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Top 12 Car Accessories Every Dropshipper Should Sell
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In the dynamic dropshipping market, being ahead of the competition is essential to success. The automotive industry is growing, and dropshippers continue to have success in the car accessories market.

A universe of potential arises when one caters to car aficionados with elegant modifications and useful technologies.

The following are the top 12 vehicle accessories that dropshippers should think about offering in order to successfully enter this market.


Why Dropship Car Accessories in 2024?

Dropshipping car accessories in 2024 offers a compelling business opportunity, underscored by favorable market trends and evolving consumer preferences.

So, here are the key reasons why venturing into dropshipping car accessories could be profitable:

1. Expanding Market Size

The global passenger car accessories market is forecasted to be valued at US$ 534.2 billion in 2024, with a potential to reach US$ 903.8 billion by 2034.

This robust growth, characterized by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4%, indicates a substantial expansion of the market.

Such an upward trajectory suggests a continuously increasing customer base and demand, presenting vast opportunities for businesses to enter and flourish in this segment.

2. Increasing Consumer Interest in Customization

There is an escalating trend among consumers to personalize their vehicles, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality through accessories.

This surge in interest boosts the demand for a wide array of products, from visual modifications like custom seat covers to functional gadgets such as advanced dash cams.

Dropshipping allows you to cater to these diverse needs without the necessity to hold inventory, significantly reducing overhead costs and enabling rapid adaptation to shifting trends.

3. Scalability and Flexibility of Dropshipping

Dropshipping stands out as an attractive model because it eliminates the need for maintaining physical inventory.

This aspect not only reduces initial investment and operational costs but also facilitates easier scalability of the business.

Moreover, dropshipping offers the flexibility to test and switch products according to consumer preferences and trends without incurring significant financial risk.

4. Global Reach

Utilizing the dropshipping model enables sellers to extend their reach globally without dealing with the complexities and costs associated with international shipping logistics and warehousing.

Given that the demand for car accessories is widespread across multiple regions, dropshipping provides an efficient pathway to tap into various markets.

5. E-Commerce Growth

The continuous rise in e-commerce adoption provides fertile ground for the dropshipping business model.

Consumers are increasingly comfortable purchasing car accessories online, attracted by the convenience, variety, and competitive pricing. And, that’s why is good idea to sell car accessories.

Dropshipping integrates seamlessly into this ecosystem, leveraging online marketing and sales platforms to reach a broad audience.

Top 12 Dropshipping Car Accessories

Now, I will list the top 12 car accessories to sell today. These products are in high-demand, and can bring you great profits. So, let’s dive in!

1. Wireless Car Chargers

Wireless phone chargers, which provide quick and easy smartphone charging, are becoming a necessary piece of equipment for contemporary drivers. Thus, these are great idea when it comes to sell car accessories.

The need for wireless car chargers is rising as more people rely on their phones for communication and navigation.

According to a report by Statista, as of 2024, the global wireless charging market will reach nearly 22.89 billion U.S. dollars. Also, it is projected to surpass 38 billion U.S. dollars by 2028.

market revenue

The market growth for dashboard cameras, also known as dashcams, is currently at a peak, with acceleration in its pace.

This surge can be credited to various factors, notably the growing recognition of dashcams’ benefits such as offering crucial evidence in incidents like accidents or theft and bolstering vehicle safety.

Also, based on Google Trends, wireless phone holder demand is on the rise.

Moreover, the escalating demand for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) further fuels the expansion of the dashboard camera market.

Anticipated to persist in the foreseeable future, this growth is amplified by the increasing embrace of connected cars and the emergence of autonomous vehicles.

By keeping the power on their devices, these devices give drivers convenience and safety by doing away with the bother of wires.

It’s advised to look for variants compatible with several car types and phone manufacturers for a wider appeal.

You may find a diverse selection of cars at platforms like SCA Auction, where you can check desired vehicle specifications.


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2. Bluetooth Car Kits

Bluetooth vehicle kits are in high demand, just like hands-free communication-enabled cars.

Thus, users are able to use voice assistants, make calls, and stream music while driving with these kits.

Also, dropship premium Bluetooth kits with noise-canceling features for an improved user experience.

Hence, examples of Bluetooth car kits:

  • Besign BK01 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Kit
  • Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone
  • Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit
  • Anker Roav SmartCharge F0 Bluetooth FM Transmitter
  • Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

Bluetooth FM transmitters offer a wireless solution for hands-free calling and music streaming in older automobiles without Bluetooth connectivity.

The remarkable sound quality and user-friendliness of the Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter are the main factors contributing to its increasing demand.

Over 50,000 Bluetooth FM transmitters are sold on reliable e-commerce sites each month, which means dropshippers might benefit from this market.

According to Market Research, between 2024 and 2030 the global Bluetooth Car Kit market is projected to experience a notable growth of 5.24%, offering promising opportunities for businesses within the sector.

Moreover, based on Google Trends, bluetooth car kits are always in high demand.

Because more people are using smartphones and other smart gadgets for entertainment and hands-free communication while driving, the market for Bluetooth vehicle kits will rise along with this trend.

So, improvements in Bluetooth technology will lead to car kits that are stronger, more useful, and feature higher-quality audio.

As autonomous and electric vehicles become more commonplace, there will be more chances to include vehicle management systems.

Additionally, as traffic safety rules are prioritized, more Bluetooth car kits with advanced safety features will be adopted.

3. Dash Cams

Because dash cams can capture evidence in the event of an accident or argument while driving, their popularity has skyrocketed.

These car accessories also provide comfort by documenting travels and unforeseen occurrences.

For best results, think about providing dash cams with capabilities like night vision, wide-angle lenses, and loop recording.

So, if you want to sell car accessories, here are some examples of dash cams:

  • Viofo A129 Duo Dual Dash Cam
  • BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K
  • Garmin Dash Cam 66W, Nextbase 522GW
  • Rexing V1 – 4K Ultra HD

The market for dash cams has grown rapidly in recent years due to growing worries about insurance fraud and road safety.

Grand View Research estimates that the size of the worldwide dash cam market will grow from its estimated $4.03 billion in 2023 to $8.8 billion in 2027.

Dropshippers may profit from this trend by providing premium dash cameras equipped with G-sensors, wide-angle lenses, and loop recording.

car accessories

A significant acceleration in growth rates suggests that the market is currently experiencing a significant expansionary phase.

Many factors have contributed to this growth, the most important of which is that consumers are now more aware of the advantages that dashboard cameras, or dashcams, provide.

These gadgets improve car security by offering crucial proof in case of an incident or theft. What’s more, this product is in high demand according to Google Trends results.

In addition, the growing demand for sophisticated driver assistance systems has led to an expansion of the dashboard camera industry (ADAS).

As connected cars increase in number and driverless vehicles become more prevalent, dashcam needs are predicted to continue rising in the near future.

4. Car Organizers

Many drivers learn the importance of keeping their cars clean and well-maintained. Car organizers come in a variety of forms, including trunk, seat-back, and console organizers.

These modifications make it easier for drivers to store needs like food, electronics, and emergency supplies.

Car seat organizers, such as the popular High Road SwingAway Car Seat Organizer, provide ample storage space for essentials like snacks, water bottles, and electronics.

With over 100,000 units sold annually on major e-commerce platforms, car seat organizers present a lucrative opportunity for dropshippers.

car organizer market

Source: Industry Growth Insight

The global market for car organizers is projected to experience a steady growth trajectory, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% anticipated from 2021 to 2030.

This growth is fueled by a variety of factors contributing to heightened demand across diverse applications, including both vehicles and trunks.

The growing number of cars on the road today, which exacerbates problems like traffic jams and parking shortages, is one factor contributing to this increase. Plus, there’s a growing number of interes in this product as well.

In response, more and more people are using vehicle organizers as a useful way to store things neatly when driving or parked.

So, several key factors contribute to the growth of this market:

  • The expanding base of car owners globally.
  • Urbanization trends leading to higher concentrations of vehicle usage.
  • The rise of remote work, prompting individuals to transport work-related materials.
  • A growing population of pet owners necessitating the transportation of pet supplies.
  • The burgeoning demand for innovative car organization solutions.

5. LED Lighting

Furthermore, upgrades to a vehicle’s LED lights not only increase safety and visibility but also its looks.

Dropship offers a variety of LED lighting options, such as headlight conversions, external accent lights, and interior ambient lights.

For instance, customers have left glowing reviews for the Philips H7 X-tremeUltinon LED headlight bulbs, which are renowned for their exceptional brightness and durability.

Dropshippers might benefit from the need for premium LED headlight bulbs since the global market for automotive LED lighting is predicted to reach $16.9 billion by 2026.

Also, based on Google Trends, the demand for these car accessories is always high.

6. Floor Mats and Covers for Seats

Preserving the inside of an automobile is the only way to keep it comfortable and valuable. Furniture is shielded from spills, stains, and general wear and tear by floor mats and seat coverings. Provide a variety of sizes, forms, and materials to accommodate various car types and preferences.

In 2022, the global automotive floor mat market was valued at USD 11.38 billion. It is estimated that over the projected year, it would expand at a consistent 4.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), from USD 11.80 billion in 2023 to USD 15.75 billion by 2030.

Car floor mats, like the ones on trucks, vans, and sedans, provide protective barriers.

They provide protection from dirt, moisture, scuffs, and debris for the carpet or flooring underneath.

These easy-to-remove and clean carpets provide an automobile’s interior with a neat, polished appearance. Rubber, vinyl, and cloth are just a few of the materials they are composed of.

market size for cars

In tandem with the development of the automobile industry and the ongoing manufacture of new cars, there is also an expectation that mat demand would rise.

Concurrently, buyers are giving their cars’ interior comfort and aesthetic appeal more weight.

These carpets improve the whole driving experience in addition to their visual attractiveness. Moreover, according to Google Trends, the demand is on the rise.

As a result, throughout the course of the forecast period, the spike in demand for vehicle comfort and safety is expected to be a major factor driving market expansion.

7. Car Phone Holders

Car phone holders enable safe smartphone use while driving. With the help of these devices, drivers can use other apps and GPS navigation hands-free because the phones are firmly in place.

So, you can seek for bendable phone holders that slide into dashboards, windscreens, and air vents.

With hands-free laws becoming more stringent, car phone mounts have become essential accessories for drivers.

For example, the iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard & Windshield Car Mount has emerged as a bestseller, boasting over 100,000 units sold on Amazon alone.

Dropshippers can offer a range of phone mounts, including suction cup mounts, air vent mounts, and magnetic mounts, catering to different preferences and vehicle types.

Also, the product is in high demand according to Google Trends.

8. Systems for Monitoring Tire Pressure (TPMS)

Real-time tire pressure monitoring by the TPMS warns drivers of possible problems before they get worse. These devices increase fuel efficiency, increase tire life, and enhance safety.

Offer TPMS kits compatible with aftermarket and OEM wheel combinations.

Examples of TPMS:

  • Fobo Tire Plus 
  • TireMinder A1A
  • EEZTire-TPMS Real Time/24×7
  • Tymate TPMS Wireless
  • CACAGOO Wireless

Also, based on Google Trends, these products demand is growing continuously.

9. Car Maintenance Tools

More and more drivers are beginning to perform their own auto maintenance. It is possible to drop ship necessary equipment including tire inflators, jumper cables, and diagnostic scanners. Consider bundling complementary tools together to add value and convenience for customers.

Looking ahead to 2031, the automotive garage equipment market presents a promising outlook. Plus, Google Trends results shows that these products demand goes up and down.

With a valuation of US$8.7 billion in 2021, this sector is projected to exhibit steady growth, boasting an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% from 2022 to 2031.

Anticipated trends suggest that by the conclusion of 2031, the global automotive garage equipment market is poised to surpass the significant milestone, reaching a valuation of $14.8 billion.

car accessories

10. Car Air Purifiers

Car air purifier market is will increase at a CAGR of 16% from 2023 to 2032.

With its HEPA filters and ionizers, the FRiEQ Car Air Purifier has won accolades for its ability to effectively eliminate smells and airborne particles.

Dropshippers can satisfy customers who are concerned about their health by providing a variety of air purifiers with various filtering methods and styles. Also, based on Google Trends, there’s always demand for these car accessories.

11. Car Sunshades

Car owners use sunshades to shield their vehicles’ interiors and occupants from the scorching heat when the mercury rises.

With its range of sizes, the EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade has received hundreds of favorable reviews for its strength and UV protection.

Dropshippers may accommodate various car types and preferences by providing a variety of sunshades, including retractable, folding, and custom-fit alternatives.

Plus, these car accessories are always in demand.

12. Smart Key Finders

For drivers, car keys may be a source of frustration. Smart key finders use Bluetooth technology to help quickly locate missing keys.

These little devices offer convenience and peace of mind to drivers who occasionally forget items. Based on Google Trends, these car accessories demand has no signs of stopping.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business for Car Accessories in 2024?

Now, let’s see how you can start selling car accessories, step-by-step.

Step 1 – Pick Your Niche in Car Accessories

Firstly, determine a specific segment within the car accessories market that interests you. Reflect on your target market and their preferences.

Next, explore various online stores in your niche for inspiration, which will help you brainstorm product ideas. Utilizing tools like Google Trends can reveal the popularity of specific items, such as “car organizer” highlighting potential demand.

This exploration is crucial as it provides a foundation for deeper research.

Additionally, leverage product research tools analyze a product’s profitability and market performance.

Personally, I use Minea to gain insights into product sales, costs, pricing, competitors, customer engagement, and more.

Step 2 – Choose a Supplier for Car Accessories

Moving on, selecting a reliable supplier is vital for the success of your dropshipping business. The supplier you choose will significantly impact the quality and delivery of your products.

When evaluating potential suppliers, focus on their responsiveness and the quality of their customer service.

A supplier with excellent support ensures a smooth partnership. Also, review their return policy to confirm it supports customer satisfaction, which is essential for building trust in your brand.

Platforms like are invaluable as they offer extensive directories of reputable suppliers, allowing you to filter by niche, location, and shipping preferences.

Step 3 – Set Up Your Online Store

Subsequently, establish your online presence by setting up your store. Creating a positive first impression is critical, so ensure your website is user-friendly and visually appealing. It should feature clear menus and well-organized categories.

Ensure your product listings are thorough, detailing specifications like compatibility and materials. Utilize high-quality images and videos to enhance product understanding and attract customer interest.

For building the store, Shopify is my preferred platform due to its user-friendly interface and variety of appealing themes designed for dropshipping stores.

Moreover, offers a streamlined way to kickstart your Shopify store using AI technology.

This platform automatically fills your store with top selections from your chosen niche, setting you up to start making money through dropshipping immediately. Plus, it costs only $1.

The website features user-friendly themes that not only attract buyers but also prompt them to make purchases.

You can personalize these themes to suit your style and the products you plan to sell. Moreover, the product pages are specifically designed to enhance your sales potential.

Here’s how to get started simply:

  1. Select Your Niche: Choose the niche you want to sell in from their extensive list.
  2. Deploy AI Setup: Allow their AI to set up your store, stocking it with excellent products and everything else you need for a successful launch.
  3. Begin Selling: With your store now fully equipped, products selected, and suppliers in place, you’re ready to start your dropshipping business.

Alternatively, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Wix offer viable options with robust features for online store development.

Step 4 – Market Your Car Accessories Business

Finally, with your website ready, the focus shifts to promoting your dropshipping venture. This step is crucial for attracting customers and driving sales.

Harness the power of social media platforms like FacebookInstagram, and TikTok to create engaging content, run targeted ad campaigns, and interact with potential customers.

Consider exploring affiliate marketing by collaborating with influencers or bloggers within the car accessories niche. Providing them with unique affiliate codes or links can significantly enhance your product visibility.

Additionally, capitalize on video content to visually showcase your products, effectively elucidating their features and benefits.



In conclusion, there is a lot of space for growth for dropshippers in the automotive accessories industry.

Offering a wide range of upscale products that satisfy modern drivers’ needs and tastes is a smart move if you want to prosper in this competitive market.

By keeping up with the most recent trends and technical developments, you can ensure that your solutions continue to be interesting and relevant for your audience.

Sales of car accessories can take your dropshipping company to new heights provided you have the right mindset and level of persistence.

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