Top 7 Product Research Extensions For Shopify Dropshipping Stores


We all know that Chrome extensions are one of the handiest inventions in the internet age. When it comes to product research extensions for dropshipping, some of them can cut down wasting precious time in half.

So, which Chrome extensions for Shopify product research are we talking about? 🤔

You’ll find that out as you scan through the list below. Then, you can try all of these tools, as they can all make finding winning dropshipping products a breeze.

What Are Shopify Product Research Extensions?

Extensions for dropshipping product research are designed for one main purpose – to facilitate finding and importing products from dropshipping suppliers.

That’s basically it!

They are similar to Shopify dropshipping apps, as they make your job of selling online a whole lot easier.

However, it’s important to know that all Shopify product research extensions are not the same. Even though their main purpose is similar, they offer lots of different features.

For example, some extensions offer more crucial supplier information, others give you access to a personal assistant, third ones let you conduct an image search, and so on.

No need to worry, as we’ll cover all the important details and benefits that you can enjoy with the various product research extensions listed here.

7 Best Product Research Extensions for Your Shopify Store

You can browse through this list of some of the best extensions for dropshipping product research out there. 

Then, you can choose based on their features, pricing, and the overall benefits that you get to enjoy with each.


ecomhunt chrome extension

Ecomhunt is a simple dropshipping product research tool that lets you use an even simpler and more effective Chrome extension.

ecomhunt features

Once you learn how to use Ecomhunt and its extension, you will be able to quickly browse through winning dropshipping product posts on Facebook.

However, that’s not all this tool has to offer. The Ecomhunt extension also lets you spy on other Shopify dropshipping stores. 

All you have to do is visit the store of your choice and activate the extension. Then, it will show you what their best-selling products are, what Shopify apps they’re using, info about their suppliers, and much more.

Here, you can explore our ultimate list of the 10 best Shopify Tools for dropshipping stores.

Ecomhunt Extension Main Features:

  • Scan through viral dropshipping posts on FB
  • Scan through the most successful dropshipping ads on FB
  • Spy on Shopify dropshipping stores

Ecomhunt Pricing:

ecomhunt pricing

Ali Insider

aliinsider chrome extension

Ali Insider specializes in facilitating AliExpress dropshipping by scanning through the platform’s massive data in an instant. Not only that, but it also shows you crucial data you wouldn’t be able to get access to otherwise.

It’s one of the most useful product research extensions given that there are countless products to choose from on AliExpress.

This extension has over 30.000 users and has gotten mainly positive reviews. 

That’s totally understandable given that it has so much value to offer. 

For example, Ali Insider takes AliExpress and turns it into a waterfall of critical sales data. 

It tells you how well each product is doing. It shows daily sales statistics, when a product was first added to AliExpress, logistics information, supplier information, even competitor analytics, and so much more. 

Ali Insider Extension Main Features:

Ali Insider Pricing:

You can use the Ali Insider product research extension for free without having to create an account. In addition, they offer one more plan that costs $19.95 per month.

The main differences between the free Ali Insider plan and the paid plan are a few limitations on how many AliExpress products you can look at and analyze.


Oberlo is another dropshipping tool that is exclusive to AliExpress and Shopify. It connects the two platforms and makes it easier to import countless products.

However, that’s not all Oberlo can do. Another helpful perk that this dropshipping extension offers is elegantly displaying product information on the search page of AliExpress.

Important News: Oberlo is shutting down! Here are the best Oberlo Alternatives. Check our personal favorite and start selling in 5 minutes with an all-in-one platform.

oberlo product research extension

Once you find a product you think will sell well, all you have to do is hover over the product listing and click on the blue “Add to Oberlo” button that pops up.

Oberlo Extension Main Features:

  • One-click product importing
  • Bulk product importing and editing
  • Displays important product information

Oberlo Pricing:

Using the Oberlo product research extension for your dropshipping store is completely free.

Koala Inspector

koala inspector product research

Koala Inspector is a dropshipping store spy extension that already has over 90.000 users taking advantage of its features. 

Once you’ve installed the Koala Inspector Chrome extension, you can visit any Shopify store and activate it.

Then, it instantly shows you crucial data such as their ad campaigns that are bringing in the most sales, their most successful products, supplier data, which Shopify theme they’re using, and more.

Koala Inspector Extension Main Features:

  • View other stores’ product information
  • Look at supplier data
  • Analyze their Shopify store’s structure
  • See how many monthly visitors they have

Koala Inspector Pricing:

koala inspector pricing

Sale Source

solesource chrome extension

Sale Source can scan AliExpress product pages and any store for important details and insights that you can leverage. It’s a similar platform to Koala Inspector with a few changes here and there.

For example, Sale Source has an elegant dashboard that displays the status of countless products and seller scores that let you know which suppliers are reliable so that you can avoid getting more dropshipping returns.

In addition, the platform offers a free trial and you can even book a demo to see how it performs. It has over 65.000 users and is now compatible with eBay and WooCommerce stores in addition to Shopify.

Sale Source Main Features:

  • Shopify merchant research
  • Product research and data analysis
  • Shopify app analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Search for and download product images and videos

Sale Source Pricing:

sole sourcing pricing


thieve dropshipping products

Thieve is another AliExpress product research extension that you can use to find better products to sell. 

It’s used by nearly half a million members and offers a wide range of different tools you can benefit from.

For example, the Thieve product research extension lets you know which suppliers are best to work with, which products will sell well, it lets you search with images, determine the trustworthiness of a product and supplier, and so much more.

Thieve Extension Main Features:

Thieve Pricing:

Thieve lets you try their service completely free for a while. However, after the trial period, you have to choose between two of their paid monthly plans. 

This includes:

  • $29 per month
  • $99 per month

Shopify Hunt

shopify hunt product research extension

Shopify Hunt is a tool created by the popular product research tool company Find Niche. It’s a free Chrome extension that you can use to spy on Shopify dropshipping competitors. 

The tool immediately recognizes which stores are created on Shopify and which aren’t. Then, it displays a list of crucial data that you can use to either imitate or beat your competitors.

The extension itself is free but you can also choose to subscribe to one of their paid plans.  This way, you will get access to even more data and other extremely beneficial features.

Shopify Hunt Extension Main Features:

  • View product information 
  • Automatically detect Shopify stores
  • A great product filtering system
  • Easily import and export CSV files

Shopify Hunt Pricing:

It’s a free extension that you can use to spy on some of the biggest Shopify stores out there. 

There are also a few paid planes that remove product listing limits and offer access to more features.

shopify hunt pricing


Most of the Chrome product research extensions you’ve seen here only work with Shopify stores. So, if you’re doing Wix dropshipping or WooCommerce dropshipping, keep in mind that some of them may not work.

In addition to our best chrome extensions, you should consider exploring the dedicated list of the best adspy tools.

In any case, make sure to choose which one you like best and take advantage of the wonderful benefits these tools have to offer.

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