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Zipchat AI Review: The Future of Ecommerce Sales?

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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Customers have questions, especially those who are interested in your products.

Some questions are answered by your marketing, but over 53% of visitors leave your site without buying because they have last-minute doubts that aren’t addressed quickly enough.

Quickly” means different things to different people. With attention spans getting shorter, you need to address concerns promptly. A few minutes delay could cost you sales and profits.

This is where AI Agents, particularly Zipchat AI Chatbot for ecommerce, become crucial in the e-commerce world.

In this Zipchat AI Chatbot review, we will explore how they created a solution that helps e-commerce companies boost their sales, shorten the buying journey, automate support, and gain valuable and actionable AI insights.


Quick Zipchat AI Review


The best

  • Simple setup
  • Self-training AI
  • One solution to sell more, automate support, and gain insights
  • Active 24/7 in 95+ languages
  • Low maintenance needed
  • High chat conversion rates
  • Free trial with immediate results
  • Unlimited users
  • Super active and fast support

The worst

  • Stats need improvement
  • Fully automates chat, no human takeover option
  • Manual corrections are still necessary
  • Limits on how many stores you can install it on under the same license, depending on the plan

Starting from

  • Starter- $49/month; Growth – $129/month; Pro- $249/month; Scale- $499/month

Build your dropshipping business with the right guidence

In just 7 days you will have everything you need to start & scale a life-changing dropshipping brand

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What is Zipchat AI?

zipchat ai website screenshot

Zipchat AI is an AI chatbot built specifically for e-commerce. It proactively engages customers based on their behavior, starting conversations to understand their doubts and suggest the right products.

But that’s just the beginning. Its AI agent can automate up to 92% of your customer service conversations, providing order information and explaining your store policies.

Zipchat AI focuses on three main areas:

Boosting Sales: The average chat conversion rate (number of AI-automated chats converting into a sale) on Zipchat is over 14.3%, with some brands seeing rates above 30% – that’s 1 in every 3 chats turning into a sale.

Automating Support: Customer support is crucial for every business, especially in e-commerce. Customers have many questions, and their satisfaction depends on the speed and quality of the replies and solutions they receive.

AI Insights: Each conversation provides valuable insights from your customers. You can learn what they ask, the doubts they have, and any UX issues they encounter.

Who is Working With Zipchat AI According to Zipchat Reviews?

Looking at Zipchat AI Chatbot reviews on the Shopify App Store, it’s clear they work with a wide range of businesses, from small dropshipping stores to large international brands with extensive operations.

So, notable brands using Zipchat AI include:

  • Police
  • Jackery
  • B-Exit
  • Hike Footwear

Additionally, many smaller stores, both dropshipping and otherwise, also benefit from their service.

What’s interesting is that different brands highlight different advantages in their reviews. Some rave about a significant boost in sales, while others emphasize the automation capabilities of the AI, which handles support in multiple languages.

This saves time and money while giving users a better customer experience.

police ecommerce website using zipchat ai

Why Adding a Chat To your Ecommerce is Crucial?

Customers often have last-minute doubts.

In fashion, these doubts are usually about sizing, while in tech, they might be about product compatibility with their devices.

These last-minute doubts often lead to lost sales.

Customers don’t have the time or interest to search through FAQs (which are often too generic) and definitely don’t want to open a ticket or call a toll-free number.

According to Forrester, over 53% of people abandon their purchase because they can’t get their doubts answered quickly enough.

The easiest and fastest way to solve this problem is by adding a chat feature to increase both customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

AI Chatbot for Ecommerce: Live Agents vs AI Agent – What’s better?

Before diving into a detailed Zipchat AI review, let’s first understand the landscape in which Zipchat AI operates.

Zipchat AI is a game-changer compared to the traditional live chats found on most websites today.

Live chats were a great innovation because customers want fast replies and immediate solutions. They don’t want to open a support ticket for every question they have.

However, live chats have some limitations:

🛑 To be efficient, you need agents who can reply in under 30 seconds, 24/7/365.

🛑 You need to speak multiple languages. This is crucial not just for international sales. Expats living in different countries create audiences speaking various languages, and you want to provide them with a great experience too.

🛑 To address these needs, you have to build a large team. This team must be hired, trained, and managed. It might seem manageable if you run a small store and handle support yourself, but it becomes overwhelming as you scale.

🛑 Costs: Managing a team involves multiple costs, including salaries, bonuses, and the complexity of team management.

This is where AI comes into play.

Zipchat AI solves all these issues. Its AI Chatbot is available on your site 24/7/365 and can handle thousands of conversations simultaneously on different topics.

It can manage these conversations in over 95 languages and respond to every question in less than 2 seconds, providing immediate feedback to the customer.

With Zipchat AI, you don’t need to complicate your organization.

Zipchat AI Review – Main Features

Let’s dive into Zipchat AI to discover why many call it the best AI Chatbot for e-commerce.

I was genuinely impressed with its capabilities. While AI has only recently become mainstream, many products are just basic ChatGPT wrappers.

Zipchat AI is different; it’s specifically designed for e-commerce.

It also works with non-Shopify websites and stores, including Magento, WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and any custom CMS.

For simplicity, we’ll focus on the Shopify ecosystem here, as you can install the app with just one click.

Now, let’s explore its features.

Self AI Training

As soon as you install Zipchat AI on your store, all your pages, products, and collections are automatically imported into your knowledge base.

The knowledge base is the brain of your account. When the AI crafts replies, asks questions, or recommends products, it pulls information from here.

Once everything is synced, the AI Agent is ready to work its magic, responding to queries immediately.

To enhance its performance, Zipchat AI recommends adding extra materials through PDFs, external links, and sitemaps. This gives the AI more context, which is especially helpful if your product pages lack details or if you have many similar products.

zipchat ai upload options

Chat Instructions

This is one of the most important features of Zipchat AI.

It lets you control the conversation style and how the AI responds in different situations.

You can train it to ask specific questions before recommending a product or to use a certain tone of voice.

There are many use cases for this.

For example, a skincare brand might start by asking, “What’s your age and skin type?” Based on the answer, the AI can guide the conversation to suggest the best products or product lines.

zipchat AI instructions and help desk

Proactive Chat

You can set up unlimited proactive chats with Zipchat AI. Depending on your strategy, you can have a general popup appear on any website page, saying something like:

Hey, I’m here to help you today. Feel free to ask me anything you want.

Then, you can set up a second proactive chat to appear on every product page if the visitor has been there for more than 30 seconds without adding to the cart:

Hey, need some help with [PRODUCT NAME]? I’m a big fan of [PRODUCT NAME] and can answer any questions about it.

Or on the cart/checkout page, you can trigger a popup after 40 seconds if the customer hasn’t proceeded:

Hey, do you need some help finalizing your purchase?

You can also decide to offer a coupon code based on their answer or immediately.

The possibilities are endless; you can choose the strategy that suits you best.

zipchat AI example of the chat in action


You can monitor every conversation in Zipchat AI and, if needed, decide that some AI replies are not up to your standards.

No worries.

Just click on “create a correction” and provide a better response.

Next time a similar conversation occurs, the AI will use your correction from the knowledge base to craft a better reply.

Zipchat AI recommends spending about 10 minutes a day reviewing conversations and making corrections during the first few weeks.

This will help the AI perform like your best sales agent.

train zipchat AI

Fully Customizable to your Brand/Store

Customize the chat interface to fit your brand.

You can change the chat colors, add a profile image, and personalize the first message however you like.

You can also add pre-configured chat starters to make it easier for people to start a conversation.

1-Click Installation

You can install Zipchat AI on your store in just a few clicks.

In less than 10 minutes, Zipchat AI will be up and running, ready to assist your customers.

No technical knowledge is needed to install and set it up, and you don’t need tech skills to train the AI to your preferences.

zipchat AI integrations

Active 24/7 – in Any Language 

Customers come from all over the world. Even if you target only one country, there will be expats.

Once activated, Zipchat AI can speak over 95 languages and is active 24/7.

This makes it very user-friendly, and customers love it.

According to Zipchat, most end customers don’t even realize they are talking to an AI.

Tracks Sales 

Through Zipchat’s dashboard, you can track sales and see how the AI is performing.

You’ll get data on the Chat Conversion Rate, which shows the percentage of chats that lead to a sale.

You can also track the Average Order Value (AOV) from chats and the percentages of good, great, and bad AI replies.

Tracks Orders 

Many customers will engage with Zipchat AI to find out where their order is.

In this case, the AI will ask for the customer’s email address and order number, locate the order in Shopify, and provide the tracking number and link.

This automates most customer support inquiries.

zipchat AI track order

Chat Insights 

Curious about what your customers are asking? Or the direction of your conversations?

Zipchat AI can answer questions like:

  • What are the most common questions customers have?
  • What are the most common UX issues on the website?
  • What unique marketing angles can we use based on customer inquiries?
  • What changes can we make to the website to increase sales?

These insights provide a deep understanding that might be invisible to human eyes.

Chat to ticket

When it comes to AI chats, some will inevitably need human intervention, especially for handling refunds.

Most brands use Zendesk, Gorgias, or Freshdesk to handle tickets, but there are many other solutions out there.

No matter what support inbox you use, such as, connected to your helpdesk, you can forward conversations from Zipchat AI and have it create a support ticket.

The process is simple and fast.

Collect Leads with AI Chatbot 

This is a beta feature, but you can request access to it. It lets you collect leads from people talking to the chat for marketing purposes, like sending them a coupon code or activating an email marketing campaign.

You can ask to activate this feature once you complete your trial.

Zipchat AI Pros & Cons

Simple setup

Self-training AI

One solution to sell more, automate support, and gain insights

Active 24/7 in 95+ languages

Low maintenance needed

High chat conversion rates

Free trial with immediate results

Unlimited users

Super active and fast support

Stats need improvement

Fully automates chat, no human takeover option

Manual corrections are still necessary

Limits on how many stores you can install it on under the same license, depending on the plan


  • Simple setup, native app on Shopify, and easy copy-paste code for non-Shopify
  • Self-training AI
  • One solution to sell more, automate support, and gain insights
  • Active 24/7 in 95+ languages
  • Low maintenance needed
  • High chat conversion rates
  • Free trial with immediate results
  • Unlimited users
  • Super active and fast support


  • Stats need improvement
  • Fully automates chat, no human takeover option
  • Manual corrections are still necessary
  • Limits on how many stores you can install it on under the same license, depending on the plan

How to Install Zipchat AI on Your Store?

You can install Zipchat AI on your store, regardless of the CMS you use.

For Shopify, the process is as easy as installing the Shopify App on your store. So, you can head over to the Shopify app store, find Zipchat, and click on the “Install” button.

For BigCommerce, Ecwid, PrestaShop, Wix, Commerce Cloud, Magento, or any other CMS, even custom ones, you just need to copy and paste a one-line script into your store code.

The AI training is automatic. Additionally, you can add extra documents to the knowledge base if you want.

Zipchat Onboarding

If you schedule a DEMO from, the team will show you how the AI Agent responds to your store. During this 30-minute call, they can help you set it up and go live, following their best practices.

This is actually pretty cool.

Zipchat AI Customer Support

Zipchat AI’s customer service is highly praised, with 5-star reviews on both the Shopify App Store and Capterra.

You can use the internal chat in your account to talk to the support team, who are quick to respond and solve problems. You can also email them at

Zipchat AI CMS Integration

You can install Zipchat AI on any of these CMS platforms without limitations:

  • Shopify
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Magento
  • Magento 2
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Jimdo
  • Joomla
  • Webydo
  • Drupal
  • Adobe Commerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Ecwid
  • Site123
  • WordPress
  • Any Custom CMS

AI Chatbot Strategies for Ecommerce: How to Make the Most of Zipchat AI

Sell More:

  • Use proactive chat to engage customers during their journey. Create different proactive chats depending on where they are in the funnel. The AI Agent excels at converting visitors into customers.
  • People who interact with the AI Agent feel more comfortable and trust the store more, converting up to 5 times more.
  • Provide coupon codes through the chat. You can do this by creating corrections or instructing the Chat Instructions (master prompt) on when to offer the coupon code.

Automate Customer Support:

  • Activate order tracking to provide details about order status. This helps filter out conversations that the AI Agent can resolve in a few minutes.
  • Answer all FAQ and product-related questions. Upload PDFs with product manuals and details to address customer concerns before they become problems.

Gain Insights:

  • Educate the chat instructions to profile users by asking a few questions before answering their queries. This helps the AI understand things like the customer’s gender or age group, which can be useful for recommending the right products.

Zipchat AI Pricing

Zipchat AI pricing

Zipchat AI Offers Four Plans Plus Custom Enterprise Plans

Zipchat AI offers four plans, plus custom enterprise plans. The plan is built on two variables:

  • Number of pages stored in the Knowledge Base
  • Number of replies needed per month

With a chat conversion rate of 14%, we can estimate a 10% conversion rate as a standard. Assuming each chat takes about three replies, the $49/month plan would cover around 180 conversations, leading to 18 orders.

If the Average Order Value (AOV) is $50, that’s $900 in revenue from a $49 app. And the AOV and conversion rate can be higher. This doesn’t even account for the benefits of automated support, which handles the 90% of chats that don’t convert into sales.

All plans come with a 7-day free trial, which the company claims will already bring you profitability.

Zipchat AI Review – Final Verdict

It’s amazing to think that AI became mainstream thanks to ChatGPT just over 18 months ago, and an app like Zipchat AI is already working with big clients like Jackery, Police, and TropicalFeel.

The great thing about AI is that it improves over time. The earlier you start using it, the better it learns your needs, self-optimizes, and helps you grow.

AI is already automating many tasks, making entrepreneurship easier and faster. If you needed 10 live agents before, now Zipchat can handle the same number of conversations better, faster, and cheaper.

Just imagine how much more capable it will be in 12 months.

We look forward to seeing more advanced statistics in the dashboard, as well as chat insights and lead generation features available directly from the account, which are likely just around the corner.

With that said, we believe Zipchat AI is a fantastic product that can significantly enhance your store. It’s perfect for dropshippers who want to automate most parts of their business and for big businesses seeking innovation.

You can start your 7-day free trial from here.

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