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Drop Ship Security Products: Top Self Defense Products & Dropshipping Suppliers
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Most drop ship security products that you’ll see on this list are on average 90% effective. 

Having said that, you have a pretty good shot at easily finding customers who live in more dangerous areas and helping them increase their chances of protecting themselves.

In addition, these self-defense products have and will sell profitably given that you create a bulletproof dropshipping marketing strategy and bring in the right kind of traffic.


Top 10 Dropship Security Products

If you want to dropship security products, you must ensure that they are at least practical, effective, and either compact or portable as well. 

Let’s explore this list of the 10 best self-defense products to dropship and examine how they meet these requirements.

1. Pepper Spray

pepper spray

Pepper spray is a convenient solution to fighting off stalkers and keeping your distance from someone. It’s easy to hold on to and effortless to use.

Given that it’s such a popular product, finding a pepper spray wholesale dropshipping supplier should be an easy task. 

Also, there are many unique shapes and forms of this product, so you can offer lots of options and easily brand your store around them.

  • Purchase cost: $3
  • Selling price: $15
  • Profit: $12

2. Self-Powered Outdoor Security Camera

outdoor security camera

How about a self-sustaining outdoor security camera that’s also waterproof and wireless? It’s the perfect self-defense product for your home.

This security camera can withstand both cold and cold weather. It can record in HD resolution and is easy to mount on the wall.

The camera also has a two-way voice intercom. It has a massive list of extra features and benefits that let you easily put a heftier price tag on it.

  • Purchase cost: $99
  • Selling price: $159
  • Profit: $60

3. Stun Guns

drop ship security products

If you want to become a stun gun dropshipper, you should know that the variety of different types of stun guns is huge. As a result, you’ll rarely have to risk copying another store or seller.

They come in all shapes and sizes and are some of the best drop ship security products you can sell.

Choosing the right type of stun gun can easily double your conversion rate in your store.

  • Purchase cost: $5
  • Selling price: $20
  • Profit: $15

4. Self-Defense Alarm Keychain

drop ship security products

If you live in a dangerous area where you might stumble upon robbers or stalkers, there’s nothing that says “get away from me” better than an ear-piercing alarm that quickly attracts attention.

This self-defense product is able to emit a sound that is as loud as a car horn. And yet, it’s super compact and can easily be on you at all times without it even being noticed.

Best of all, you can buy it for super cheap and enjoy high-profit margins due to its benefits.

  • Purchase cost: $2
  • Selling price: $16
  • Profit: $14

5. Tactical Self-Defense Pen

self-defense pen security

Aside from helping you do your dropshipping taxes, this pen can also help save your life. It’s virtually unbreakable and has a few tricks hidden away for special occasions. 

It can break glass, poke through various objects, and can be hidden in plain sight.

It’s the perfect portable self-defense product for drop ship that can easily hook your customers.

  • Purchase cost: $4.5
  • Selling price: $19 
  • Profit: $14.5

6. Safety Keychain

drop ship defense products

This discreet keychain may not look like it, but it can do some serious damage if you get hit by it.

It packs a wild punch, it can easily be carried around at all times, and it looks nothing like something that could fight off potential threats. 

The product costs a mere few dollars and you can easily sell it for $20 and earn yourself a nice profit. 

  • Purchase cost: $5
  • Selling price: $20
  • Profit: $15

7. Home Security Alarm

Home Security Alarm

Protecting your home is a crucial security measure that all homeowners should ensure.

Having said that, among the highest-selling drop ship security products are alarm systems for your home. 

Most customers understand that self-defense products like alarm systems are no joke.

As a result, they won’t mind paying a few extra bucks to ensure the safety of their home and family. 

Take this alarm system for example. It costs around $30 for you to purchase.

If you master branded dropshipping, you can easily sell it in your store for $100, or even more.

  • Purchase cost: $30
  • Selling price: $99
  • Profit: $69

8. Self-Defense Ring

dropship self-defense ring

These rings are sharp, durable, and extremely portable. They can easily make the difference between life and death. 

An amazing benefit that comes with them is that they are super cheap.

However, you can place premium prices on your store to instill that the product is of high quality, which it actually is. 

As a result, it entices more customers to purchase, knowing that this item could save their lives and that it’s not just some cheap gadget.

  • Purchase cost: $2.6
  • Selling price: $18
  • Profit: $15.4

9. Self-Defense Stinger

drop ship security Self-Defense Stinger

When you dropship security products like this self-defense stinger, it’s important to state how it can help customers. 

Well, this product is super compact, letting you easily take it out of your pockets and either break glass or use it to knock out your attacker.

Either way, this is an extremely useful product that costs about a dollar. You can price it somewhere near $10 and make a decent profit by selling as many as you can.

  • Purchase cost: $1.5
  • Selling price: $9.9
  • Profit: $8.4

10. Safety Whistle Necklace

drop ship security Whistle Necklace

These are special types of whistles that can emit extremely loud noises.

They are perfect for alerting someone to your rescue if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. 

The safety whistle necklace is a great security product to dropship as it can cost up to $4 and grant you around $10 of profit per item you sell.

  • Purchase cost: $3.5
  • Selling price: $14
  • Profit: $10.5

Top 6 Dropshipping Security Suppliers

Now that we’ve covered some of the best security products to dropship, let’s have a look at a few reputable suppliers that are going to supply you with those products.

1. Tenvellon

tenvellon security products

This supplier specializes exclusively in security products. They offer anything from outdoor security products, home security systems, self-defense products, smart home systems, and more. 

They often feature promo codes that give you rewarding discounts. Tenvellon also has its own order tracking system that lets you see where your packages are at all times. 

This is simply an amazing supplier to work with that has great products, excellent deals, and an amazing partner program that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Ships from: China
  • International shipping: Yes ✅

2. Cutting Edge Products Inc

drop ship cutting edge security products

This dropshipping security supplier has all the popular self-defense products that you may have come across during your research.

Bonus: To find winning products faster, consider using these chrome extensions for product research.

Learn more: The Ultimate Dropshipping Product Research Tutorial.

From different varieties of stun guns to alarm systems, and much more. 

Cutting Edge Products also works closely with popular brands in this field. They have outstanding support that you can reach at any time as well.

Overall, this is one of the most reliable drop ship security products suppliers out there. 

Ships from: USA

International shipping: Yes ✅

3. GauTone

GauTone  smart security

GauTone is one of the best dropshipping suppliers from China with plenty of products to offer.

This supplier deals mainly with home security products. They have a wide variety of different products to stock up your dropshipping store with.

If you’re really determined to drop ship security products, working with GauTone would be a smart decision.

  • Ships from: China
  • International shipping: Yes ✅

4. KA Swords

KA swords

This dropshipping supplier provides much more than just self-defense products.

While this is a huge category on their website, KA Swords also features outstanding medieval goods, ninja gear, daggers, and many other themed products.

The supplier is fully stocked with high-quality products that most sellers would be glad to include in their dropshipping store.

When it comes to amazing dropshipping suppliers in the USA, KA Swords is a perfect example to learn from.

  • Ships from: USA
  • International shipping: Yes ✅

5. Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring dropshipping

Out of all the dropshipping security suppliers we’ve seen here, this one has the widest variety of different self-defense products to choose from. 

In fact, they cover just about anything from home security to outdoor security products, personal self-defense products, and more.

The supplier has all the smartest security products currently trending. 

You’d be surprised by everything you will be able to find on their list of products. 

Ships from: China

International shipping: Yes ✅

6. Knife Import

knife import drop ship security products

Self-defense is just a single product category at Knife Import filled with a dozen pages of listed products.

This just goes to show how many exciting products this supplier has to work with. 

Knife Import is one of the leading dropship security products suppliers out there, offering tons of products, good prices, and a lot of reliability.

They also have excellent ratings as well and they work with popular and reputable brands too.

Find more knife dropshipping suppliers and top product ideas for this niche.

Ships from: USA

International shipping: Yes ✅

Where to Find More Security Products to Dropship?

If you want to discover even more self-defense products, you should visit our dropshipping supplier directory.

We’ve partnered with countless wholesale and dropshipping suppliers from all over the world.

You can find your ideal supplier for any type of eCommerce store, be it niche, general, or anything in between.


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