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Is DHGate Legit & Safe? Read The DHGate Review & Expert Tips
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If you want to buy from DHGate but doubt its safety, or whether is DHGate Legit, this blog article is for you!

DHGate is an online marketplace just like eBay, or AliExpress. However, there are lots of negative customer reviews about it. So, are they all real? 

In this article, we will walk you through DHGate Reviews insights. Plus, we will write about what to avoid and how to avoid getting scammed. Plus, we will give you tips on how to find reliable sellers. Let’s dive in!


What Is DHGate?

DHGate is a wholesale marketplace situated in Beijing, China.  Distinguishing itself from industry partners like Alibaba, Made in China, and Global Sources, DHGate focuses its efforts on enabling small wholesale orders tailored specifically to help eCommerce sellers. 

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Within DHGate’s expansive product catalog, you’ll discover remarkable quality. Thus, products are readily available and accompanied by crystal-clear minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements outlined in the product listings.

What’s more, regardless of whether you identify as a wholesaler or reseller, DHGate presents an abundance of products with affordable starting prices—some as low as $0.1.

Plus, to enhance user experience, DHGate extends support in multiple languages. So, you can engage effortlessly with their chat support team in English, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and more.

However, is DHGate Legit and Safe? Let’s see if everything is as bright as it seems! 

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Is DHGate Legit?

DHGate is definitely a legitimate platform. It serves over 46 million users from more than 223 countries. Plus, this online marketplace is #115 in the eCommerce & Shopping > Marketplace category and #2693 Globally according to Similarweb data

However, you need to consider that DHGate is actually a gate between vendors and suppliers. So, most of the legitimacy here is based on whether the supplier is legit, or not. 

And, that’s when you start asking Is DHGate legit? 

Unfortunately, some of the sellers are fake on the website and this is the biggest issue. Thus,  the trick is to know how to determine real and fake ones. 

Also, the extent to which your expectations are met can be an entirely different narrative. You might get a product from fake suppliers, but it might not be as you expect. 

In fact, upon closer examination of customer reviews, it becomes evident that nearly every complaint is targeted toward unscrupulous sellers operating within the platform, rather than DHGate itself.👇

Now, as we explained whether is DHGate legit, let’s see if it is DHGate legit and safe to use.

Is DHGate Safe?

You probably question the platform’s safety since you are looking at DHGate Reviews. For instance, Trustpilot, they have a ⭐ 1.8/5-star rating, which is really low

However, most of the comments are about specific suppliers or vendors. So, when you question whether is DHGate legit or safe, you should consider these facts.

➡ Returns & Refund Guarantee

Safety and security are essential when engaging in transactions on DHGate. So, with their feature “Returns & Refund Guarantee” infuses confidence in buyers by ensuring that if a purchased product fails to match its description, DHGate will guide you through your dispute.

➡ Buyer Protection Program

DHGate goes even further to safeguard buyers with its esteemed “Buyer Protection” program With this program in place, DHGate protects your funds until the entirety of your order is received. 

So, the seller is only paid for the goods once you receive the order. This eliminates any concerns related to fraudulent practices.

➡ Shipment Tracking

In addition to its financial safeguards, DHGate takes accountability to the next level. They track shipments and verify their successful delivery

Furthermore, in the event of any disputes concerning product quality, DHGate actively assists in their resolution.


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Why Do People Think DHGate Is A Scam And Has A Bad Reputation?

As we already mentioned, DHGate reviews show a bad reputation over different platforms. Thus, its rating goes from ⭐ 1.4 to 3.5 stars out of 5. So, that’s why many ask whether is DHGate legit. But, what’s the reason behind this? Let’s see!👇

➡ Different Standards Of Quality

DHGate serves customers worldwide. Thus, all of them have different requirements and standards for quality. 

Unfortunately, approximately 90% of DHGate’s sellers hail from China, where quality standards may differ from what buyers are accustomed to elsewhere.

For example, in the United States, each item undergoes a thorough quality control procedure before reaching the shelves.

On the contrary, DHGate sellers often aim to swiftly offload excess inventory at significant discounts. Therefore, extensive quality control measures are not typically conducted. 

➡ Fraudulent Sellers

It is important to acknowledge that negative reviews left by customers are often about dishonest sellers. These sellers may indulge in practices such as selling counterfeit goods or cheating customers by accepting payments without fulfilling orders.

Fraudulent sellers employ various strategies to deceive trustful buyers. Among these tactics, the creation of fabricated reviews or manipulation of product ratings stands out.

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➡ Negative Or Fake Customer Reviews

We can all see the fact that DHGate reviews are mostly bad. Plus, their rating on different sites is around ⭐ 1.5-2 stars out of 5. Thus, this is one reason for having a bad reputation.

However, some of these reviews can be fake. Thus, if you start digging you will realize that there are lots of reviews talking bad about sellers with 5-star ratings.  

Moreover, most users that go through DHGate reviews pay attention only to negative comments, and not positive ones.

As a result, in a concerted effort to combat fraudulent reviews, DHGate has implemented stringent regulations to detect and address any suspicious activities within the realm of customer feedback. 

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How To Buy From DHGate Safely And Prevent Getting Scammed

Shopping from DHGate is very easy. In fact, is the same as on all other marketplaces. Plus, we can see whether is DHGate legit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get scammed. Therefore, we will give you some tips for shopping safely. 

➡ Register to DHGate 

The first thing you need to do is register to DHGate. So, once you open their website, click on the button in the right upper corner (Sign in/ Join), then click on Join Free.👇

Next, you can join with your email address or Facebook account. And, the interesting part is that they give a $25 gift.

➡ Search For Products 

Furthermore, once you log in, you can start searching for products. So, you can use the search bar and type in any product name. Or, you can go through their extensive category menu, scroll down and find what you want.👇

Once you find it, you can navigate to the product page, and then click “ Add to Cart”. And, we stop here a little bit. 👇

➡ Examine The Seller

So, to secure your buying process, we recommend you examine the seller. So, the next thing we will do is navigate to the shopping cart. Here, click on the seller’s name.

Once you click here, you will be redirected to the seller’s page. Here, you can see the seller’s status, reviews, feedback, product quality, customer service, etc. 

Also, you should pay attention to the quality of their home page, like their logo, product categories, etc. For instance, good sellers organize their stores by adding logos, sorting products into categories, etc. 

As you can see from the example above, this seller might be a great catch. But, we will talk about this more below in this article. 

➡ Check Out Your Order

Now, if everything seems good for you, you can go back to the shopping cart and checkout your product.👇

Next, you need to enter your shipping address, and payment method, and then click “Pay Now”.👇

How To Find A Reliable Seller On DHgate (Our Tips)?

🔸 Check On The Seller’s Rating

As we already mentioned, instead of asking if Is DHGate legit, you must examine whether the DHGate seller is legit.

First things first, always check on Seller’s rating before buying. Therefore, you can check on positive and negative customer reviews. Plus, get information about product quality, delivery time, customer services, shipping charges, and more.👇

Plus, we advise you to choose sellers that have a rating of “Above average”.

Furthermore, you can also read customer comments, and check for photos of the product received.👇

🔸 Choose A Seller That Offers Only One Product Category 

Typically, professional sellers share a typical feature: they specialize in selling a specific type of product in their store. Thus, they are a one-product store

For example, this seller has a great rating, and 96.8% of comments are positive. Thus, they specialize in selling watches and have a single product category.

Professional sellers don’t offer a wide range of different items. If you examine the store reviews of well-established and successful suppliers on DHGate, you’ll notice that they focus on only a few product categories.

On the other hand, stores that sell numerous categories of goods tend to have a higher number of unhappy customers.

🔸 Choose A Seller That Is Confirmed By The Platform

DHGate provides a special program called Verified Supplier for sellers who ensure they are trustworthy and reliable. So, if you want to increase your chances of finding a trustworthy seller, look for those who have a Verified Supplier badge on their profile.

However, it’s important to remember that not all reputable sellers on DHGate are verified, and being a verified seller doesn’t guarantee perfection. 

Therefore, it’s still wise to conduct further research and read customer reviews before buying.

🔸 Seller That Has Real and High-Quality Product Photos

Professional sellers provide high-quality photos to customers. Plus they provide providing clear and in-depth descriptions, and outline transparent after-sales policies.

Therefore, it is crucial to look for high-resolution images that showcase the product from multiple angles. This way, you can identify any flaws or inconsistencies.

Moreover, a trustworthy seller will not provide vague product information or use unrealistic photos to pressure you into making a purchase.

🔸 Check If The Seller Owns A Warehouse

Typically, it is the larger sellers who opt to lease warehouses in multiple countries. These sellers often have a strategic vision for building a sustainable business over the long term. 

And, of course, they for sure are not a scam.

Overview Of DHGate Delivery Times

When it comes to DHGate, the majority of products are shipped from China through ePacket shipping. However, some DHGate sellers possess warehouses in the United States.

Why does this matter? Well, finding a seller with a local warehouse brings lots of benefits. Not only will your shipping costs dwindle or even disappear, but it also indicates that the seller sells a lot of products and is likely more dependable.

Now, here’s the tricky part: most sellers on DHGate don’t have local warehouses. This means that shipping times can vary widely, ranging from 2 weeks to a staggering 2 months for delivery. So, it’s crucial to check the delivery date for each product before placing your order.

What’s more, you can see that the delivery times depend on the shipping method you will choose.👇

Fortunately, DHGate has your back with its buyer protection program. Plus, tracking information usually appears on the shipping carrier’s website after 5, 7, or 10 business days, depending on the chosen shipping carrier.

Now, let’s delve into the logistics of it all. If DHGate sellers ship your goods using international express or special line services, you’ll have the luxury of checking real-time logistics info, like tracking your order.

However, if your items are sent through economic shipping methods like ePacket, there’s a chance that logistics information might not be updated.

Furthermore, if you receive defective goods or goods that don’t match the seller’s description, it’s advisable to reach out to the seller directly.

And if you can’t, simply click the “open a dispute” button on your order to initiate a return, request a replacement, or even secure a refund. Keep in mind that you can open a dispute within 90 days.

Overview Of DHGate Payment Methods

DHGate accepts various types of credit cards for payment, excluding Paypal. The accepted forms of payment on DHGate include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Union Pay, Maestro Card, and Bank Transfer.

What’s more, we recommend you pay with a credit card rather than through a bank transfer. Thus, paying by credit card provides the option to dispute the payment if DHGate’s buyer protection refund process takes too long.

Regardless of the payment method, as long as you make your payment on the DHGate platform, you are covered by buyer protection. 

Furthermore, when using a credit card, you have an extra layer of protection against fraudulent transactions. Therefore, there is no risk involved.


How To Cancel A DHGate Order?

If your order is not processed within 2 hours, then you can click on “ Cancel Order” from your “Orders” section.

However, if 2 hours have passed, you must summon the power of the “Request Refund” button and patiently await the seller’s response.

How To Use DHGate Buyer Protection?

Once you receive your DHGate order, you should inspect it carefully. Hence, if you see any deficiencies, you can react in a certain timeframe. 

Based on DHGate policy, the Buyer Protection covers you for 90 days. However, you can also contact the seller if you have any issues. 

Next, if there’s no response from the seller, you can open a dispute and apply for a refund.

Read the Return & Refund policy here.

What Items To Avoid On DHGate?

You should avoid buying branded products like Nike, Prada, Zara, Gucci, etc. On DHGate these are all fake.

Should You Shop On DHGate?

If you are not looking for high-quality products, and if you are chasing low prices, you can use DHGate. In contrast to AliExpress, DHGate is below this marketplace. 

Also, if you are not planning to start any long-term online business, you can try DHGate.

However, it is 100% safe to shop on the platform, but there’s poor, or no quality control at all.



DHGate is a legit and safe platform for purchasing products at affordable prices. It serves millions of users worldwide and offers a wide range of products with clear minimum order quantity requirements. 

Hence, while the legitimacy of DHGate relies on individual suppliers, the platform itself takes steps to ensure buyer safety.

In this article, we talked about DHGate safety and tips on how to avoid scams while using it. So, take your notes, and see if it fits your needs!