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Our founders with a passion for USA fashion noticed a gap in the industry and followed their passion to learn more. Taking trips to southern factories to further learn their craft, starting with first hand experience in knitting, dyeing, cutting and sewing. The saying, "It takes a village" has never been more true. Mentors from all different sectors of the industry, from styling to production and supply, taught our founder the ins and outs. Royal Apparel launched in the early 90s on a desk in the Garment District of Manhattan. The original team of two began growing, supplying private label premium knitwear to luxury stores, national fashion brands and leading retailers. By the end of the 90s, a vast majority of the fashion industry moved production overseas. With passion, determination, and sheer power of will, Royal Apparel stayed true to our DNA of our made in USA mission and never left.

Royal Apparel evolved with the times and expanded into the blank industry; creating and selling classic timeless pieces. Royal Apparel has become a leader in American-made and eco-friendly garment production in the country. Our garments are picked by top musicians / artists, wellness brands, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 corporations, tech industry, national parks, museums, breweries, wineries, restaurants, retail chains and more.

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  • Company is based in US
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$20 - $50


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