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Wish Dropshipping: Everything You Need To Know As A Beginner

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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Although AliExpress dropshipping is far more popular than Wish dropshipping, Wish has become a major player in the e-commerce world in recent years.

But do you know anything about Wish? In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about Wish and how to start Wish dropshipping.


Key Takeaways

  • AliExpress is more popular but Wish emerges as a significant e-commerce player with a presence in over 130 countries.
  • Wish boasts 27 million active users, 650 million registered users, and over 600,000 merchants.
  • Despite a financial downturn in 2023, dropping to $287 million in revenue from 2022’s $571 million and a net loss of $317 million, Wish retains its vast market potential.
  • Offers a mobile-optimized marketplace with no listing fees and an AI-powered recommendation system, but faces challenges with competitive pricing and potentially long shipping times.
  • To start dropshipping on Wish, sign up for an account, find a reliable supplier, and select appropriate product categories.
  • Ideal dropshipping products include wireless earbuds, anime hoodies, plant stands, Bluetooth speakers, and rapper hoodies.
  • Provides various shipping options, including Wish Express for faster delivery, and generally allows returns within 30 days.

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Wish Dropshipping Explained

Wish is a US-based e-commerce platform and online marketplace connecting millions of buyers and sellers all over the globe.

Moreover, it has customers in more than 130 countries worldwide and sells almost anything one can think of, from shoes and jewelry to gadgets and beauty products.

Like Amazon and eBay, Wish is an e-commerce marketplace for buying and selling a wide range of merchandise. But one of the key distinctions is its focus on inexpensive items.

The items do not come directly from Wish itself; instead, they are sold by a large number of sellers. And the online marketplace only takes a portion of their profits.

Furthermore, Wish has gained much internet fame with its odd and funny Instagram and Facebook ads.

Specifically, it has a strong presence on Facebook boasting about 43 million “Facebook fans”. While scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, you have probably stumbled upon a product from

Learn how to Dropship on the Facebook Marketplace.

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Is Wish Dropshipping Worth it?

Yes, dropshipping on Wish is worth it! With 27 million active users, 650 million registered users, and over 600,000 merchants, Wish offers a vast market potential, albeit with cautious optimism required due to its recent performance trends.

Moreover, please keep in mind that Wish’s 2023 financial downturn with a revenue of $287 million, a near 50% decrease from 2022’s $571 million, and a net loss of $317 million, concerned lots of dropshippers.

However, their broad user base and product diversity make it a good option for dropshipping.

Wish Dropshipping Pros & Cons

Selling your products on an online marketplace like Wish is surely one of the first ideas you come up with when you want to sell online. And even if you already have a dropshipping store, you may consider it as an option.

So, I have summarized some of the main pros and cons of Wish dropshipping to help you see if the benefits outweigh the downsides.

Truly expansive customer base

No listing or subscription fees

Mobile-optimized marketplace

Powerful AI-powered product recommendation system

Competitive pricing

Long shipping times


✅ Truly expansive customer base

The Wish app was the most downloaded shopping app in the world in January 2020 with nearly 90 million monthly customers. Today, the platform has over 27 million active users, 650 million registered users, and over 600,000 merchants.

As stated above, Wish is available in more than 130 countries. This means that with Wish dropshipping, you can build a truly expansive customer base one that includes buyers from all over the world.

No listing or subscription fees

Another advantage of Wish dropshipping is that it is free to create a seller account on Wish. In short, the marketplace does not charge you any listing or subscription fees.

You only pay a percentage of your sale once you sell an item. This makes the marketplace accessible to everybody who wants to try their luck at dropshipping with minimal investment.

Mobile-optimized marketplace

Wish is a mobile-optimized marketplace. Thus, it is regarded as the “Shopping Mall in Your Pocket.” It goes without saying that mobile traffic has become just as prevalent as desktop traffic.

To be more specific, the number of mobile users in 2024 is expected to grow to 7.41 billion.

This is why we wanted to emphasize the importance of mobile responsiveness to you as a new Wish dropshipping entrepreneur.

✅ Powerful AI-powered product recommendation system

Wish has deployed AI technologies inside its ad system to significantly boost ad revenue. That way, it curates product ranges for each individual customer.

Long story short, a customer sees products in their feed, based on their interests (like the items they have purchased previously, saved for later, or related to their profile).

But how will you benefit from this? Thanks to this powerful AI-powered product recommendation system, your customers can easily find products that are suitable for them.


❌ Competitive pricing

One of the downsides of Wish dropshipping is that the majority of Wish sellers source their products from China. And they sell their products at low prices.

So, to compete with other sellers on Wish, you must offer competitive pricing.

Because of this, the marketplace may not be suitable for you if you want to sell high-end, costly items.

❌ Long shipping times

Another downside is that sometimes it takes weeks for a product to be shipped to a customer.

If your customers do not mind longer shipping times, dropshipping with Wish can be a good way to get your online business off the ground.

However, with the Wish Express shipping option, your customers can receive their orders within 5 business days.

Here is how to enable Wish Express for faster shipping times.

How to Start Wish Dropshipping in 2024?

Starting dropshipping with Wish is a fairly simple practice. Sure, you need to do a few things to start selling on the marketplace. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Sign up for an account on Wish

To start dropshipping with Wish, you need to create a seller account. Thus, you’ll need to provide valuable information like your name, business email, business phone, country, and more.

Moreover, when creating your account, you will be asked to provide your store name.

Make sure it is catchy and unique. Also, remember that a name that lets your customers know what you sell is an excellent way to make your dropshipping business appear relevant and trustworthy.

Then, you need to enter your e-mail address and choose the country where you will do business. Finally, you need to enter additional information necessary for store setup.

The good news is that the marketplace has extensive FAQs to answer your questions about starting and running a store on Wish.

2. Find a dropshipping supplier

You have created your Wish dropshipping store. Your next challenge is to find a dropshipping supplier.

Finding the right dropshipping supplier is a critical step for anyone starting to sell on Wish or expanding to the Wish marketplace.

Thus, one thing you can do is navigate to the seller page, to check on the store rating. Thus, you can do that from the product page.

So, once you click on the seller’s name, you can get information about their business, check customer comments, overall ratings, and more.

Thus, by going through customer comments, you can learn about their customer service, shipping times, and product quality. This way, you can make an informative decision about whether this supplier is worth it.

For example, I am personally using supplier base to search for reliable suppliers.

Thus, the platform has over 2000 reputed suppliers in various dropshipping niches. Plus, you can narrow down your search based on location, product costs, shipping costs, and more.

Also, you can get information for each supplier like contact information, product costs, average order processing time, MOQ requirements, shipping costs and location, and more.

Check out our previous article to find out how to find a supplier and source products for your dropshipping store.

3. Choose the best product categories for your store

To make sure that your dropshipping products stand out, you must put thought and research into what you are selling. You must identify and pay attention to your dropshipping target audience and competition.

So, once you enter the Wish dropshipping website, you can navigate and search through different product categories. Hence, they have a wide range of products to choose from.

Hence, Some of the most popular product categories on the marketplace include hobbies, makeup & beauty, gadgets, home décor, baby & kids, etc.

Moreover, if you have a specific product in mind, you can just type in the keyword into their search bar.

Once you have done your research, you need to focus on a niche. Just make sure your products are cheap and easy to ship. Also, ensure they come in variations.

Moreover, I also recommend you to check customer reviews section in each product page.

Thus, these customer testimonials bring valuable information since you have photos and a sincere customer experience with the platform.

Still, wondering which products are best-sellers on Wish?

NICHE IDEA: Dropshipping Coffee Products

One more thing that we want to mention here is that you can hire a dropshipping agent if you are about to source your products from China.

Here’s our list of the top 5 dropshipping agents for product sourcing.

This can ease your work and help you avoid things like product sourcing, dropshipping fulfillment, and shipping.

This information is intended for those who are Wish dropshipping beginners and do not have an existing store. But in case you already have a store on another e-commerce platform, then read on!

How To Dropship with Wish If You Have an Existing Store on Another E-Commerce Platform?

If you have an existing dropshipping store on one of the major e-commerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, you can integrate it with Wish.

This allows you to sell your dropshipping products from, let’s say your Shopify store, to the Wish marketplace.

To integrate your Shopify store with Wish, install this app.

Also, for BigCommerce, take advantage of the Wish BigCommerce Integration App.

Top 5 Products To Dropship on Wish In 2024

Here I will list the best-sellers of Wish Dropshipping. These products have been on the Wish Trending page for a long time now! So, it is a great idea to start dropshipping on Wish with them.


Dropshipping wireless earbuds taps into the demand for cord-free, compact designs compatible with many devices. Genuine AirPods are a premium product, but there are many affordable alternatives with similar features.

These alternatives might be found on Wish dropshipping for around $10-$30, and given the right marketing, they could be sold for $20-$60, allowing for a markup of 50%-100%.

Anime Hoodies

Anime has a global fanbase, making hoodies featuring popular anime characters or themes highly desirable.

Prices on Wish can range from $10-$25, but the niche appeal means you could sell them for $30-$75, achieving a markup of 100%-200% if marketed well on platforms frequented by anime enthusiasts.

Plant Stands

The surge in home gardening has made plant stands more popular, serving both functional and decorative purposes.

With prices on Wish varying from $5-$50, depending on size and material, the potential for a 100%-300% markup exists, especially for stands with unique designs, pricing them anywhere from $15-$150.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers remain popular for their portability and wireless connectivity. Entry to mid-level speakers can be found on Wish for $5-$40.

These can be marketed for $10-$100, depending on the quality and brand perception, reflecting a markup of 50%-150%.

Rapper Hoodies

Merchandise related to popular rappers connects fans with the music.

On Wish dropshipping, these hoodies might cost $15-$30, but the market allows for them to sell at $45-$90. Thus, this depends on the artist’s popularity and product quality, which translates to a markup of 100%-200%.

Wish Dropshipping Shipping Times & Costs

Wish provides several shipping options, including Standard Shipping, Wish Express, 2-day delivery, flat rate shipping (exclusive to U.S. customers for orders over $10 via the app), and Ship to Store.

Each option has its own delivery times, which depend on the item’s origin. Notably, there’s a flat rate shipping offer at $2.99 for eligible items, initially for U.S. customers with potential expansion plans.

Also, keep in mind that orders are generally processed within a week.

What is the Wish Dropshipping Return Policy?

If you’re considering returning an item you purchased from Wish, here’s some advice to ensure a smooth process.

First off, Wish generally allows for returns within 30 days from the delivery date. This is a standard policy, but keep in mind that exceptions exist depending on the item’s nature, the reason for the return, and the seller’s specific policy.

To initiate a return, you’ll need to:

  1. Contact Wish customer service either through their app or website. You’ll need to submit a return request to get the ball rolling.
  2. Provide a clear reason for the return. Whether the item arrived defective, wasn’t as described, or you simply changed your mind, being upfront and clear is crucial.
  3. Wait for further instructions. Wish or the seller will guide you on the next steps, which may include sending back additional information or photos of the item, along with how and where to return it.

It’s worth noting that the refund usually covers the item’s price and the original shipping costs.

However, you might need to cover the return shipping costs yourself, unless the item is defective or not as described. Refunds are typically issued in the original form of payment.

Before you proceed, always check the seller’s specific return policy at the time of purchase. The policy can vary, and there might be important details or conditions specific to your purchase.

Also, be aware that some items may not be eligible for return, especially if they fall under non-returnable categories due to hygiene concerns or the product’s nature.

3 Things To Consider Before Dropshipping/Selling on Wish

1. Selling brand-name products without being an authorized seller of the brand is not allowed

If you want to list a brand-name product on the marketplace, you have to be an authorized seller of that brand.

In fact, Wish needs authorization in the form of a license or trademark to protect you (the dropshipper) and the brand owner.

Do you still want to sell such items on the marketplace? Then, you must apply to become an authentic seller of the brand and earn an “Authentic Brand Product” badge for your items.

2. Meeting the product requirements is a must for you as a Wish dropshipping entrepreneur

You cannot sell whatever you want on Wish. To start dropshipping with Wish, you will have to meet a series of standards when choosing your dropshipping products.

The items you want to sell on the marketplace mustn’t fall within Wish’s list of prohibited products. Find out what you can sell on the Wish marketplace.

3. Improving your products’ odds of success is important

The marketplace frequently runs promotional campaigns to drive additional traffic to items in the Wish app or

Items that have been selling well on Wish are probably selected for such promotion. Wish programmatically chooses these items based on their relevant audience, popularity, and conversion.

Learn more about the Best Payment Gateway in 2024.

Therefore, you need to improve your products’ odds of success. That’s to say, you need to increase your product’s chances of being selected as a promoted product by Wish.

And there are a few ways to do so:

• Add size, color, and clear information about your products. For further information, click here.

• Ensure you add appropriate tags to your items. You can learn how to do so here.

Wish Dropshipping FAQs

1. What are the specific criteria or features that make a product successful on Wish?

The success of a product on Wish is often due to a combination of factors that go beyond just being inexpensive and having good reviews.

Products that tend to do well on Wish are those that appeal to impulse buying behaviors, which means they often have eye-catching images, a unique value proposition, or tap into current trends and desires.

Innovative or novel items that are not easily found in traditional stores also have a higher chance of success, as they can pique the curiosity of shoppers. Furthermore, products that have clear, high-quality images and detailed descriptions help to build trust and reduce ambiguity about what the shopper is purchasing.

Customizable or personalizable items also see higher engagement, as they offer a personal touch that many consumers value.

Essentially, successful products on Wish are those that stand out through their uniqueness, visual appeal, and the ability to connect with the consumer’s desire for novelty and personal expression.

2. How does Wish handle customer service issues, returns, and disputes between buyers and sellers?

Wish takes customer service issues, returns, and disputes between buyers and sellers seriously, with a framework in place to manage these situations to ensure fairness and satisfaction for both parties.

Wish provides a standardized return policy that sellers must adhere to, which typically allows customers to return products within a certain timeframe if they are not satisfied. The platform requires sellers to specify their return and refund policies at the point of sale, offering transparency to buyers.

When disputes arise, Wish acts as an intermediary, facilitating communication between the buyer and seller to resolve.

In cases where disputes cannot be resolved directly, Wish has a system for reviewing the case and making a decision based on the evidence provided by both parties.

This may include refunding the buyer and potentially taking action against sellers who repeatedly violate policies.

The platform’s goal is to maintain a trustworthy environment that balances the interests of both buyers and sellers.

3. Can sellers use Wish’s AI-powered product recommendation system to their advantage, and if so, how?

Sellers can indeed use Wish’s AI-powered product recommendation system to their advantage, primarily by optimizing their product listings to increase the likelihood of their items being recommended to potential buyers.

The key to leveraging this system is understanding how it operates: it analyzes user behavior, including past purchases, search history, and product interactions, to suggest items a user is likely to buy.

Sellers can optimize product titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords and phrases that accurately describe their items, making it easier for the AI to match their products with the right customers.

Including detailed specifications, clear and attractive images, and varied product options (such as sizes or colors) can also improve visibility.

Engaging with customers through timely responses and encouraging reviews also plays a crucial role, as positive feedback can enhance a product’s recommendation potential.

Regularly updating the product catalog with new and relevant items keeps the offerings fresh and more likely to be picked up by the recommendation algorithm.


The bottom line

In brief, Wish dropshipping is a good way to enter the dropshipping industry.

With its unique platform and product recommendation algorithm, Wish makes it easy for dropshippers just like you to reach the customers that are most likely to buy your best-selling products.

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