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Data In Dropshipping: The Importance & Characteristics Of Data In Ecommerce
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Chief of Content Marketing
Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Big data=Big deal! Aren’t you working in the most dynamic environment at the moment? 

Without a doubt, YOU ARE!

The Ecommerce world and dropshipping model (like one of the Ecommerce models) are changing constantly, and without the necessary information, you will be drowning!

Understanding Ecommerce big data is a critical component of every dropshipping business. First of all, it is critical to make smart decisions.

Second, when evaluated, these data sets can indicate trends and patterns in human behavior. Therefore,  you can use these trends and patterns to better understand your industry or determine whether it is time to reposition your dropshipping business.

What’s more, big data allows you to simplify your procedures and efficiently manage your business.

As a result, it’s no surprise that businesses offering business intelligence services start popping up every now and then.

In this article, we will cover the importance of big data, data characteristics for eCommerce, high-quality applications, and more! So, let’s start!


The Importance Of Data When Dropshipping

big data and dropshipping

First of all, the more dropshipping data you have, the better! Ecommerce big data help you be smarter than competitors in big time.

It helps you make better strategic decisions, improve control of operational processes, better understand customers, reduction of costs, and more! But, what’s that “more” about? Let’s see! 

1. Product Research & Product Development

One of the many obstacles that dropshipping businesses encounter is producing new items because not every product strikes your customers. One of the primary causes of product failure might be a lack of market research and poor product positioning.

However, with the eCommerce big data, you will have access to a large quantity of trustworthy dropshipping data with which you can receive information such as the kind of items people want, the price they are prepared to pay for the same, and other vital facts that may assist you with product research and development.

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2. Greater Personalization

When it comes to purchasing decisions, most customers agree that personalization is important, such as when they receive individualized product recommendations.

This is especially true for millennials, who are known to favor internet shopping over older generations.

Furthermore, compared to the shopping behavior before eCommerce big data, consumers now use the search bar or product categories to find the things they wish to buy.

This more personalized way of buying is making the purchasing process easier and helps businesses improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Moreover, your Ecommerce platform may automatically propose relevant products based on consumer statistics.

Also, the dropshipping data allows you to send customized emails with offers or discounts, design items that appeal to a certain consumer base, apply alternative marketing methods for specific customer segments, and more.

3. Improved Pricing

Because eCommerce big data offers you access to all of the minor information, it may help you price your items based on specific client preferences.

These pricing plans, which are supported by accurate data, have the potential to boost your dropshipping profit margins to a higher level.

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4. Simple and Secured Online Payment process

The simplicity and security of online payments may be the strongest brick that holds up the building of eCommerce.

Therefore, as a dropshipper, making this process trustworthy for customers is essential for you too. 

With big dropshipping data, you can combine all of your payment methods onto a single platform, making the process simple for your clients.

What’s more, in the case of security, big dropshipping data may help you spot any suspicious transactions and fraudulent activity in real-time, allowing you to avoid such behaviors.

This is not all, but if we keep talking about it, even a whole year won’t be enough. However, let’s overview some of the most important data characteristics for eCommerce. 

5. Collecting data from your dropshipping suppliers

Dropshipping suppliers may be the key to your business success because they are the only ones having direct contact with the products you sell before sending them to customers. 

Therefore, as we already know the struggles of finding them, unfortunately, those struggles do not end here. 

If you don’t have a system in place to collect supplier data, you’re certain to run into more than one problem.

A dropshipping business must have the data of various suppliers at all times in order to remain competitive. As a result, your consumers will have access to the greatest items at the best pricing.

Luckily, you have a wide choice of high-quality data platforms, like Grepsr that automates data extraction, allowing you to make rapid and lucrative decisions.

 But, more about this we will discuss later in this article, so stay tuned! 

Data Characteristics for Ecommerce

ecommerce data characteristics

The most important factor in properly managing and conducting your dropshipping business is data quality.

Decisions based on intuition and experience are no longer valid, and in today’s dynamic environment they can lead you only to disaster. Therefore, dropshipping data quality is mostly tied up with these characteristics:


If you want your dropshipping business to look legit, you need accurate dropshipping data! But, this might be a minor problem for you as a dropshippier.

Did you know that on average, inaccurate data may cost organizations 30% and more of their income?

Thus, dropshipping data must be error-free and exact.  That refers to that your dropshipping data must be free of redundancy, and typing or information errors. 

Therefore, if you are making critical decisions based on data insights (which you should btw), your database must be accurate. So, as the world becomes increasingly reliant on data, this becomes a more significant issue for your dropshipping business.


The customer’s information must be complete. What’s more, no false information should be accepted by the customer, and the information’s aim should be apparent to the consumer. 

You must understand what data must be supplied and the amount of relevance based on your company’s requirements.


In terms of validity, quality data shows that all data complies with the current formatting guidelines. The proportion of data records in the necessary format is an example of validity.


Data consistency relates to whether or not the same data stored in multiple locations match.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs and dropshippers feel that consistency is the cornerstone of a great shopping experience and the key to happy consumers.

Retailers who can establish consistency across all variants of client shopping and purchase preferences will stand out and eventually take the lead in customer experience. (Learn How to Create Your E-commerce Customer Journey Map


As the term indicates timeliness relates to how current information is. If it was acquired during the last hour, we can say that it is timely, but only until new information has arrived that renders earlier information obsolete.

The timeliness of information is an important data quality attribute since out-of-date information can lead you to make bad decisions. As a result, you can lose time, money, and reputation.

Applications of High-Quality Data for Dropshipping

In order to make smart decisions, and choose the most suitable products and suppliers from the variety of them available over the internet, dropshipping businesses must deal with eCommerce big data, which simply refers to large volumes of data that may be mined to gain critical information and helpful insights for making business choices.

But, more importantly, finding high-quality dropshipping data and the one that is really worth your attention is the challenge here. 

Therefore, we will guide you through the applications that can help you find high-quality data for dropshipping.

Product auditing

The product audit examines one or more items or services to determine their “fitness for use.” It also analyzes if the product or service satisfies the design specifications. 

product auditing

Grepsr extracts product data at scale which can be used for auditing. It can assist you in delivering vital overall insights into your dropshipping store and its health by gathering supplier data like visual merchandising, planogram compliance, out-of-stock, etc. 

When collected correctly, the dropshipping data indicates parts of your dropshipping business that need to be improved, allowing you to develop practical solutions to address these inadequacies.

Optimizing product catalog

A well-optimized product catalog gives detailed information about the product’s attributes displays its rating and helps build customer trust. 

When done correctly, it may be quite beneficial in terms of gaining a loyal customer base in the long run. A data-rich product catalog thoroughly proves the competitiveness of the product by taking into account the competitors’ USPs.

Again, Grepsr provides your business with a great product catalog application, which can help your business: 

  • Increase your store conversions
  • Run better adverts
  • Improve search visibility

Tracking MAP violations

Tracking MAP violations

MAP Violation occurs when a merchant promotes a product at a price lower than the predetermined price specified by a manufacturer under the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy. 

This deceptive strategy might reduce your income and harm your brand’s reputation. Tracking MAP infractions will strengthen your brand identification and keep your loyal merchants in the business.

So, the Grepsr MAP Violation data service will help you:

  • Protect your brand image
  • Take action against violators
  • Prevent future incursions

eCommerce big data assists your dropshipping business in identifying items that sell, as well as yearly peaks and low sales periods, allowing you to organize better marketing campaigns and events to optimize sales.

As a result, you may successfully increase profit margins by leveraging massive eCommerce datasets. 

Thanks to Grepsr and its datasets you can help yourself with their sales trends identification service in:  

  • Planning inventory listing
  • Streamline business operations
  • Optimized pricing decisions, discount offers, and more.

Price monitoring

Price monitoring

The price might be the biggest dependence on whether your product is going to sell. Moreover, running a dropshipping business in today’s dynamic environment forces you to constantly monitor product prices, and keep an eye on your competitors as well.

Therefore, Grepsr provides a one-of-a-kind pricing monitoring solution that you may find useful.

This service enables you to create a future-proof plan by anticipating changes in methods, prices, and promotions. To add, it helps you gain a competitive advantage, develop an effective pricing strategy, and keep up with the price changes.


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How Does Grepsr Help Ecommerce Businesses Navigate The World Of Data?

grepsr managed data acquisition

Grepsr provides organizations with trustworthy, accurate, and effective data. They also offer technical consultancy to assist design your dropshipping data requirements and identifying the insights you’re looking for.

Grepsr also assists your dropshipping business with data extraction and integration.

In a nutshell, their crawlers are built on individual requests and are readily adjustable if anything changes.

So, if you want to help yourself and your dropshipping business flourish, simply submit them your project specs, and their experienced team of Ecommerce big data engineers will start to work right away! 

Even if you are unfamiliar with data collecting techniques, you may contact them for technical assistance with your dropshipping data requirements.

👉 Here you can learn How Grepsr works.

Also, if you are searching for some software or service-related advice, there is some pretty helpful information about Grepsr from its users. This amazing platform is rated 4.7/5 stars! 

Want to learn more about How Grepsr actually helps you in dropshipping data navigation? Let’s find out!

Features and Solutions:


grepsr data-as-a-service

This amazing Grepsr solution syncs your high-priority web data with your workflow.

It is an end-to-end service data platform that provides a single, secure visualization layer for automating data collecting and integration workflows and monitoring dropshipping data quality in real time.

Furthermore,  their sophisticated data architecture is capable of handling millions of pages per hour. Moreover, the IP rotation and auto throttling that they obtain help in avoiding detection and damage.

grepsr data application

With this Data-as-a-service solution, you will have:

  • Guaranteed top quality
  • Web extraction veterans
  • Easy fix for complex use-cases
  • Overcoming restrictions
  • Responsible web scraping
  • Easily scaled and customized data

Consulting Service

Grepsr Consulting Service

Grepsr provides you with 24/7 support. This amazing platform data managing services have 99% readability, and more than 52K lifetime users.

Still, thinking about whether is a good idea. No need!

Not just that they provide high-quality applications, but Grepsr offers you a full Consulting support service.

Because of the experience they gained working with industry key players, they have a unique perspective on your dropshipping data need. Thus, they know where to get your data and how to turn ideas into action.

Furthermore, Grepsr assists you in deciding amongst sources for certain data demands. Even better, you may outsource the burden of determining the merits of many sources to support your decision-making to their expert team.

Furthermore, the Grepsr technology team can help you in setting up automation processes and assist you with tasks related to everyday operations.

Not to mention the data operationsamazing! Their data experts guide you in establishing tools and procedures for data cleaning, normalization, consumption, and preservation.

Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform

Grepsr’s data management platform enables project teams to collaborate easily, automates data extraction and delivery protocols, and increases the capacity to offer quality at scale.

Furthermore, it offers a unified and secure visualization layer for automating data acquisition and integration operations, and also helps you with monitoring data quality in real-time.

👉 Read more about highly scalable data infrastructure. Also, check out their data integration and automation solution.


Grepsr Pricing

Grepsr pricing is customizable. That’s because each dropshipping business requirement might be different.

However, as far as we can tell is that they do not have free trials, and the payment there are monthly and yearly payment methods.  

So, if you are interested in their pricing, you better ask for a quote and explain your needs.

Browser Extension

Grepsr browser extension is an amazing scraping tool for your dropshipping data extraction needs. It is a very easy-to-use tool, with which you can save time and gather all needed information from websites quickly and easily.

👉 Learn How the Grepsr browser extension works.

Here are the browser extension pricing plans. Take a look! 👇

grepsr pricing
ArticleAIStoreDesktop & Grepsr: What’s next?

We at aim to find, review and share the best services and software for all existing and future Ecom owners. Grepsr is one of them.

We are trying to bring data closer to any dropshipper who is willing to take his business to the next level. That’s why we partner with Grepsr. Their goal is to make Web data accessible. Partner with them to ease your data-sourcing pains.

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