Video Games Dropshipping – How to Launch Your Gaming Business? [Tips & Product Ideas]


Video games dropshipping – Is it a dream job for any avid gamer? No matter if you truly love to play games or simply want to enter the video game industry, selling video game-related merchandise online is a great place to start.

Let’s now move to the main focus of our discussion and see why you need to start a video game business and how to do so.  

Why video games dropshipping?

Many children, teenagers, and adults around the world spend hours of their day playing a wide range of video games.

In this busy, chaotic world, people simply want to immerse themselves in a captivating, relaxing video game. Video games help them relax.

But some video games are quite intense. And some people really love them.

The main reason is that these people see them as a way to escape from their sometimes boring and monotonous lives. People want to experience excitement and danger at the same time. 

With games, they get the chance to do things they never would be able to do in real life.

For example, they get the opportunity to complete extreme missions, fight demon monsters, save princesses, etc. In a nutshell, there are so many reasons why people play video games.

After all, we are not researchers who are trying to find out why people love games or measure the effects games have on our society – if they nurture laziness, inspire creativity, or encourage violence.

We just want to make you understand that video games are big business today.

So, let’s take a closer look at the “numbers” to see why video games dropshipping is a good way to make money online.

In 2020, there were nearly 2.7 billion video gamers in the world. Sure, this figure is projected to grow to 3.7 billion by 2023.

Gamers tend to spend money on video games and accessories, so the global video game market was worth about US$115 billion in 2018. And the revenues are expected to reach US$138 billion by 2021.

These numbers show that the video game industry is large. Also, it shows no signs of slowing down. With this growth, the industry is creating clear opportunities for dropshippers to start video games dropshipping businesses.

7 product ideas for video games dropshipping stores

If you want to break into the video games dropshipping niche, you need to figure out what you are about to sell. Video games, of course. Also, you should decide what model fits your dropshipping business idea.

But it is safe to say that the industry is diversified. This means that as video games dropshipping store owner, you can sell a wide range of products.

And here are some of the potential items you can sell online:

  • Video games;
  • Consoles, hardware (e.g., cables, controllers, etc.)
  • Health products for gamers (e.g., glasses, posture correctors, etc.)
  • Game-related merchandise (e.g., gaming chairs, gaming desks, etc.)

Once you have found your dropshipping target audience, you need to identify what resonates best with your audience. In other words, you need to determine what kind of video games to dropship and whether these products might be profitable.

You can use free ways to find winning dropshipping products. But to save you precious time and help you avoid costly dropshipping mistakes, we have done the product research for you using Google Trends. Here’s our guide on how you can use Google Trends for your store.

This should help you evaluate your idea for a video game product and see if there is a need for it.

Let’s get started!

1. PS4 video games

ps4 video games

Dropshipping video games may be the first option for your online video game store. You might think that everyone downloads video games through the web today.

Yes, this is true. And it can make dropshipping video games a hard task for online merchants like you.

But some people still prefer buying discs. And you can sell everything from the latest titles to some favorite classics like Super Mario.

However, PlayStation 4 keeps dominating the market for both console and video games. Some of the most popular PS4 video games include Grand Theft Auto V, Destiny, Bloodborne, etc.

Just make sure you include enough genres that cater to a wide variety of gaming preferences.

2. Gaming mice

dropshipping gaming mouse

Fortunately, games are not the only item gamers buy. Avid gamers want to be more precise and accurate. They want to ensure they are at the top of their games.

This is a very important matter in many fast-paced games. So, they tend to buy professional gaming mice.

The good news is that one thing you will notice while browsing the product catalogs of different dropshipping suppliers is that the majority of gaming mice do not cost a fortune.

This allows you to offer a mouse for every game and budget.

3. Gaming keyboards

gaming keyboard to dropship

Like gaming mice, gaming keyboards are a necessity for video game enthusiasts.

They feature full-sized, well-spaced, mechanical keys, which are easy to use for longer periods of time – some games usually require long play sessions.

Therefore, they are great gaming products to sell online. If you decide to dropship video gaming keyboards, your customers will be more likely to celebrate some great PC gaming triumphs.

4. Gaming earphones

gaming earphones

Gaming earphones are a vital piece of equipment that every gamer needs in their arsenal.

They are great gaming products to sell to those who seek a more immersive gaming experience and like to make the game feel more realistic.

While examining the data about the market, we have come to the conclusion that they are high-demand video games dropshipping products that you may want to add to your store.

5. Game controllers

dropshipping video game controller

Game controllers are a timeless category of popular gaming products to sell online.

Many games are better played with a game controller than a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse. Gamers know that.

And these video games dropshipping products are a precious piece of kit for the video game enthusiast with varied tastes.

6. Laptop cooling pads

laptop cooling pad

There is a slight decrease in the demand for laptop cooling pads in the last couple of weeks. But this does not mean that they do not sell like crazy.

These video games dropshipping products will do wonders for the performance of your customers’ devices. And most gamers agree that investing in a good cooling pad is an absolute must.  

7. Posture correctors

posture corrector

With game lovers leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, poor posture is a scary side effect that can result in stiff muscles and back pain.

However, posture correctors are elastic straps designed specifically to address the issue.

Posture correctors are always in great demand and the growth in online searches is a good indication of the same.

So, why not diversify your offerings with high-quality posture correctors and help gamers protect their backs so they can enjoy their marathon gaming sessions without pain?

As you can see, the demand for certain video games dropshipping products is growing at a slower rate than in 2020 (maybe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) However, these gaming products are still popular today.

5 tips for dropshippers in the video games dropshipping niche

In this article, we will not discuss the standard steps to start a dropshipping business or things to do before you start dropshipping. As it might be seen, we have discussed these topics in some of our previous articles.

That’s why we now want to focus on some expert tips on how to start your video games dropshipping business on the right note and take it to the next level.

1. Choose your suppliers wisely

If you are interested in dropshipping video games, you must choose your dropshipping suppliers wisely.

It is very important to source your gaming products from reliable, reputable suppliers. That way, you will ensure your products are of good quality. Also, that way, you will reduce the likelihood of dealing with problems like shipping delays, missing items, wrong orders, etc.  

So, it is recommended to join some of these directories to find trusted dropshipping suppliers of video game merchandise.

2. Determine where to sell your video game merchandise

One of the major decisions you will have to make is where to sell your video game merchandise online. In fact, you can dropship video games:

It would be better if you could dropship video games through your own dropshipping store. Why? Because the competition is fierce on the major online marketplaces.

3. Build a strong brand identity

Your video games dropshipping business will succeed or fail by how people perceive your brand, and eventually how they feel about buying from your store. Remember that in the dropshipping industry, authenticity is the key to success.

Therefore, you need to develop a strong brand identity. This can help you differentiate your online business from your competitors. Read more about whether branding is helpful when dropshipping and how to build a strong brand identity.

4. Spice up your website

Most gamers need to possess various skills, including attention to detail, for a victory. What’s more, the best video games in the world have some of the best graphics.

Accordingly, as a video games dropshipping store owner, you need to build a store that looks stunning. So, do not be afraid to spice up your site. And you can do that if you:

  • Add a bit of color to your site. Just ensure everything looks good yet professional.
  • Dress up your site with more visuals. Just make sure it is not overwhelming.
  • Add obvious Call-to-Action buttons. In this manner, you will direct your visitors to do something specific, such as buy an item from your store.
  • Offer Live Chat support. If you decide to do so, make the “Live Chat” button visible on every page. That way, you will provide your website visitors with a simple way to get in touch with you, regardless of where on the website they are.

5. Stay updated on what is going on in the world of gaming

The video game industry is arguably one of the most important and innovative sectors in tech nowadays.

Since the video game world continues to rush forward with new, modern video games and game-related merchandise, you need to stay well-informed of evolving trends, industry changes, and consumer behaviors.

Simply put, try to keep up to date with news from the industry to give your dropshipping business a competitive advantage over your competitors. Have no idea how to do that? Read on…

  • Follow game development companies on social media. You need to follow such companies on social media sites because they are often the first to announce the launches of their games.
  • Visit some popular gaming websites and blogs. You can visit the following sites: Destructoid, Kotaku, That Video Game Blog, and The Game Fanatics.
  • Join online forums. You need to do that if you want to discuss the latest gaming news with others, share your thoughts on a game, etc. Some popular forums include VGR, Steam Discussions, IGN Boards, and GameFAQs.

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The bottom line

Almost everyone has played a video game at some point in their lives. And the video games dropshipping niche is big business today.

To get a firm grasp on this industry, consider selling the above-mentioned gaming products and follow our advice.

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