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8 Best Print on Demand Pet Products to Sell in 2024
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Struggling to find unique print on demand pet products that stand out in the bustling online marketplace? You’re not alone.

Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of offering products that not only capture attention but also solve real problems for pet owners.

Discover a curated list of the top pet products for 2024 that promise not just novelty but true value. I ensure your business will stay ahead of the curve and in the hearts of pet lovers everywhere. So, let’s dive in!


What Are Print on Demand Pet Products?

print on demand pet products

Print on Demand (PoD) pet products revolutionize how entrepreneurs and creative minds deliver personalized, unique items to pet lovers around the globe.

This innovative approach enables the production of items like personalized pet apparel, custom-designed leashes, and tailor-made pet beds, only when a customer places an order.

Such a model is ideal for businesses aiming to minimize upfront costs while offering unique, customizable options that cater to the diverse tastes of pet owners.

With the rise of pet ownership and the increasing desire for customized pet items, PoD pet products offer an unparalleled opportunity to tap into a passionate market.

This approach not only caters to the individual needs and preferences of pet owners but also fosters a sense of brand loyalty and community among consumers.

As a result, businesses can rapidly test and adapt their offerings based on customer feedback and trends, keeping their product lines fresh and engaging.

8 Best Print on Demand Pet Products

Exploring the best print on demand pet products reveals a diverse array of items designed to meet the unique demands of pet owners and their furry friends. Here are eight standout choices:

Custom Pet Apparel

Custom pet apparel caters to the unique needs and styles of pets, offering personalized clothing options beyond the one-size-fits-all approach.

These garments are tailored to fit perfectly, considering the pet’s size, breed, and special requirements.

From functional wear like warm coats for chilly walks to fashionable items such as themed costumes and chic dresses, custom pet apparel allows pet owners to express their pet’s personality while ensuring comfort and mobility.

Custom pet apparel represents a fusion of fashion, functionality, and personal touch, enhancing the bond between pets and their owners.

Personalized Pet Beds

Personalized pet beds are a luxurious way for pet owners to provide comfort and a sense of belonging to their furry friends. Thus, it is one of the best print on demand pet products.

Tailored to suit the specific needs and preferences of both pets and their owners. These beds can vary in size, shape, and material. This ensures a perfect match for any pet’s sleeping habits and health requirements.

These beds not only offer pets a dedicated space for relaxation and security. Also, it serve as a stylish accessory in a pet owner’s home. With personalized pet beds, owners can express their love and care. This makes their pets feel truly valued and part of the family.

Custom Pet Bowls

Custom pet bowls offer a unique and practical way to cater to the dining needs of pets while adding a personal touch to pet owners’ homes.

Beyond their practical use, custom pet bowls serve as a symbol of the owner’s affection and attention to their pet’s well-being. This makes mealtime a more enjoyable and personalized experience for both pets and their owners.

dog eating

Personalized Pet Tags

Personalized pet tags blend functionality with a personal touch, serving as both a fashion statement and a crucial safety feature for pets. Hence, it is in the top print on demand pet products.

These small, customizable tags attach to a pet’s collar and carry vital information such as the pet’s name, owner’s contact details, and sometimes medical information.

Personalized pet tags are a simple, yet effective way to keep pets safe while allowing pet owners to express their pet’s individuality.

Customized Pet Leashes and Collars

Customized pet leashes and collars offer pet owners a blend of style, safety, and personalization for their beloved animals. These accessories can be tailored to fit any pet’s size, breed, and specific needs. With a wide array of materials, from durable nylon to luxurious leather, and even eco-friendly options.

Pet names, contact information, or special messages can be engraved or printed on them. This enhances the personal connection between pets and their owners while increasing safety by providing easy identification.

These customized accessories not only ensure pets stand out. Also, it offer peace of mind to owners by prioritizing both style and safety.

Pet Portraits on Canvas

Pet portraits on canvas are a heartfelt way to celebrate and memorialize the special bond between pets and their owners. These artworks transform a beloved pet’s image into a timeless piece of art, capturing their unique personality and essence.

Pet portraits on canvas not only serve as a beautiful addition to a home’s decor, but also make thoughtful gifts for pet lovers.

These artworks ensure that the joy and companionship pets provide are forever immortalized in a form that can be cherished for years to come.

Personalized Pet Toys

Personalized pet toys elevate the playtime experience for pets by catering to their unique preferences and especially engaging their senses.

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Beyond providing fun and stimulation, personalized pet toys foster a deeper bond between pets and their owners, reflecting an understanding and appreciation of the pet’s individuality.

These toys not only enrich the pet’s daily routine. Also, it serves as a token of the special connection they share with their owner.

Custom Pet Mats

Custom pet mats offer a blend of comfort, cleanliness, and personal style to the spaces pets eat, sleep, and lounge in.

Tailored to fit the specific needs of pets and the aesthetic preferences of their owners. These mats can be designed with various materials. From plush fabrics for added comfort to waterproof and easy-to-clean options for mealtime.

Practical yet stylish, custom pet mats serve as a testament to the love and care pet owners have for their furry family members. This makes them feel valued and pampered.

Top 3 Print on Demand Pet Products Companies

In the thriving world of pet merchandise, three companies stand out for their exceptional offerings and customer satisfaction. These leaders have set the benchmark for quality and innovation in the print on demand industry.


Renowned for its expansive catalog of pet products, PrintKK offers unparalleled customization options. This makes it a favorite among pet lovers seeking unique items.


Offers a variety of pet products including pet bandanas, pet clothing, and custom pet tags.

Printful is known for its high-quality printing and wide range of customizable products.


Offers a unique service of transforming pet photos into stunning canvas art. Thus, it is capturing the essence of beloved pets in every piece.

These companies excel not just in the quality of products offered. Also, in their customer service, ensuring every pet owner’s experience is as delightful as the products they receive.

Whether you’re looking to start your own line of pet products or searching for the perfect gift for a pet lover, these companies provide the best there is in the market.


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How to Choose a Print-on-Demand Company for Pet Products?

Choosing the right print-on-demand company for pet products involves assessing their product quality and range, customization options, and fulfillment capabilities.

Entrepreneurs should look for providers offering a wide array of high-quality pet items that can be fully customized to meet customer desires.

Additionally, a seamless fulfillment process, with reliable shipping and customer service, is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Opting for a company that aligns with these criteria can significantly impact the success of a pet product line.

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Start Selling Print on Demand Pet Products

Venturing into selling print-on-demand pet products offers a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs and creative professionals alike. This business model allows for the customization of a vast range of products. So, you can offer all from pet apparel to accessories, without the need for inventory management.

Start by selecting a niche within the pet product world that aligns with your brand. Next, partner with a reliable POD service that can deliver quality products and efficient fulfillment.

This approach not only minimizes startup costs. Also, it lets you test different designs and products without significant risk. This is making it an ideal strategy for both new and established businesses looking to expand their offerings.

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Tips for Selling Print on Demand Pet Products

For entrepreneurs aiming to succeed in selling print on demand (PoD) pet products, focusing on uniqueness and quality is key.

Start by identifying trends within the pet market and tailor your product designs to meet these demands, ensuring they stand out.

Leveraging social media and pet communities can also significantly boost visibility. Remember, the pet owner community values authenticity and products that truly cater to their pets’ needs.

Finally, engage with your audience, solicit feedback, and adjust your offerings accordingly to ensure your PoD pet products resonate well with your target market.


Venturing into the print on demand pet products market in 2024 offers entrepreneurs an exciting opportunity to connect with pet owners through unique, customizable items.

As we’ve explored, focusing on standout products like personalized pet apparel and custom pet beds, and incorporating essential selling tips, can significantly impact your success.

Leveraging quality, and uniqueness, and engaging directly with your target audience can transform your offerings from mere products into cherished pet treasures.

By doing so, businesses not only tap into the booming pet industry but also create meaningful connections with their customers and their furry companions.



Can you make money selling print on demand pet products?

Yes, selling print on demand pet products can be profitable. With the pet industry’s growth and the demand for customized pet items, entrepreneurs have a significant opportunity to generate income. So, you can offer unique, personalized products to pet owners.

Considering the substantial growth anticipated in the global pet care market, which is forecasted to nearly double from USD 302.89 billion in 2023 to USD 597.51 billion by 2033. So, dropshipping custom pet products could be a lucrative opportunity.

The pet care market is experiencing robust growth with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.03% projected from 2024 to 2033. This growth suggests a continuously expanding customer base and a rising demand for pet-related products.

Furthermore, North America will dominate the market with over 42% of the share in 2023. This region presents a stable and mature market for pet products. This region is ripe for the introduction of innovative and customized offerings in the pet care industry.

How to pick the right print on demand company?

Choose a print on demand company that aligns with your product quality expectations. Moreover, make sure it offers a broad range of products, and has reliable fulfillment and customer service.

Are print on demand pet products in high demand?

Yes, print on demand pet products are increasingly popular. It is driven by pet owners’ desire for personalized items that reflect their pets’ personalities and needs.

What are the most purchased print on demand pet products?

Customized pet apparel and personalized pet tags are among the most popular print on demand pet products, appealing widely to pet owners looking for unique, personal items for their pets.

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