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Minden Sourcing Review: Product Sourcing Services From China

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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Time is money! 🤑 Exactly! But, with all the dropshipping business challenges, do you have all the time needed to build customer relations, advertise your business, brainstorm innovations, and pay attention to your logistic system, like product sourcing services? 🤔

Yeah, probably you will have if one day is more than 24 hours.

Running a dropshipping business can be easy when you have all the right tools.   All that sounds nice, but not everything is in your hands and power, and at the end of the day, you are the one responsible. 

You have probably heard the “old” dropshipping saying – “ Suppliers can even make or break your business”, and that’s very much true in the dropshipping world. They can make delays in picking and packing, and this can be a big problem, even if your business plan and ideas are awesome. 

That’s why you might need assistance in managing existing suppliers or finding new ones. Or maybe you will need someone who will manage shipments with complete logistics, and provide you with extra customization services.

In that case, we know exactly what you need a China sourcing agent! A specialist who represents the buyer importing products from China and is also the agent in China who exports.🤩

In this article, we will make a detailed review of one of the best China sourcing agents – Minden Sourcing. So, let’s see what they got for you! 


What is Minden Sourcing? 

minden intl is operated by Minden Intl Industry Co., Ltd. The company is based in Mainland China and has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

This company was a product sourcing agent at first, but after many requests from dropshipping sellers, it opened a dropshipping fulfillment center. Thus, it is one of the top product sourcing services.

Minden International has created a new and ground-breaking approach to make purchasing from China easier.

 For over 5 years, their expanding firm has been sourcing items and resolving logistical issues for their customers. The knowledge of export legislation and regulations, along with their expertise, has resulted in developing a single solution that delivers the correct product to the correct destination

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What Does Minden Sourcing Offer?

Minden Dropshipping center helps you deal with everything connected with the cost and logistics of ordering, shipping, and warehousing your products from China. So, they help you source and store products, pick and pack, and send them internationally!

As a one-stop dropshipping agent in China, they  assist you with:


Minden Sourcing assigns you a sourcing agent that can source and purchase your dropshipping products. Thus, it provides one of the top product sourcing services.

You can start sourcing for FREE at Minden Sourcing. You can send them the product image or link you want, and their sourcing specialist will start sourcing immediately, and quote you back in 2 working days.

Furthermore, free product testing can also be done in their China office, and they can verify your suppliers’ legitimacy and reliability. 


They store and warehouse your products in China for FREE.

Moreover, if you haven’t specified your dropshipping niche yet, Minden Sourcing can help you source products in China.


Minden Sourcing will manage your branding, by customizing product packaging, inserts, product logo, etc.

Quality Check

There’s a quality check done before every shipping, to make sure that the package will be sent in the perfect condition. The personal sourcing agent checks every ordered carton.

Moreover, if you are buying industrial products that are more delicate, Minden Sourcing can also connect you with a professional third-party inspection service.

Pick and Pack

The account manager will arrange to pick and pack in 24 hours with preordered inventory stored in their warehouse. As all orders are synced into their ERP system Dianxiaomi, you can access tracking information, and more.

Their pick and pack personnel can change the packaging of products, bundle different products in one package, insert cards, and more.


Minden Sourcing ships its products with multiple carriers like E-Packet, Yun Express, USPS, etc.  

The shipping usually takes 10-15 days for the parcel to arrive. Also, there are some limitations, like the maximum weight limit, which is 2kg, and it can be delivered only in 39 countries around the world.

They also ship through FedEx and DHL, but it takes more time, and it’s more expensive than ePacket.

Furthermore, they take large and small packages.

For example, in the past few years, a lot of Amazon sellers started from 20-50 pieces orders, with the help of Minden Sourcing service, they expanded their product categories and increased the order quantities. Agent

china sourcing websites is a major integrated domestic wholesale marketplace in China, specializing in a wide range of products such as drinks and food, packaging materials, shoes, electronics, furnishing materials, fashion, home décor, and general items. A variety of vendors, trade businesses, and wholesale manufacturers may also be found here. Also, it provides product sourcing services.

This marketplace is an Alibaba Group company, and many merchants on Alibaba Group’s China retail platforms source and purchase merchandise through

It is entirely in the Chinese language and focuses on the Chinese domestic market, making it impossible for non-Chinese speakers to purchase through

That is why Minden Sourcing offers you an experienced 1688 shopping agent that can do all the work and find the best suppliers for you.

They also provide you with a full guide on how to buy from

How does it work?

  1. You enter and use google translate to words in Chinese so you can search for products or use product picture sourcing.
  2. Record and copy products links and send the Minden Sourcing team the wish order list
  3. The Minden team confirms the price and quantity with suppliers, checks about in-country logistic costs, and sends you an invoice.
  4. Minden team order and collect the products into their warehouse after the customer’s payment checks quality and quantity, and gives you a note.
  5. Minden Sourcing plans the shipping according to customers’ requirements. 

Yiwu Market Agent

Yiwu Market Agent

Yiwu Market is the world’s largest wholesale market where you can shop for a variety of items in one location.

This market is made up of five separate areas that are linked together into one huge building. There are around 70, 000 stores in the market that showcase millions of products every year. Thus, it offers great product sourcing services.

Yiwu allows you to purchase a small quantity. But also, hundreds of goods can be mixed into a single container. Furthermore, they can usually deliver the purchase in 3-5 days, which is quick.

You can easily brand your products. Also, suppliers can assist you in branding your products, if you order smaller quantities. 

However, most of the suppliers don’t speak English, or they speak very basic, so it is tough to communicate. Therefore, dropshippers require agents to assist their work.

This is where the Minden Sourcing agent takes place!

Minden Sourcing helps you get the best suppliers, and also the best prices for the products you choose. They do all the work for you for a small commission ranging from 5% to 9%. 

Yiwu market agent carries all stuff from product sourcing, inspection, and warehousing to shipping. There are no kickbacks or hidden costs. 

How Does Minden Sourcing Dropshipping Center Work?

Minden Sourcing works as your dropshipping agent in China. Whether you are dropshipping with Aliexpress, Shopify,eBay, Amazon, etc., or you are looking for reliable suppliers for your dropshipping business, they are helping you with the whole logistics system.

So, how does it work?

  1. First, you connect your dropshipping store with their ERP called Dianxiaomi
  2. Your manufacturers sent the inventory to Minden Sourcing warehouse, or Minden Sourcing sources it for you
  3. Minden Sourcing stores the products until you receive orders
  4. They pick and pack products once you receive orders ( they also offer free standard shipping bags)
  5. Minden Sourcing ships the products to your customers on your behalf and sends you information with tracking numbers
  6. Invoice payment is at the end of each week, and the cost depends on the destination 

Minden Sourcing Pricing

Minden Sourcing offers three pricing plans, including product sourcing, buying from the suppliers, arranging payment to the suppliers, warehousing and quality checking of the products, free shipping OPP bags, number of products to start with, etc. 

Also, they have prices for Picking and Packing according to the number of pieces and parcels. Check it out!

minden sourcing pricing

Why choose Minden Sourcing Agent Instead Of Alibaba For Dropshipping?

As we all know, Alibaba is the largest marketplace in the world and the biggest eCommerce company in China. However, this doesn’t mean that you will get the best deals for your dropshipping business. That’s why Minden Sourcing offers a great alternative with their Agent.  

Why is better for dropshipping?

  •  1688 offers local Chinese prices, while Alibaba’s prices increase for foreign customers
  • If you want to take advantage of having suppliers that your rivals do not have, 1688 offers good suppliers who are not registered on Alibaba.
  • If you are searching for sub-suppliers for complicated items, 1688 is a wonderful alternative.
  • Alibaba customers find the mobile and desktop versions of to be confusing in terms of the user interface.
  • Alibaba suppliers mark up MOQs for international consumers more than for domestic customers, which is not the case with


Running a successful dropshipping business can be challenging because there are a lot of aspects you should focus on, including product sourcing services.

If you want success you need to master running your dropshipping store, advertising your business, managing customer relations, and managing your logistics and supplier relations.  All that can be overwhelming, but the bright side is that there’s always help! 

In this article, we provided you with a detailed review of one of the best China sourcing agents – Minden Sourcing

They help drophippers by managing shipments with complete logistics and providing them with extra customization services. Need help? Check them out!

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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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