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How To Add Free Shipping On Shopify? + Top Tips & Tricks
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Do you want to learn how to add free shipping on Shopify? Or, why is it so effective as a marketing tactic?

Offering free shipping might just be the compass you need. Why let the burden of shipping costs steer potential buyers away when you could smooth their journey to checkout with an enticing incentive?

Let’s dive into the clear waters of setting up free shipping on Shopify—whether it’s based on price, weight, or selectively applied to certain products.

Could this strategy be the treasure map leading to increased sales and customer loyalty? Read on to uncover how simple it is to hoist this beneficial sail.


How To Add Free Shipping On Shopify?

Option 1: Free Shipping Based On a Certain Price Threshold

To enable free shipping for orders exceeding a specific amount on your Shopify store, start by logging into your Shopify account.

Once you’re logged in, navigate through the menu on the left-hand side to find and select Settings. Under settings, proceed to click on Shipping and Delivery

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Next, you’ll want to establish your free shipping conditions by selecting General shipping rates. Here, look for the Manage option or the icon “>” pointing out how to proceed next. Now, it’s time to set up the criteria for free shipping.

Click on Add Rate, name your free shipping option, and ensure the price is set to 0.

Then, click on Add conditions.

Furthermore, you need to select the Based on order price and define the minimum order value required for free shipping. For instance, you can set it to $80 or 70 EUR, depending on your shipping zone.

Once all conditions are met and you’re satisfied with the setup, click Done and then save your settings by clicking on the Save button.

With these steps, you’ve successfully enabled free shipping for orders that meet your designated price criteria on Shopify.

Option 2: Free Shipping Based On a Weight Criteria

So, if you want to set up weight-based free shipping on your Shopify store, the start is pretty much the same.  You log in to your Shopify account, and from the dashboard’s left-hand side menu, choose “Settings”.

In the Settings menu, find and select Shipping and Delivery. From there, choose General shipping rates to modify or add new shipping settings. Look for the Manage option and click on it to start setting up your free shipping rules.

Next, you’ll want to establish your free shipping conditions based on weight. Click on Add Rate to begin this process. Assign a name to your free shipping rule and ensure that the price field is set to 0 to indicate that it’s a free option.

Click on “Add conditions” and select “Based on item weight”. Here, you’ll define the minimum weight required to qualify for free shipping. For example, you can set it at 15 kg or 25 lb, depending on your preference.

After setting the weight criteria, click Done to confirm the details. To finalize your settings, don’t forget to click on Save.

How To Add Free Shipping On Shopify for a Single Product?

I personally recommend you rethink the idea of offering free shipping on specific products. This approach can lead to confusion, particularly when shoppers mix items eligible for free shipping with those that are not.

The frustration mounts when they discover that these products don’t collectively qualify for free shipping.

A simpler alternative? Include the shipping cost in your product prices, especially for dropshipped items. This might not align with your initial plan, but it ensures a smoother shopping experience.

So, what can you do?

➡ Discount Codes

One way to offer selective free shipping is through discount codes. Set these up so they apply only to certain collections, granting free shipping selectively without affecting other products.

Keep in mind, though, that Shopify prevents the use of multiple discount types in one transaction. You’ll need to decide between free shipping and other discounts, like a percentage or a fixed amount off.

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➡ Specialized Shipping Apps

If you desire granular control over your shipping rates, consider apps like Bespoke Shipping.

These tools allow you to assign distinct shipping prices per item. However, they require Carrier Calculated Shipping, which you can get by:

  • Upgrading to Shopify’s Advanced plan for $299/month.
  • Adding it to your current plan for an additional $20/month.
  • Choosing annual billing to snag a 10% discount and free Carrier Calculated Shipping.

➡ Weight-Based Shipping

Alternatively, explore weight-based shipping rates. Use imaginary weights to adjust the shipping charges as you see fit.

Establish a weight threshold for free shipping and assign this ‘weight’ to eligible products. Ensure products not eligible for free shipping carry no weight, guaranteeing they always generate a shipping charge.

This method keeps your shipping policies transparent while still offering perks to customers buying enough of the right items.

How To Create a Free Shipping Discount Code on Shopify?

Setting up a free shipping discount code on Shopify is a fantastic way to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Let me guide you through the process to make sure it’s smooth and effective.

Step 1- Log into Shopify

Firstly, log into your Shopify account. Once you are in, you can see Shopify Dashboard.

Step 2- Create a Free Shipping Discount

Next, navigate to the left sidebar and select “Discounts”.

On the page that appears, choose “Create discount”,

Next, opt for the “Free shipping” discount type.

Step 3- Set Up Your Discount Code

Next, within the METHOD section, select “Discount code” as the method to provide free shipping. Here, you’ll need to come up with a memorable name for your discount code.

After naming it, click on “Generate code” to create it.

Step 4- Specify Code Conditions

Now, it’s time to determine who can use your discount code.

For geographic targeting, under Countries, decide whether the code applies globally by selecting All countries or limiting it to specific countries.

If you wish to set a cap on eligible orders, activate the option to Exclude shipping rates over a certain amount and specify the maximum amount allowed, such as excluding shipping on orders over $200.

Additionally, in the Minimum Requirements section, you might want to impose a minimum purchase amount, say $100, or a minimum quantity of items, such as at least 3 items, to qualify for free shipping.

Step 5- Limit Code Usage

To prevent indefinite use of the discount code, navigate to the Usage limit section:

  • Input the total number of times the discount can be used, such as limiting it to 300 uses across your customer base.
  • Alternatively, you can choose the Limit to one per customer option to ensure each customer can only use the code once.

Step 6- Activate the Code

Finally, in the Active date section, use the provided calendar to set the start date when the discount code will activate.

If you plan to have an end date, select Set end date and choose the desired day from the calendar. For promotions lasting only a day, simply set both the start and end dates to the same day.

Make sure to click Save to ensure your settings are applied and the discount code goes live.


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Why Offer Free Shipping On Your Dropshipping Store?

Offering free shipping on your dropshipping store isn’t just a service—it’s like rolling out a red carpet for your customers, inviting them to a smoother, more enticing shopping experience.

So, instead of wondering how to add free shipping on Shopify, let’s see why.

Here’s why adopting this strategy could be a transformative move for your business:

✅ Boost Conversion Rates

Imagine your customer at the finish line, ready to check out, but then they see a shipping fee that makes them second guess their cart.

Free shipping eliminates this hurdle, acting like a gentle nudge to encourage them across the finish line.

By removing this barrier, you’re likely to see higher conversion rates, as customers no longer have to debate the additional costs.

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✅ Gain a Competitive Edge

In a sea of competitors, free shipping is your lifeboat. It sets you apart and makes your store the more appealing island in a vast ocean of options.

When customers compare shops, free shipping can tip the scales in your favor, making your products the preferred choice even if they’re slightly more expensive.

✅ Simplify Pricing

Free shipping simplifies the entire buying process. It’s like offering a flat rate menu where everything costs what it appears—no hidden fees.

This transparency can lead to quicker purchase decisions and a streamlined experience that customers appreciate for its honesty and ease.

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✅ Encourage Larger Orders

Use free shipping as a strategic lever—like a game where customers unlock a bonus level by spending more.

For instance, setting a minimum purchase amount for free shipping can encourage customers to add more to their carts.

It’s like telling a story where the more pages they turn, the better the plot gets, culminating in a rewarding ending with free shipping.

✅ Foster Customer Loyalty

Offering free shipping is like giving a small gift with every purchase; it builds goodwill and gratitude, fostering loyalty among your customers.

This feeling of valued service encourages repeat business and turns one-time buyers into regular visitors, eager to relive their positive experience.



In wrapping up, I truly believe that offering free shipping on your Shopify store is a smart move. It’s not just about keeping up with the competition.

It’s about exceeding customer expectations and making their shopping experience as seamless and satisfying as possible.

Whether you decide to go with price-based, weight-based, or product-specific free shipping, you’re making your store a more attractive choice for shoppers.

I highly recommend giving these methods a shot to see which one fits your business best. Free shipping could very well be the key that unlocks a whole new level of growth and customer loyalty for your store.

So, why not test the waters and see the impact for yourself?

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