filter dropshipping ads globally, functioning similarly to the Facebook Ads Spy but with a more concise set of filters, including:

  • Countries
  • Languages
  • Total Likes
  • Total Views
  • Total Shares
  • Total Comments
  • Page Type
  • Niches
  • Scaling
  • Dropshipping winners, ads, fashion
  • Top Brands
  • Last Seen dates

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🔸 TikTok Creative Center Ads

With WinningHunter, you can use the entire TikTok Creative Center as a powerful tool for finding winning products

Thus, with this tool, you can remove watermarks, discover product URLs, and draw creative inspiration for your product-hunting endeavors.

🔸 Sales Tracker (Store Tracker)

WinningHunter’s Sales Tracker is a robust tool that lets you monitor product sales on other Shopify stores. This feature not only allows you to track successful products but does so without any extra costs. 

This unique approach combines data from multiple platforms for up to 98% accuracy in revenue tracking. This precision aids in making well-informed decisions for business growth. 

Additionally, the store data is updated in real-time, eliminating the need for a 24-hour waiting period.

🔸 Magic AI

With this tool, you can search for products by using AI prompts. So, you can type in your prompt, set an ad creative date, and select a region.

WinningHunter will list the product ads related to your keyword. This way, you can gain insights about the winning products, and your competitors as well.

Furthermore, you can search for ads that are scaling best, and generate their Ad Copy with one click.

🔸 Product Research

winninghunter review

Finding winning products for your online store is made easy with WinningHunter. Its powerful search algorithm helps identify profitable niches and winning products for your dropshipping store. 

The toolkit provides comprehensive insights, including current sales trends, pricing history, customer reviews, and more, aiding in informed decision-making when selecting or adjusting products.

Moreover, the Ad Score is determined by factors like ad spend, days running, and scaling. This data is analyzed using Facebook Ads marketing knowledge, categorizing the ads into Testing, Scaling, and Winning. 

The tool also displays revenue and the amount spent on the ad.

🔸 Dropship Ads

Are you a dropshipper that wants to use WinningHunter? Well, here’s something for you on this WinningHunter review. 

winninghunter review

The app provides you with the ability to see only dropship ads or only fashion dropship ads.

So, this way you can filter quickly and easily with built-in filter presets and get accurate data about your dropshipping business.

🔸 Advanced Filtering

This is one of the most valuable features I am mentioning in this WinningHunter Review. In fact, with it, you can narrow down your search based on anything. Thus, you can filter based on adset amount, of installed apps, searches, countries, languages, media types, niches, dates keywords & way more.

advanced filters

🔸 Winning Hunter AI Ad Copy

Thanks to this WinningHunter feature you can use their artificial intelligence algorithms and technologies to generate the text and content for an advertisement. 

winninghunter review

So, instead of relying solely on human creativity and manual input, you can save up your time and effort and generate written content that is intended to effectively convey a marketing message.

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How To Use WinningHunter?

Next in my WinningHunter Review, I will guide you through my step-by-step guide on how to use this tool efficiently. 

Step 1 – Create Your Account

To kick off your WinningHunter journey, head over to their website. Now, from the right upper corner click on the “Get Started” button. 

get started with winninghunter

Next, you need to fill in your details to set up your account, and click on “Create Account”. Once that’s done, log in using the account credentials you just created.

create an account

Step 2 – Research Your Winning Products 

Now that you’re logged in, it’s time to begin your product research.  Therefore, from the WinningHunter dashboard, you can search for products from Facebook ads, TikTok Ads, Dropship Ads, or check on Meta Advertisers or Shopify stores

For example, I will search for winning products using the Facebook Ads Feature. So, I will type in the keywords or phrases related to my niche, and set on other filters like country, language, eCommerce platform, ad creation, scaling, media type, and last seen date. 

Moreover, since it is very important to me, I will also set to see only Dropship ads. 

Step 3 – Explore the Product Data

Once you find the products you are interested in, you can dive into the wealth of information provided, including price history, sales trends, customer reviews, product pages, competitors, and more. 

sales tracker

This data gives you the knowledge to make smart choices about which products to sell or how to tweak your existing listings.

Moreover, you can even generate an Ad copy from WinningHunter if you are willing to offer the same product.

winninghunter review

WinningHunter Review: Pricing 

WinningHunter offers three main pricing plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Also, for each plan you have a 3-day free trial. Afterward, the platform automatically charges you for the plan you choose. 

However, if you cancel before the 3-day free trial passes, you won’t be charged. 

➡ Basic Plan- Є49/month

The basic plan is perfect for dropshipping beginners. Hence, you get full access to their dashboard, and you can explore new winning products. Plus, you have 24/7 customer service. 

However, with this plan, you only have limited access to only 25 stores for tracking. Also, the basic plan does not give you access to the TikTok Creative Center Ads feature.

➡ Standard Plan- Є79/month 

The standard plan is the most popular plan on the platform. It is recommended for those who are serious about getting started.

Thus, you get all the features from the basic plan, and availability to track over 50 stores. Moreover, the standard plan includes the TikTok Creative Center Ads feature.

➡ Premium Plan – Є249/month

This pricing tier gives you access to all WinningHunter features, and it is most suitable for dropshippers who want to scale up their business. What’s more, you get access to 500 stores for tracking.

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Pros & Cons Of Using WinningHunter

Discover Trendy Products

Save Time and Effort

Competitor Analysis

Sales Tracking

Data-Driven Insights

Identify Profitable Niches

Only 3-day free trial

Learning Curve


✅ Discover Trendy Products

This incredible tool provides real-time information on popular product trends, sales rankings, competition, customer reviews, and demand. Therefore, utilizing this data empowers you to make informed decisions, select the best items, increase sales, and boost profits.

✅ Save Time and Effort

WinningHunter eliminates the need for time-consuming manual product research. Hence, its advanced systems analyze a plethora of data points to identify winning products within seconds, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

✅ Competitor Analysis

For online businesses, understanding competitors is essential. WinningHunter allows you to peek into your competitors’ stores and identify their best-selling items. This feature provides significant advantages and positions you ahead of the competition.

✅ Sales Tracking

With WinningHunter, you can accurately track your competitors’ store sales up to 98%. Thus, this ensures you receive precise data, monitor your rivals’ performance, and make timely decisions to enhance the ROI of your dropshipping business.

✅ Data-Driven Insights

WinningHunter enables confident, data-based decision-making. It offers comprehensive analytics, including sales positions, estimated income, historical data, and more. This allows you to assess the viability of a product before making final decisions.

 ✅ Identify Profitable Niches

Finding lucrative niches is crucial for dropshipping businesses, and WinningHunter simplifies the process. Also, its effective search filters and capabilities assist you in locating profitable niches with the highest growth potential.

Try WinningHunter today


❌ Only 3-day free trial 

Unfortunately, the app only provides a 3-day free trial to explore the tool which can be a little considering all the features that the app provides. 

❌ Learning Curve

While WinningHunter aims to simplify the product research process, there might be a learning curve for users to effectively navigate and utilize all the features.

WinningHunter Customer Reviews

If you are looking for an answer to whether WinningHunter is legit or a scam, I can assure you that it is totally legit. 

Thus, the platform has dozens of customers claiming that their services are legit and helpful. Also, most of the comments pinpoint their great features and effectiveness. 

customer reviews for winninhunter

Plus, users claim that even if you are not experienced in setting up accurate filters, you can still find winning products even by luck. Well, this talks a lot about their features excellency.

WinningHunter Alternatives

In this WinningHunter Review, I will also list the top alternatives of the platform. So, if you don’t find WinningHunter as the best option for you, here’s what you can use:

1. Minea 


Minea stands out as the preferred solution for discovering successful dropshipping products and ads. Widely used by dropshippers, marketers, and influencers, it offers an easy-to-use interface, compatibility with various social media platforms, and affordable pricing options. 

Additionally, Minea proudly presents an extensive collection of e-commerce ads for Facebook, Pinterest, and its TikTok ads feature, positioning itself as the go-to tool for ad spying. 

Utilizing various filters, sort-by options, and robust data analytics, Minea makes finding your winning product a seamless process.

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Key Features:

  • Minea Facebook & Instagram Ad Spy
  • Minea Influencer Marketing
  • Minea TikTok Ad Spy
  • Minea Pinterest Ad Spy
  • Minea Shops


Moreover, the platform provides a forever-free plan, and pricing plans start at $49/month.

2. PiPiAds


PiPiAds has gained prominence in the advertising industry as an exceptional TikTok ad analysis tool. Hence, embraced by advertisers and eCommerce marketers for its extensive features, it empowers users to discover profitable products and assess competitors’ advertisements, gaining a competitive edge. 

PiPiAds also grants access to a substantial repository of ad creatives, offering valuable insights into successful advertising strategies. 

Thus, recognizing the importance of establishing brand visibility in the online business world, PiPiAds provides indispensable tools and functionalities to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

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Key Features:

  • TikTok Ad Spy
  • Winning Products
  • Product Search
  • Advertiser Search
  • Etsy Product


PiPiAds offers four pricing plans, starting at $77/month. Additionally, there’s a free forever plan with certain feature restrictions, and each pricing plan has a 3-day trial option for only $1.

3. BigSpy


BigSpy emerges as a powerful tool for ad spying, actively monitoring advertisements and making successful ones accessible on its advertising marketing platform. 

Hence, by using BigSpy, you can gain valuable insights into your competitors and understand the strategies that work for them. It helps you stay up-to-date with daily trends and thoroughly analyze the performance of various advertisements. 

Also, BigSpy’s advanced search filters enable users to refine searches based on factors such as social interaction, language, e-commerce platform type, creative type, and many other parameters.

Key Features:

  • Huge database of 2 million ads
  • Displays ads from over six social media platforms
  • Powerful search feature
  • Comprehensive information from multiple perspectives
  • Offers a wide array of creative options
  • Covers more than nine platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others.


Lastly, BigSpy’s pricing plans start at only $9/month, with more advanced plans priced around $99-$249 per month.



In conclusion, this WinningHunter Review has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the tool’s key features and functionalities. 

Thus, from exploring in-depth insights into Facebook and TikTok ads to the innovative Sales Tracker and AI-powered Ad Copy generation, you now have the knowledge to leverage WinningHunter for efficient and effective product research in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Is WinningHunter legit? So, based on user testimonials and the thorough exploration of its features, it appears to be a legitimate and valuable asset for entrepreneurs. Also, users have reported positive experiences and praised the tool’s effectiveness in uncovering trending products and outsmarting competitors.

Whether to try it out ultimately depends on your specific business needs and budget. Also, the tool offers different pricing plans, each catering to different levels of users, from beginners to those looking to scale their businesses. 

Try WinningHunter today

Therefore, consider your requirements, weigh the pros and cons mentioned in the article, and if it aligns with your goals, giving WinningHunter a try could be a strategic move to elevate your e-commerce game.

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