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Adoric Review: Boost Sales & Engagement Using Best Strategies
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Want to engage with your customers, or deliver better customer service? Or do you want to increase your dropshipping sales? Well, stop at this Adoric Review, because I am about to give you a solution.

In this article, I’ll delve into Adoric’s features, exploring how it tackles challenges like cart abandonment and bounce rates. 

From personalized pop-ups and sliders to a Falling Gifts Game that boosts conversions, Adoric offers a toolkit for success. 

I’ll navigate through its key features, user-friendly design editor, and unique Multi-Step Campaigns. Whether you’re a dropshipper or an e-commerce enthusiast, discover why Adoric stands out in the crowded market. Let’s elevate your marketing game with Adoric!


What Is Adoric?

adoric review

Adoric is a real-time customer engagement software designed to help you fully understand your customers by generating insights through behavioral reports.

These insights are used to create and implement effective strategies to improve the users’ conversion rate and drive your business forward.

It enables you to communicate with your customers on a personal level, reduces cart abandonment, and increases user engagement, along with revenues. 

Moreover, you can rapidly get more subscribers, collect more leads, and expand your mailing list

You can also use any of Adoric’s professionally designed, high-converting templates or apply your website’s branding to your selected templates.

With Adoric, you have a complete and clear understanding of what empowers your customers to perform the users’ desired actions, whether it’s purchasing a product, subscribing to a service, or sharing marketing materials with their circle of friends and loved ones.

In fact, you can use this tool in many ways for your marketing purposes. Thus, from creating bigger email lists to reducing cart abandonment to growing your leads to promoting your content and more. 

So, let’s dive into my Adoric Review!

Quick Adoric Review


The best

  • Target your popups based on user behaviour, events, history,etc.
  • Easy to use and customize with their drag-and-drop builder feature
  • Make informed decision thanks to their insightful analytics
  • Test different variations of popups with A/B testing
  • Various Integrations with marketing tools and ecommerce platforms
  • Effective strategies for decreasing cart abandonment and welcoming new and returning customers
  • Great Customer Support

The worst

  • Their blog lacks of information
  • Bugs and Crashes may occur while using the app
  • Lack of more interaction icons
  • Lack of more image variants and templates

Starting from

  • Shopify Stores – Pricing based on number of orders; starting at $9.99/month for 0-50, up to $399.9/month for 5K-10K orders; All Websites- Free – $0/month; Basic $9/month; Essentials -$29/month

Why Use Adoric For Your Ecommerce & Dropshipping Business?

So, why do I use Adoric, and why do I recommend it to other dropshippers? Let’s see!

✅ Navigating the Online Landscape & Keeping Visitors Engaged

Ever heard terms like abandonment, bounce rate, and dwell time thrown around when talking about websites? Well, let’s talk about ways to tackle these issues head-on. 

Want users to stick around longer? Try testing out different perks like exclusive content, sales incentives, or subscription models for a diverse audience. 

Trust me; you’ll learn how to change minds at the last moment and boost conversions. And when it comes to exit-intent popups, Adoric has got the science down pat for creating the best ones effortlessly.

✅ Segment Your Audience & Analyze

Some companies see their websites as more than just sales platforms – they’re information hubs. 

So, to create accurate user journeys, segment your audience, analyze behavior, and keep tweaking those popup elements without messing up the user experience.  Thankfully you can do this segmentation with Adoric.

Done right, popups can seriously up your revenue per user. Stick to the right principles and keep testing to find what works best.

✅ Boost Your Conversions With Personalization And Great Design

Want to skyrocket your user value? Follow my advice: Personalization + Great Design = Conversion. 

Adoric makes it easy to personalize your user experience with features like event tracking, user behavior analysis, geo-location targeting, and more.

Also, when it comes to design, Adoric offers templates from professional designers, a drag-and-drop editor for ultimate flexibility, and a treasure trove of graphic elements. 

Trust me, integrating these features into your testing routine will take your success to the next level.


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Adoric Review: Key Features

🔸 Free Templates

With Adoric, you can easily start a campaign within minutes, without the need to worry much about the design aspect.

The templates offered are stylish and straightforward, suitable for various campaign types such as pop-ups, slide-ins, and sticky bars.

To help you find the perfect design for your campaign, Adoric’s templates are categorized into three groups: Layouts, Campaign goals, and Events.

Additionally, filter templates based on content/product promotion, user notification, user support, cart abandonment recovery, product recommendation, social shares, and more.

adoric review

 Alternatively, create unique designs from scratch using our drag-and-drop editor.

Let’s explore how each category works and the best way to utilize them.


Layout templates come in three types:

  • Pop-up box
  • Slider
  • Sticky Bar

➡ Pop-up Box

adoric review

Adoric provides a variety of well-crafted, high-converting pop-ups, perfect for boosting conversions and sales.

Regardless of your campaign goal, Adoric has a pop-up box template to meet your needs. 

For instance, if you recently launched an app and want more visitors to download it, Adoric’s pop-up box can be very helpful.

➡ Sliders

If you aim to capture your visitors’ emails without causing annoyance, Adoric’s pre-designed sliders are the perfect solution.

Moreover, Adoric allows you to place sliders wherever you prefer on your web pages. 

For example, position them at the bottom-left corner or choose from nine other positioning options. 

➡ Sticky Bar

sticky bar

Similar to sliders, sticky bars are noticeable yet less intrusive and annoying due to their sticky nature.

By default, sticky bars are placed at the top of web pages. However, Adoric allows you to position them at the top, center, or bottom of your webpage as per your preference.

➡ Campaign Goals

campaign goal

Adoric enables you to filter templates based on your specific campaign goals. Thus, you can check this in the “Inspiration” section on their website.

For instance, if you want to grow your leads, Adoric’s filter feature helps you find templates created for this purpose.

➡ Events


Adoric offers a variety of event-specific templates for occasions like Black Fridays and Christmas.

🔸 Falling Gifts Game

The next feature I will discuss in this Adoric review is a must if you want to boost sales.

It is an engaging activity where users can snag coupon gifts by clicking on falling gift boxes. 

This game offers a distinct eCommerce solution crafted to speed up the growth of your store’s email list and enhance customer interaction. 

So, by using interactive popups, you can present discount codes, special deals, and more.

For example, you can showcase your special promotions such as Christmas discounts or Black Friday to give your sales a boost. 

falling gifts feature

Furthermore, Adoric provides user-friendly templates, allowing you to tailor the layout to your store. 

gifts template

This means you can choose the perfect color, font, and background, modify text, and adjust the game display rules effortlessly.

edit text

Thus, creating this game is a breeze, following three simple steps:

  • Choose a template: Select a template from our extensive library.
  • Create a coupon: Generate your coupon and set its value.
  • Publish the popup: Click to publish the popup and kickstart the growth of your sales.
create popup

Moreover, as highlighted on their website, the falling gift game popup boasts a remarkable 30% increase in conversion rates compared to traditional popups. 

But wait, there’s more! Adoric offers additional features like spin-to-win wheels, customer coupon offerings, exit-intent popups, and a free shipping bar

Also, you can personalize, tweak, and make it uniquely yours using our user-friendly design editor.

🔸 Product Recommendation

Let’s dive into another great aspect of Adoric Review – Product Recommendations! I find this feature simply fantastic.

First off, you can grab the attention of new visitors easily. Adoric allows you to showcase top-selling and most-viewed products right on your homepage, helping first-time visitors understand what you offer.

Additionally, you can suggest frequently bought-together products on specific product or category pages. 

frequently bought items

Also, the Upsell and Cross-selling feature is a personal favorite of mine. It lets me present extra product offers to shoppers who have added items to their carts

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You can even show customers items they recently viewed, nudging them to make a purchase.

Adoric also lets you add countdown timers for urgency. So, you have the flexibility to choose how the countdown is displayed, whether in days, hours, minutes, or seconds.

countdown timer

What’s more, their no-code recommendation engine allows you to design your layout just the way you want it. 

So, you can set headings, rearrange elements, and with a simple click on “publish,” you’re good to go.

And there’s more! Adoric’s filters enable your customers to sort products based on various factors like price, collections, type, title, stock quantity, etc. 

Lastly, this feature also provides insights into the products shoppers are checking out, allowing you to track metrics such as impressions, clicks, direct and assisted sales, and more.

campaign analytics

🔸 Grow Your Email List

email list

You can boost your email list using Adoric’s special tool. This feature provides ready-made forms for emails, helping you gather more leads, increase subscribers, and expand your mailing list. 

Plus, you have access to a bunch of templates that are great at converting, and you can tweak them with the easy drag-and-drop editor.

edit email list

Moreover, you get to display personalized offers to users at just the right moments using triggers like time frames, mouse clicks, page scrolls, custom events, and exit intents

And here’s the kicker – you can add different info fields to your forms, like emails, phone numbers, addresses, and even birthdays.

form field adoric dashboard

What’s even better is the A/B testing feature. With Adoric, you can easily make different versions of your campaign and find out which one works best.

🔸 Targeting Feature

Now in my Adoric Review, let’s talk about the Targeting Feature. This awesome tool lets you deliver the perfect message to the right audience at the perfect time. 

It’s excellent for catching the attention of users who might leave your site.

cart abandonment adoric dashboard

You can aim your popups at users about to exit using events like exit intent, mouse clicks, page scrolls, custom events, and time frames.

Also, it’s all about getting your message to the right people when they need it.

🔸 The Drag-And-Drop Builder

drag and drop builder adoric dashboard

Adoric’s drag-and-drop builder is loaded with over 10,000 free graphic elements to enhance your campaigns and captivate your audience. 

In fact, Adoric knows that a visually appealing campaign increases the chances of turning visitors into customers. Therefore, there are no hidden fees involved.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of these elements and discover how you can use them to elevate your designs.

➡ GIFs

adoric review

On Adoric, you have access to millions of GIFs from GIPHY right in Adoric’s design editor and use them creatively in your campaign designs.

➡ Illustrations

adoric dashboard

Next up, Illustrations. Did you know that incorporating illustrations into your marketing strategy can set your brand apart?

Adoric’s design editor offers a variety of illustrative elements to make your popups, sticky bars, or sliders attention-grabbing.

➡ Icons

Icons are another powerful visual tool in your marketing arsenal, and Adoric provides numerous carefully crafted, free icons. 

Thus, you can get creative with icons to describe product features, offer guidance, create eye-catching call-to-action buttons, or drive traffic to your social media pages.

➡ Emoticons

Lastly, in the features section of my Adoric Review, let’s talk about Emoticons. These graphic icons aren’t just for expressing emotions; they can enhance your marketing campaigns.

adoric review

So, with Adoric emoticons, you can personalize your campaigns, add fun and humor to your messaging, or spark curiosity. 

Hence, Adoric has a diverse collection of emoticons to help you convey any emotion you want in your campaigns. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

In my opinion, Adoric’s drag-and-drop builder is a treasure trove of free graphic elements that can transform your campaigns and engage your audience effectively.

However, let’s see what’s next on my Adoric Review.

🔸 Multi-Step Campaign

adoric dashboard

The Multi-Step Campaign feature is pretty awesome for getting more info from your visitors without making things complicated. This is the next cool thing I’m covering in this Adoric Review.

Adoric takes the game up a notch with multi-step campaigns, and here’s what you can do:

First off, you can segment your audience. Imagine you’re offering online courses, and you want to split your visitors into two groups:

Your form could look something like this.👇

When visitors click on any button, they get sent to a different form. This way, you build separate mailing lists based on what your visitors are into.

Then, there’s the option to Create Effective Lead Magnets.

Hence, maybe you want to show a “Thank you” message after someone downloads your free ebook. With Adoric’s multi-step feature, you can do just that. Or, if you prefer, redirect visitors to another form after they grab your freebie.

And don’t forget about Breaking up Long Forms

Thus, if you’re selling something like insurance and need lots of info from your visitors, don’t use a super long form like this.

With Adoric’s multi-step magic, you can make things smoother for your visitors and still gather the details you need. 

🔸 Adoric Integrations

Adoric integrates with multiple ecommerce platforms and marketing apps. Thus, here’s a list of Adoric integrations: 

  • Shopify
  • MailChimp
  • SalesForce
  • Hubspot
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Bronto
  • SendinBlue
  • Klaviyo
  • Webhooks
  • Active Trail
  • Inwise
  • LeadPages 
  • Zapier 

🔸 Adoric Customer Support

The platform also offers a Help Desk to its users and gives guides on multiple topics related to how to use the app and its features.

Also, Adoric has a blog writing on various marketing, ecommerce, Shopify, and business topics.

Plus, you can get in touch with the Adoric team via email, by filling out a form through their website.

How To Use Adoric As A Dropshipper or Ecommerce Store Owner? (My Process)

So, if you want to start using Adoric as your dropshipping marketing tool, the first thing you need to do is create an account.

Thus, navigate to the Adoric homepage, and click on the sign up free” button. 👇


Accordingly, you can sign up with your Google account, Email, Facebook, or Shopify account. Therefore, choose whatever option suits you best.👇

create account on Adoric app

Hence, here you will go through several questions provided by Adoric, like what is your role, how do you want to work with Adoric, your store URL, etc. 👇

fill out form

Thus, once you enter all the necessary information, you can access the Adoric dashboard

So, once you are here, you can start your campaign. So, click on the “+” icon on the right side.👇

adoric review

Next, you need to choose the type of campaign you want to run. Thus, each of the Adoric options suits different dropshipping business goals. 

choose type of campaign

Thus, in this Adoric Review, I will choose the first option “Product Recommendations”, since that is what best suits my business goal now. I will simply click on the specific category.

In this section, I can choose from various ready-to-go recommendation strategies to showcase my products, like showing best-selling products, recently viewed products, bought-together products, etc. 

adoric review

Not only that, but you can search for marketing tactics based on product pages as well.

So, whenever option you choose, you can easily customize it and personalize it based on your business goals, using their pre-made templates and drag-and-drop editor. 

adoric review

So, it is like that – an easy breeze. Just follow a few steps, choosing a goal, choosing a template, and editing and customizing the template however you want. 

Hence, it is simple for every type of campaign you choose, whether is an email listing, product recommendations, or the cart abandonment option.

 Once you are done, click on “publish”.

Adoric Review: Pricing 

Adoric pricing is divided into two pricing tiers: for Shopify users, and other websites. 

So, when it comes to Shopify Stores, the pricing starts at $9.90/month, for stores with 0-50 orders. Also, the pricing goes up to $399.99/ month.

Adoric pricing plans

In fact, as the order number grows, so does the pricing. For example, the pricing for 51-100 number of orders will be $17.99/month. 

pricing options

Also, keep in mind that each pricing option includes all Adoric features, and all of them have a 14-day free trial. 

On the other hand, the All Websites tier, has three pricing options, starting from FREE to $29/month.

all website adoric

Adoric Pros & Cons

Target your popups based on user behaviour, events, history,etc.

Easy to use and customize with their drag-and-drop builder feature

Make informed decision thanks to their insightful analytics

Test different variations of popups with A/B testing

Various Integrations with marketing tools and ecommerce platforms

Effective strategies for decreasing cart abandonment and welcoming new and returning customers

Great Customer Support

Their blog lacks of information

Bugs and Crashes may occur while using the app

Lack of more interaction icons

Lack of more image variants

Adoric Alternatives

Next in this Adoric Review, I will list Adoric Alternatives. However, keep in mind that both of the alternatives have a much lower satisfaction rate by users compared to Adoric. 

For instance, Adoric user satisfaction on SaasWorthy results is 5/5, while FreshMarketer is 4.3/5.

adoric vs freshmarketer

SE Ranking

se ranking

SE Ranking is a comprehensive SEO and online marketing platform that operates in the cloud. Trusted by over 40,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and 4,000 agencies globally, it provides a range of SEO tools commonly used by experts to optimize websites for search engines. 


  • Suggesting keywords
  • Checking website rankings
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Conducting SEO audits
  • Improve sales results, all conveniently accessible in a user-friendly interface
  • Precise ranking results across multiple search engines, 
  • Advanced keyword analysis
  • Grouping keywords, revealing the specific page on your website that ranks
  • Tracking Google Local and map results, etc. 


freshmarketer homepage website

FreshMarketer is a marketing automation software developed by Freshworks. 

It’s ideal for marketing teams aiming to provide more personalized customer experiences and strengthen the collaboration between marketing and sales.


  • Elevate your marketing strategies by creating unique buyer experiences. 
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Behavioral targeting
  •  Personalization 
  • Insights into customer behavior, enabling you to segment customers based on their actions and run personalized campaigns.
  • Self-serve landing page builder
  • Native Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools 

With its powerful automation tools, FreshMarketer simplifies engagement for fast-paced teams throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention. 

You can automate conversations using AI chatbots integrated as chat widgets on your website and instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.



In my opinion, Adoric is a must-have for any dropshipper or e-commerce enthusiast looking to elevate their online presence. 

Through personalized campaigns using pop-ups, sliders, and the engaging Falling Gifts Game, Adoric transforms casual visitors into devoted customers. 

The Multi-Step Campaigns feature is a game-changer, allowing businesses to effortlessly gather crucial customer information while optimizing lead generation. 

The drag-and-drop builder, accompanied by an extensive graphic element library, injects visual appeal into campaigns, ensuring heightened conversion rates. 

With features like Product Recommendations, Email List Growth, and precise Targeting, Adoric proves to be a versatile ally in the fiercely competitive online landscape. Also, its seamless integration with popular platforms and user-friendly interface makes it accessible to everyone.

 From my perspective, Adoric isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic partner propelling your business toward sustained growth and success. So, embrace Adoric and redefine your e-commerce journey.

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