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Selling Socks Online: Guide, Trendy Products & Best Suppliers 

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Maybe you are thinking now, why sell socks when they make a really small part of people’s wardrobes?

Well, you might be right, but not in a big time. For starting a dropshipping business, selling socks online is a great idea!

Socks, like phone cases and other accessories, are a very easy-to-sell niche. Plus, they are everyday and all-ages wear. Moreover,  the global socks market size is estimated at $14.6 billion in 2024.

Not convinced yet? Have you seen the latest fashion trends, where socks are used as a fashion accessory? We bet you did! It’s inevitable not to see it.

However, if you want to succeed in selling socks online, build a brand and stand out from the competition, there are a few tips you can follow. Let’s find out!👇


Why Selling Socks Online?

selling socks online

Selling socks online brings many advantages for dropshipping beginners, and for dropshippers that are already into the business. Let’s see why.

Continuous demand

Socks are not a one-time buy product. This item is a necessity, and it is worn daily by people of all ages. Thus, there’s a never-ending demand.

Nowadays, people wear socks for various occasions, whether they’re for home, the office, sporting activities, parties, Christmas, and more. Moreover, people buy print socks as gifts.

As you can see, the demand for socks is continuous and characterized by repetitive buyers.

Larger order volume

When single customer shops for socks, they usually don’t buy one pair of socks, but they buy a larger quantity.

Therefore, the majority of shoppers buy a larger quantity of socks in one shopping trip, which results in a larger number of sales per day for you.

Wider market segmentation

We can agree that the market segment is huge! Starting from the age, gender, customer interests, etc.

  • The customer’s age (newborn socks, children’s socks, teen socks, adult socks, etc.)
  • Customer’s gender
  • The socks usage (running socks, yoga socks, dance socks, house socks, etc.)
  • Sock material (cotton socks, wool socks, bamboo socks, nylon socks, etc.)
  • The sock’s design (textured socks, printed socks, plain colored socks, etc.)

Each of these groups has its set target audience. The more categories you have in your store, the more customers you can attract.

Easy to ship

Socks are not a problematic item for shipping. Тhus, they are easy to pack, do not get damaged easily, do not take up much space, and because of the small packages in which they are packed, the shipping costs are not high.

Profitable dropshipping niche

Sock’s demand has increased for various reasons in the past two years. First, people became more aware of their health and the need to be more athletes, so as the fitness and gym shoes and accessories demand grew, the socks market grew too.

Moreover, today socks are becoming a fashion accessory, and this affected the growth in demand too.

So, the projected revenue for the global socks market in 2024 is approximately US$14.61 billion, assuming a compound annual growth rate of 2.81%, owing to increased demand for specialized socks and growing awareness about health and fitness across regions.


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How To Sell Socks Online?

The dropshipping model is excellent for selling socks online! It allows you to sell and ship socks at a low cost since you only pay for the things that consumers request rather than purchasing inventory in bulk.

If you’re more ambitious, you could design the socks yourself and then dropship them through a print-on-demand service.

However, if you want to start dropshipping previously created socks from AliExpress, eBay, Etsy, or Amazon, you may buy a broad range of socks for roughly $3 a pair.

How To Sell Socks Online?

So, how to start selling socks online?

🔸 Choose the product type

There is a variety of socks you can add to your store, so the first thing you should do is choose the types of socks you would like to sell. You get to choose the material, shape, size, function, or style of the socks.

For example, you might start to sell socks for athletes, so you can build trust with potential customers, and then expand your store to different kinds of socks.  So, by the type of product, you choose the type of store you will have.

For example, I use Google Trends results to see which types of socks sell best. Thus, let’s say I want to dropship print socks. So, based on my Google Trends results, I can really start the year 2024 dropshipping these products since the demand is growing drastically.

🔸 Choose your target audience

Knowing your specific audience is essential for your business’s success. As everyone wears socks, the market segmentation can be wide. Your target audience might be men, women, or kids, they can be athletes or fashionistas.

For example, if you want to dropship stylish socks for millennials, you’ll need to develop an internet brand and marketing strategy that appeals to that demographic.

🔸 Spy on competitors

Looking at successful rivals in your niche and determining what makes their product distinctive is a wonderful method to explore and define your niche.

You should not copy their ideas, but this will help you understand the dropshipping niche and what made other businesses successful online.

For example, check out, a Shopify dropshipping store that started selling socks online, and makes millions per month nowadays, with an inspirative value proposition, and marketing strategies about investing the money in charity.

Also, you can use competitor spy tools, like ShopHunter to check on how your competitors are doing, their revenues, marketing tactics, best-selling products, etc.

🔸 Find dropshipping suppliers

Finding reliable dropshipping suppliers might be essential for your success because, in the end, they are the ones who deliver the products you picked to your customers.

But, in this big eCommerce world might seem impossible to know who they are. That’s why there are various dropshipping agents, like that have huge supplier directories, and can help you with your research.

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🔸 Build your dropshipping store

You can start your dropshipping business as soon as you create your online store. If you haven’t set up your online store,  you get started by creating an online store with Shopify, or any other website builder, choosing a website theme, and loading your products to sell.

Trendy Socks Ideas For Dropship

Following trends, it’s always a good idea because customers do that too. And, a customer is always right!

That’s why we will list you a few socks that are the most selling items in 2024, and also bring you good profit margins. Let’s start!

Print socks

selling print socks

Print socks are one of the most demanded and sold items online. They are demanded by almost every age of customers, and also by females, and males. Print socks range from everyday wearable prints to prints for specific occasions, for example, Christmas.

This product costs range from $1.90- $7, and the selling price is between $2-18. The profit margins are up to 60%.

Disney Socks

selling disney socks

Don’t be surprised by this type of socks on the list. Not just kids, but also Millenials demand socks with prints from their favorite Disney characters.

This socks product costs range between $4-11, and the selling price is between $6.50- 18.99. Profit margins range between 30% to 45%.

Sport socks Unisex

Sport socks Unisex

As the people’s attention to living healthy lives grew in the past 2 years, so did the demand for sporty products. Sports socks are one of the most sold items in this category.

Product costs vary from $5-22, and the selling prices are around $14-55. The profit margins range from 60% to 65%.

College Style Striped socks

College Style Striped socks

The early 2000’s trend is back! College-style striped socks nowadays are a fashion accessory, especially for millennial women. So, you better think about adding it to your dropshipping store.

The product costs vary from $5-9.70, and the selling prices are around $13-24. The profit margins are around 60%. 

Cartoon Sports Children’s Socks

Cartoon Sports Children’s Socks

The target audience for cartoon socks are parents who shop for their children, usually, men and women aged between 25-34 and 35-44 years old.

This product costs range from $3-13, and the selling prices are around $7-$32. The profit margins are around 57% to 60%.

Pearl-in-tube Transparent Sheer Mesh Socks

Pearl-in-tube Transparent Sheer Mesh Socks

As we mentioned before, socks are becoming a fashion accessory today. These types of socks are the most worn ones with stylish outfits.

Its product costs range from $3-9, and the selling prices are between $7-24. Profit margins are around 60%. 

Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Socks Niche

 Dropshipping suppliers are a very important link in your supply chain, they are also an important part of your business success. For that purpose, we will list you as one of the best suppliers for selling socks online. Check them out!


BigBuy dropshipping

BigBuy is a Spanish dropshipping supplier that has been operating in the online retail sector for almost ten years. They can provide you with hundreds of dropshipping tights and socks at extremely affordable prices.

BigBuy also offers a ton of more products for you to start selling, like fitness and sports equipment, wall art, furniture, hair and beauty products, office supplies, computer and phone accessories, and clothing.

Their product costs range from $20-50, and the average processing time is 1-3 days. BigBuy ships its products worldwide, at variable shipping costs.


printful print on demand

Printful is the most dependable print-on-demand dropshipping supplier for a variety of black foot sublimation socks,  embroidered crew socks, and ankle socks with your designs

It has four locations: North Carolina, California, Mexico, and Latvia, and ships its products worldwide at shipping costs that vary.

The product costs range from $10-20, and the average order processing time takes 7 days.

Nihao Dropshipping

Nihao Dropshipping

Nihao Dropshipping is a dropshipping supplier and an order fulfillment center that dropships more them 100,000 products from various categories including socks. This company is based in China but ships its products worldwide at variable shipping costs.

The product costs range from $20-50, and the average order processing time is between 4-7 days.


Newchick selling socks

Newchick is a  Chinese-based dropshipping manufacturer of socks.  It includes products from several independent brands that frequently offer fresh and popular designs.

Their product costs are between $20-50, and the average processing time is 1-3 days. They ship their products worldwide.

MX Wholesale

MX Wholesale

MX Wholesale is a dropshipping supplier based in the UK. It is well-known for offering a lot of discounted products and competitive product prices. This company sells a variety of products, including socks.

Its product costs range from $1-10, and the average processing time is 4-7 days.

Glamory Hosiery

Glamory Hosiery Online

Glamory Hosiery is a dropshipping supplier that offers stylish legwear with the ideal fit, for the daily requirements of ladies with taste.

They provide 10 distinct color combinations, 535 unique individual goods, and 46 different styles.

Their product costs range from $20-50, and the average processing time is 4-7 days. The company is based in the USA, but ships products worldwide



Selling socks online is not difficult nowadays, you just need to have the right recipe! 🤗

Socks are everyday wear, and also are products with wide market segmentation. As such, this dropshipping niche has great potential for business success.

In this article, we wrote you a complete guide about how to start selling socks online. Moreover, we provided you with brand new information about the most demanded types of socks nowadays, and a list of the most suitable dropshipping suppliers. Don’t hesitate, just start! 

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Martin is an agency owner and SaaS projects maker. His work is featured in the leading ecommerce brands, magazines and podcasts. Talks about Marketing, Business Development, and Growth Hacking!
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