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How To Become An Amazon Product Tester From Home? 

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Are you eager to get your hands on the latest Amazon products for free or at a discount? If so, you’re in the right place! In my latest blog article, “How To Become An Amazon Product Tester From Home,” I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of this exciting opportunity.

Discover what it means to be an Amazon product tester, especially through the coveted Amazon Vine program. 

Uncover the secrets to gaining an exclusive invitation and learn why your honest and detailed reviews are your ticket to this elite club.


What is An Amazon Product Tester?

how to become an amazon product tester from home

An Amazon product tester is an individual who participates in testing and reviewing products sold on Amazon. This process is typically associated with Amazon’s Vine program or other similar programs. 

So, Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program where trusted reviewers, often called Vine Voices, receive free or discounted products from sellers and manufacturers in exchange for honest and unbiased reviews.

Product testers can make some fast money, and at the same time, it’s a win for third-party Amazon sellers when these testers give positive feedback on their products.

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Can Anyone Be An Amazon Product Tester?

how to become an amazon product tester from home

Unfortunately, not just anyone can jump in and be an Amazon product tester. Thus, it’s kind of like an exclusive club where you need an invite. 

Amazon looks at things like how experienced and helpful you’ve been with your reviews before sending you an invite. Also, they want users who know their stuff and can share honest opinions. So, it’s not like a free-for-all, but more of a selective thing.

So, here’s a little advice from me if you want to get accepted:

  • When you’re leaving reviews, try to be really detailed and honest about each buy. Thus, make your own unique reviews instead of just repeating what others are saying. Also, keep in mind that Amazon usually picks folks with at least 100 reviews to join their special club, so start sharing your thoughts in-depth to increase your shot at getting invited.
  • Keep your reviews short and sweet. People like it when you get straight to the point. Also, for things like gadgets or pricey stuff, spill the beans on features, how it performs, the quality, and any downsides.
  • Be specific, none of that vague “I love it” stuff. That doesn’t really help others out. So, make sure you pop in some pics and videos with your reviews to make them stand out.
  • Remember, write your review for the customers thinking about buying, not to impress the seller. Share any questions or worries you had before getting the product.

Is Being An Amazon Product Tester Legit?

Amazon product tester through Amazon Vine is the most legitimate option. Hence, Amazon picks people, called Vine Voices, based on how helpful and experienced they are with reviews. You get free or discounted products in exchange for sharing your honest thoughts on Amazon.

But here’s the deal: be careful because not all product testing on Amazon is on the up and up. Sometimes sellers might hit you up directly, offering freebies for positive reviews, and that’s a no-go with Amazon rules.

If you’re into trying this out, go through the official channels like Amazon Vine. And seriously, stick to the rules. And, don’t risk your account by doing anything sketchy.

Just remember, legit programs want your real opinions – the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s what makes Amazon reviews helpful for everyone. 

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Now, let’s review the other legitimate options for becoming an Amazon product tester.👇

How To Become An Amazon Product Tester From Home?

1. Amazon Vine

amazon vine

Amazon Vine is a special program by invitation only, where Amazon selects reviewers to be “Vine Voices.” As a Vine Voice, you can get Amazon products for free, including new and pre-release items, and share your thoughts on them on Amazon. 

Also, reviews you leave as an Amazon Vine member will be marked with a special badge. 

However, keep in mind that Amazon values honest feedback, and you’re not required to give positive reviews. If your feedback is genuine and helpful, Amazon will keep sending you products. 

Nevertheless, Amazon doesn’t pay cash for being a product tester. So, to join Amazon Vine, you need to write detailed and thorough reviews of your Amazon purchases until Amazon notices and invites you.

To become a product tester with Amazon Vine, there are some criteria you need to meet:

  • Active Reviewer: You should have a track record of writing useful and detailed reviews of products on Amazon. Building a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy reviewer is essential.
  • Reviewer Rank: Amazon gives users a reviewer rank based on the quality and helpfulness of their reviews. Generally, those with higher reviewer ranks have a better chance of becoming Vine Voices.
  • Amazon Account: You must have a valid Amazon account in good standing, meaning you follow Amazon’s rules and guidelines.
  • Vine Voice Invitation: Amazon sends out invitations to potential Vine Voices based on their reviewer rank and the availability of spots in the program. Unfortunately, you can’t directly apply for the Vine program; it operates on an invitation-only basis.

2. Amazon Reviewer Sites

So, being a “Vine voicer” is not the only way when it comes to how to become an Amazon product tester from home. 

You can also participate in Amazon reviewer websites like Cashbackbase, Rebaid, Snagshout, and Vipon to write reviews in exchange for free or discounted Amazon products. These popular platforms help sellers gather feedback before launching products on Amazon.



Snagshout caters primarily to everyday shoppers, providing the most discounted products and best deals. This rebate site offers a diverse range of deals, from blankets to boots and everything in between. 

In a highly competitive market, Snagshout allows sellers to turn a profit without relying on PPC (pay-per-click). 



Vipon is a major player in the realm of Amazon rebate sites, delivering top-notch deals to its vast customer base. 

With millions of monthly shoppers, Vipon plays a pivotal role in helping Amazon sellers boost their sales ranking and profitability. 

What’s more, offering a whopping 45,000 new coupons daily, Vipon’s discounts range from 50% to 80% off, making it a compelling and popular choice for deal-seekers. 



Cashbackbase stands out as one of the top Amazon discount platforms, linking sellers with the best available deals on Amazon. 

However, it’s limited to three marketplaces: Amazon US, UK, and Italy. The platform ensures consumers get the finest deals, allowing them to shop for products at highly discounted prices. 

Also, sellers offer deals that customers can claim on the website, with Cashback charging a monthly subscription fee for its services.

3. Amazon Associates

amazon associates

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s official affiliate program, allowing members to earn a commission by referring customers to buy Amazon products. 

Hence, this way bloggers and content creators can make passive income by signing up with an attractive website, app, or established social media following. 

Therefore, if you want to become an Amazon associate, the process involves signing up, receiving a unique ID, creating affiliate links, and placing them on your blog or social media. 

Furthermore, commissions are paid 60 days after the end of the earning month. However, consider that while purchasing products isn’t necessary, it’s generally recommended not to recommend products you haven’t used.

4. Become an Influencer

If you’re an online influencer with a substantial following, you can earn money as an Amazon product tester by reviewing and recommending products.

For example, successful influencers like Stephen Smotherman have built a significant online presence around Amazon. 

how to become an amazon product tester from home

His successful website, podcasts, ebooks, and blogs are followed by thousands of people eager to get his latest tips on navigating the e-commerce world.

So, if you want to become an Amazon Product tester from home with influencing, you can join the Amazon influencer program or become a social media influencer

If you’ve built up a big following on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, you can become part of the Amazon Influencer Program. 

how to become an amazon product tester from home

Even though it might seem similar to the Amazon Associates program, the Influencer one gives you extra perks, like special marketing tools and your own personalized Amazon store

This custom store makes it simple for your followers to check out the products you recommend.

On the other hand, social media influencers can test and share Amazon products with their audience, earning compensation from brands

Therefore, joining influencer networks like Upfluence and YouTube BrandConnect can also connect you with relevant brand campaigns.

5. Join a Facebook Review Group

Another way to become an Amazon product tester from home is by joining Facebook Review Groups. These groups act as a platform for sellers and testers to exchange services. 

In fact, Facebook groups allow you to connect with like-minded reviewers and sellers in a specific dropshipping niche.

Thus, sellers approach reviewers offering discounts or freebies in exchange for positive reviews, sometimes providing a refund through PayPal

For example, one Facebook Amazon Reviewers Group (USA) helps you connect with reviewers and sellers in the USA.

how to become an amazon product tester from home

However, keep in mind that this differs from Amazon’s policies, but it’s challenging to trace.  Also, the downside is that some members may only be interested in free items and may post fake reviews, causing issues for sellers and buyers.

How Much Do Amazon Product Testers Make?

Well, first off, when it comes to earnings directly from the Amazon website, or as a Vine Voice, Amazon product testers typically don’t make money in the traditional sense. 

Instead, they receive free or discounted products in exchange for testing and providing honest feedback on those products. So, the compensation is in the form of receiving the item itself at a reduced cost or for free. 

However, here’s the deal! You can resell these products later on, on other platforms like eBay, for example. This way, you can earn some money. 

Furthermore, people testing Amazon products can earn from $100 in a month to millions of dollars in a year. Also, based on the latest research, the average hourly pay for an Amazon Product Tester in the US ranges between $36 to $38 per hour.

Also, these earnings as an Amazon product tester will likely come from partnerships with different companies, the Amazon Influencer Program, or Amazon Associates.

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How To Start Reviewing Products on Amazon? (My Process)

If you want to become an Amazon product tester from home, you must start reviewing products. Thus, here’s my step-by-step process of starting:

  • Step 1: Sign up on Amazon using your email. Connect your account to your email address. Choose the areas you know well as your favorites.
  • Step 2: Share your thoughts in reviews. The more you review what you buy, the more people will notice you. Also, don’t overload your profile with reviews, though. Hence, be brief and fair in your and share your own experience with the product.
  • Step 3: Review new products on Amazon. After posting your review, it may show up as one of the top five reviews that customers can vote on.
  • Step 4: Talk about your personal experience with the product. Share its pros and cons to guide others in deciding if it’s right for them.
  • Step 5: Check existing reviews. Also, remember that products with too many reviews may make it hard for others to see your opinion. On the other hand, products with fewer reviews make your thoughts more noticeable.
  • Step 6: Regularly update and improve your Amazon reviewer page. Make sure your details and favorite categories are there so sellers can easily find you.
  • Step 7: Include photos or videos and be as detailed as possible. This way, you can also increase your chances of joining Amazon Vine, and start writing reviews. 


In conclusion, this blog has walked you through the fascinating world of becoming an Amazon product tester from the comfort of your home. 

So, when it comes to how to become an Amazon product tester from home, I gave you valuable insights into the exclusive Amazon Vine Program, discussed its legitimacy, explored alternative options, learned about potential earnings, and received a step-by-step guide on starting your journey. 

Opinion-wise, the legitimacy of the Amazon Vine program makes it a reputable avenue for product testing. However, it’s essential to approach alternative methods cautiously and stick to ethical practices. 

Also, if you enjoy testing products and sharing your honest opinions, diving into the world of Amazon product testing can be a rewarding experience. Just remember to follow the rules, maintain transparency, and have fun discovering new products!

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