Facebook Ads for Dropshipping: The Ultimate Guide In 2021

Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

When we talk about Facebook Ads for dropshipping, many dropshippers fail to realize how important a marketing tool like Facebook is.

Dropshippers that had success in the dropshipping world started on Facebook. The best part about it is that they started with some small investments and managed to make millions in less than a year.

Before you go anywhere, let’s divine into this ultimate Facebook guide so you can drive those sales up.

Are Facebook Ads Good for Dropshipping?

If you are a person with a budget and want to create great results just by using Facebook, then here are a few tips you can use Facebook to your biggest advantage:

Driving Traffic

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world with the most users. It has been around since 2004 and has a great history of driving traffic. As of now, more than 2 billion users in the world use Facebook! Don’t forget that Facebook is also the owner of Instagram & WhatsApp so they are a worldwide traffic center. You can connect all of Facebook’s owned platforms, your website, profile, and grow on all of them equally.

Let’s not also forget that you can post links on Facebook in your post description. This is a direct link to your website or to anything you are promoting.

Target Your Buyer Persona

As we mention this over and over, Facebook ads are great for personalizing and targeting your buyer persona. The advertisements allow you to choose which location you want to target, what kind of people, age groups, interests, and so much more. They get more personalized than many other ad groups.

Brand Awareness

All businesses that use Facebook and Instagram are shown to be very connected to their customers. Guess what? When you are connected to your customers, that also means they will be more connected and loyal to you. Engagement rates go higher, then so will sales and your brand awareness.

The higher your brand awareness is, the more people will trust you when buying from you.

How To Start a Campaign on Facebook Ads

Before you start any campaign on Facebook, you want to take a few things into consideration:

Choose a Product 

You should know which product and niche you belong in. This is one of the most important steps when setting up a Facebook ad. Facebook ads are going maximumly personalized.

Write Good Product Descriptions and Ad Copy

What most dropshippers fail to pay attention to is writing a good description and a catchy ad copy. Keep your description and ad copy unique. Avoid going around and trying to write the same copy you see somewhere else. It doesn’t work that way!

Describe every interesting fact or feature about your product. Write ads that even if you read it, you would find it so interesting that you would buy it also.

Maybe do some research on your product, come up with many descriptions and copies. See what works best and which one drives the best results. The results you get tell whether the copy is good or not.

Use High-Quality Photos

When people get bored of reading, they pay attention to photos. You want to make sure your photos are not low quality. It makes you look unprofessional and won’t result in successful ads, rather people just thinking you are an unserious dropshipping business. The more unique your photos and the high quality they look, the better they will make your brand look.

Setup a Store on Shopify or Your Own

We don’t want to be starting ads on Facebook and not have our own store. Make sure you create one on Shopify or anywhere. Having your own store also means you have where to re-direct when you do a Facebook Ad.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

Depending on how many ads you run, the costs all differ. It all depends on how much you want to invest, Facebook only has a minimum limit of investing $5 a day, while on Instagram it is different. You can choose how many days the ad runs so the budget will be separated. The higher you bid on the ad, the more people you will reach.

Something you want to take into consideration is that the performance of paid ads on Facebook also greatly depends on how well you also do organically. If your posts aren’t engaging and are not getting enough comments or likes, you will waste more money than you should. You want to first aim at setting up the right ad, getting some organic engagement, and then promoting the ad.

To cut costs and make every dollar count, make sure you always discontinue ads that aren’t bringing in results. Don’t use something that is useless. Only continue to invest in the ads that are bringing the most results.

Types of Facebook Ads

There are different types of ads you can place on Facebook and all of them should be taken into consideration when setting up Facebook ads. We will also be telling you about their specs since when you write more text than recommended, part of the text will also not be shown. 

Image Ads 

One of the best ways to get started with Facebook ads when you are a beginner is image ads. They are very simple to put up, but also need to be high quality. When doing a Facebook image ad, it is boosting your post’s images. Whenever someone sees it, most of the focus will be on the image itself.

Image ad specs:

  • Headline- 40 characters
  • link description- 30
  • body- 125

best Facebook image ads for dropshipping

Video Ads

Video ads are not only for YouTube and Tiktok, but Facebook is also well known for its Facebook ads. You can use Facebook ads to show your product in action, or show what it does or how it is used. If the video is interesting enough with your product in it, it will definitely be a trend on Facebook.

Video ad specs:

  • Headline: 40 characters
  • Link description: 30
  • Body text: 125

Lead Ads 

Only available for mobile, lead ads are mostly made to get contact information for users. Very effective for dropshipping purposes since you can use this to also send personalized messages to customers. If your purpose is to get contact info, then lead ads are the right type of ads for you.

facebook ads for ecommerce stores and dropshipping

Dynamic Ads 

You can also call these types of ads personalized ads. They are ads that are displayed to people with the same interests. For example, if you are interested in home decor products, Facebook will scan your engagement with another type of content and show you these kinds of ads. One one the best Facebook ads for dropshipping is most likely dynamic ads.

You have to keep in mind that to use these types of ads you also need to have a Facebook Business Manager account.

Story Ads

Most popular on Instagram, the type of ads you see when you are scrolling through stories and that show up on your story. They show up on Facebook as well but have better exposure on Instagram since Instagram is more focused on stories.

Collection Ads

Ads that show up as many at the same time. They can be images and videos in the same ad, very good for dropshipping, and allow you to showcase products. When you showcase these products, you can also include purchase options that allow customers to buy the product without leaving Facebook.

facebook collection ads for ecommerce stores

Collection ads specs:

  • Headline: 40 characters
  • Body text: 125

Slideshow Ads

Allow you to create short video ads from texts, photos, and video clips.

Just like videos, but slideshow ads useless data. No matter how your connection is, slideshow ads can be used effectively.

These types of ads can be built with the Ads manager.

Slideshow ad specs:

  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Link description: 30
  • Body text: 125

Messenger Ads 

Ads you see whenever you use messenger. They are not very effective and don’t create that great of exposure but get rather annoying than interesting. Here are the specs about messenger ads:

  • Headline: 40 characters
  • Body text: 125

How to use Facebook Ads for Dropshipping: Step by Step Guide

Before you use Facebook Ads manager, you have to first create a Facebook business page. Without having it, you can’t run any Facebook Ads.

Here are a few steps by step guides on how to create your Facebook ads for dropshipping:

Step 1 – Choose an Objective

On Facebook Ads manager, you have to select the campaigns tab and then create a new Facebook ad campaign.

Out of all the objectives on Facebook ads, you have 11 marketing ones. They are the following:

  • Post engagement
  • video views
  • Website traffic
  • Reach
  • Messages
  • Page Likes
  • Event Responses

You should choose the objective based on what kind of ad you are trying to target. If you are all about driving traffic to your website, choose website traffic, if it is branding, choose brand awareness, etc.

marketing objectives on facebook ads for dropshipping

Step 2 – Set a Name 

You have to name your ad to be sure if it is fitting in the niche you are targeting. You can also perform A/B split testing to see what fits best.

Step 3 – Choose Who Sees Your Ad

When setting a name, you after can choose who sees your ad. You have the following options:

  • Those who liked your page
  • Those who liked your page and their friends
  • People who engaged with your page
  • People who engaged with your ads and page

Ads have different purposes, so that is up to you to decide who you want to see your ads.

facebook ads for dropshipping

Step 4 – Choose Your Target

After you set up the steps above, you can now choose the location you will want to target. If you are going local, then of course you will try targeting your city. There is no limit to how many countries you want to target.

Other than locations, you have to also set the age and gender group you are targeting. Maybe your product is fit for a certain age group, or maybe just for females or males. The great thing about Facebooks ads is their personalization!

You can also name your own audience and customize your targets. You can create multiple audiences and test them to see which one works better.

Step 5 – Set a Budget And Schedule

You can choose a lifetime budget which is for a certain period or a daily budget that is spending on a daily basis. You can also set the time the ads run (8-4, or another time). The minimum daily investment of Facebook ads is at least $5 per day.

Ads can be scheduled to run continuously, later, now, or for a certain time period.

facebook ads manager guide for dropshipping stores

Step 5 – Ad Delivery

When you scroll down more, you will start to see ad delivery. This is all where you wish your ads to be delivered. You have the following options:

  • Impressions- delivering to people as many times as possible
  • Post Engagement- ads get delivered to the right people who help you get the most likes, shares, comments, etc.
  • Daily unique reach- ads are delivered to people once a day

After, you also have a bid strategy which is automatic or manual. Automatic bids let Facebook get you the most post engagements at the best price. Manual is entering bids that are most worth it to you.

success stories of dropshippers who used Facebooks ads

Step 6 – Finalize Your Ad 

The last step, before you set up your ad, you can choose whether to create a slideshow, which templates to choose and to hide any adult content that isn’t for people under 18.

You have a preview tool that gives you a sneak peek of how your ad will look like before it is running. You always want to check that before putting the ad up.

Tips on Running Successful Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

1. Choose The Highest Converting Ads

Now, when you are running Facebook ads for dropshipping, just like the many others who run ads, you will not only be running 1 ad. You will be targeting different age groups to see what works best. You will see which ad works best. Our tip is to not disregard those ads that perform better.

If one of your ads is performing better and one is not, get rid of the one that isn’t bringing you any results. Don’t try to force it to be better because it just means that the ad isn’t right for you.

2. Track Conversions 

You can do this by installing Facebook pixel. Once you install the code on your website, it’ll then be ready to track your conversions. It is always good to track your conversions and to optimize what isn’t working that well for best results.

3. Test/Track Performance 

Keep testing every ad you place. Very successful dropshippers tested their ads for many months before they got great results. You want to see weekly or monthly insights on how your ad is performing. That is a good indicator to see whether it is profiting you or just needs to be discontinued!

Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

We wrote a whole article on success stories of dropshippers who used Facebooks ads for dropshipping stores.

Maybe at the beginning, they had a harder time but in the long run, it definitely helped them become owners of multi-millionaire dropshipping stores.

The best part about Facebook Ads is that you can initially use it with a small budget, follow our ultimate guide on how to create winning ads, and then skyrocket with profits and success.

Want to learn more about Wish Dropshipping? You are on the right place.


These were our ultimate guides on helping you create uprunning and successful Facebook Ads. The testing and results will all depend on what and how you are promoting. We are the ones just giving you the advice.

For more tips and tricks on applying the most successful Facebook Ads for dropshipping, make sure to visit our FREE Dropshipping Resource Center.