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In 1990, Pam Schwimmer started All Wrapped Up. What started as a “work out of your garage business” quickly became an entrepreneurial dream. Working for a large national department store in Florida, buying and designing gourmet gifts enabled Pam to acquire the expertise and know how to launch All Wrapped Up.

For more than twenty years All Wrapped Up has been creating unique and trending packaging in a variety of styles, themes and colors. Although we began our work to fill the needs of upscale department stores and specialty gourmet markets, our line expanded to meet the needs of the gift basket industry, corporations, gift/gourmet stores and e-commerce businesses.

All Wrapped Up has become synonymous with their Gift Towers and specialty boxes. Glitter, flocking, and foil applications are what you will find each season to bring newness and offer excitement in packaging that makes the difference. So when you are looking for nested boxes, stackable boxes, tiered boxes, please think of us!

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