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AlphaRank Review: Is It The Right SEO Tool for Online Stores?
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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Are you struggling to boost your online store’s SEO and online visibility? In this AlphaRank Review, discover how its user-friendly, AI-powered platform not only crafts engaging blogs but also optimizes your site’s content.

From selecting tailored blog titles to refining product descriptions and images, AlphaRank offers comprehensive tools to enhance every aspect of your online presence efficiently.

So, whether you use Shopify, WordPress, or any other platform, this one is for you!

Join me to explore how integrating AlphaRank can transform your digital strategy.


Quick AlphaRank Review


The best

  • Vast Keyword Database
  • Insights from Top Merchants
  • Enhanced Precision with Advanced Technology
  • One-Click SEO Optimization

The worst

  • AI Dependency

Starting from

  • Starter Plan – $0/month; Essential Plan- $31.99 per month; Advanced Plan- $55.99 per month;

What Is AlphaRank?

AlphaRank is a user-friendly, AI-powered SEO tool specifically tailored for Shopify stores. It’s built to boost your SEO efforts efficiently. The tool includes a range of features that focus on enhancing both the technical side and the content side of SEO.

With AlphaRank, you automatically receive diagnoses and fixes for SEO problems, create content that aligns with user searches, and access valuable keywords.

Moreover, AlphaRank enhances your site’s meta tags, alt text, and structured data, all of which are crucial for better SEO standings.

Thus, you can choose from various subscription plans that offer automatic SEO corrections and the ability to produce multiple SEO-optimized articles each day.

So, if you’re running a Shopify store, consider integrating AlphaRank to navigate the complexities of SEO and improve your online visibility.

How Does AlphaRank SEO Work?

AlphaRank SEO is a straightforward tool designed to enhance your Shopify store’s visibility online. Here’s how you can start: sign up for an AlphaRank account, link your Shopify store, and allow the AI to sift through and enhance your site’s SEO effectiveness.

This platform provides several key features, including

  • Keyword insights that help you understand which terms to target,
  • SEO score enhancements to gauge and improve your site’s SEO health,
  • AI-generated content to match user search intent, and
  • Technical SEO audits that pinpoint and resolve site issues.

AlphaRank SEO works by using advanced AI to make sense of your site’s current SEO standing and suggesting improvements. It’s like having an expert SEO consultant on board, constantly tweaking your site to climb higher in search rankings.

This can be a game-changer for your business as better SEO leads to more visibility and potentially more sales.

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AlphaRank Review: Key Features

Google SEO Score

AlphaRank really simplifies the way you manage your Shopify store’s SEO. When you use it, the app first checks your website’s SEO score, which assesses technical aspects like how your site is built and how fast it loads.  

Thus, your SEO quality is measured based on Google PageSpeed Insight.

The scores update for both desktop and mobile views, and you can toggle between them easily with a small button at the top right corner—desktop scores are shown by default.

If you notice your score and see room for improvement, there’s a purple button you can press right under your score. This will set off AlphaRank’s automatic optimizations.

Furthermore, the app points out issues that need your touch for a more tailored enhancement.

For anyone who feels overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty of SEO, the ‘SEO Fully-Hosted Service’ is a game-changer. This will handle everything from technical tweaks to creating content that draws traffic.

You just need to check in with the daily reports and adjust your strategy where necessary. This is perfect if you’re too busy expanding your business or if you’re new to SEO and want a hassle-free solution.

The benefits are clear: you don’t need any prior SEO knowledge to start seeing results. It’s like having an expert team by your side, helping you save around 95% of the time you’d otherwise spend on SEO.

This means more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Plus, with 100% daily monitoring, your site stays optimized at all times, keeping you competitive in search rankings.

You can also track your SEO progress over time. Want to see how much you’ve improved?

Just click ‘Return to the Original’ to compare your current score against the initial one. This way, you can visibly measure how much AlphaRank has enhanced your store’s online presence.

Page Indexed Rate

AlphaRank offers a handy tool called the Page Indexed Rate, which shows how much of your website Google has indexed. This figure is key for SEO as it impacts how visible your site is on search results. Thus, this result comes from the Google Search Console.

Directly below your indexed rate, AlphaRank lists suggestions to boost your SEO further. If you want to see immediate results, there’s a purple button for one-click optimizations.

After making these changes, you can easily check the impact by comparing your new score with the previous one.

From my experience, making sure as much of your site as possible is indexed can significantly increase your visibility. Using AlphaRank’s simple tools, you can streamline this process, ensuring your store ranks well without needing to become an SEO expert yourself.

 I recommend using these features regularly to keep your site competitive in search rankings.

Keyword Ranking

AlphaRank comes with a Keyword Ranking feature that focuses on your website’s performance for specific keywords. It is estimated by the Google Search Console, and it represents your website’s peak position in search results.

These keywords are crucial as they greatly influence your visibility in search results. It’s really important to keep an eye on how you rank in the digital competition.

This feature includes continuous, 24/7 keyword monitoring, with updates every hour to ensure you always have the latest data. Most impressively, AlphaRank aims to keep 80% of your core keywords on Google’s first page, significantly boosting your brand’s visibility.

Additionally, AlphaRank provides competitive analysis, giving you insights into your competitors’ ranking strategies, which helps you stay ahead of the game. However, remember that Google might take a bit of time to crawl and index new content.

When you first connect your store, AlphaRank will let you know that syncing with Google Search Console might introduce a slight delay. This is a normal part of the SEO process—patience is key here.

While you wait, AlphaRank doesn’t just leave you to wonder what’s next; it actively offers tailored suggestions to improve your rankings.

And if you’re looking for a quick boost, there’s a purple button for one-click optimization that helps you move up the search results more swiftly.

Content Optimization Features

Next on my AlphaRank Review, it’s time to dive into its content optimization tools. So, I will start with the blog generation feature. AlphaRank uses its advanced algorithms to automatically create SEO-friendly blogs tailored specifically for your site.

AlphaRank not only understands the intentions of over 10 million users, but it also ensures that all content it generates is 100% original, significantly boosting your site’s indexing rate by more than 70%—a figure that’s over 50% higher than the industry average.

What really makes AlphaRank stand out is its knack for crafting content that aligns perfectly with your product features, website aesthetic, and page specifics, giving you blogs that truly reflect your brand.

So, AlphaRank first automatically recognizes your website and products. Through ongoing interactions, it makes in on exactly what you need. Also, if the suggested keywords don’t quite match your vision, no worries—you can input your own.

Based on these, AlphaRank offers a variety of blog titles for you to choose from. Once you pick a title that feels right, it crafts a detailed blog outline that weaves in your selected keywords and title seamlessly.

What’s more, you can add relevant links, choose the language of the blog, and even specify the target market—whether it’s a country or a specific customer demographic. This level of personalization ensures the final piece not only meets your needs but also enhances your SEO strategy powerfully.

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Tailored SEO for Product & Collection Pages

AlphaRank goes beyond just enhancing blog content by also optimizing your product collections and detail pages. These are crucial areas that can greatly increase your site’s traffic and visibility, potentially leading to more sales.

If you’re not using the fully managed SEO mode, AlphaRank offers clear, actionable advice for manually tweaking your pages to maximize their performance. This allows you to make precise adjustments yourself, ensuring everything on your site is tuned to attract and engage visitors.

For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, choosing the SEO Fully-Hosted feature can be a real game-changer.

With this option, AlphaRank handles all the SEO heavy lifting. They fine-tune your content and SEO strategies with expert care, steering your site’s traffic and visibility in the right direction.

However, you can always change the SEO mode. Thus, just a simple click pauses the fully managed service, giving you the flexibility to adjust your SEO approach whenever necessary.

Daily Optimization Reports

Right under your product category pages, known as ‘Collections’, AlphaRank delivers a daily SEO optimization report. This report is packed with essential data that paints a clear picture of how your site is performing and highlights key areas that could use some enhancement.

You can really leverage this information to make smart decisions and fine-tune your SEO approach for better outcomes.

Plus, if you ever find yourself in need of guidance or have any questions about optimizing your store, their customer support team is just a quick message away.

They’re always ready to help you maximize your store’s potential, ensuring you get the most out of AlphaRank’s features.

How To Use AplhaRank For Your Shopify Store?

Create An Account

First things first, you need to register with AlphaRank. So, go to their website, and click on the “Get Started” or Get Started For Freebutton.

This button will redirect you to the Shopify App Store.

Once you are in the Shopify App Store,  or the “AlphaRank – AI SEO Optimizer” page, click on “Install”.

Next, in the Shopify dashboard, again, verify the installation by clicking on the “Install” button.

Next thing you know, you will be able to access AlphaRank Features, from the left sidebar on Shopify.

To begin using the app effectively, the first step involves linking your store to Google Search Console (GSC). Start by selecting the ‘Connect’ button and choose the account associated with GSC.

 You will need to authorize data access and then click ‘Continue’. If you’ve already completed this linkage, you can skip this step.

Once linked, you can view your store’s domain on the GSC page. Here, select the URL prefix method and make sure to input your domain, including the ‘https’ prefix, before hitting ‘Continue’.

 Next, choose the HTML tag option from the drop-down menu and copy the meta tag that appears.

Following this, navigate to the ‘Themes’ section on the sidebar and click on the ‘Edit Code’ button.  Next, paste the meta tag you copied earlier just below the head section of your HTML code and save your changes.

After saving, return to the Google Search Console interface and click ‘Verify’ to successfully link your GSC account to your store.

Optimize Your Content

From the “Home” section, you can use AlphaRank’s main features like Shop SEO score, Shop Indexing, and Keyword Ranking. So, you can simply use their AI button “Optimize For Me”, and they will do that for you.

AlphaRank not only excels at creating and optimizing content, but it also offers the capability to craft blogs from the ground up.

From the dashboard, simply navigate to the “Blogs” Section where you will find a selection of blog titles tailored to your needs.

After selecting a title that aligns with your goals, AlphaRank drafts a comprehensive blog outline, incorporating your chosen keywords and title effortlessly.

Additionally, the platform allows you to enrich your blog by adding relevant links and selecting the language.

You can even tailor the content to target specific markets, whether they be particular countries or distinct customer demographics.

Beyond blog creation, AlphaRank also enhances your products through the “Products” section of the dashboard.

Here, you can refine your product titles, descriptions, images, and overall search appearance, ensuring that every aspect of your online presence is fine-tuned for maximum impact.

AlphaRank Review: Pricing

The platform offers three pricing options, from which there is a free plan.  So, let’s discuss what you get in each of them.

Starter Plan

If you’re just beginning with SEO and website optimization, the Starter Plan is an excellent choice for you. It’s free for life, offering a great starting point without any financial commitment.

You will receive unlimited SEO diagnostic sessions, optimization suggestions for every page of your site, and manual content editing. This plan is ideal if you are launching a new website or blog and want to start optimizing with no upfront costs.

Essential Plan

As your needs grow and you require more comprehensive tools and support, the Essential Plan may suit you better. At $31.99 per month, this plan builds on the Starter offering by including full-service management support, auto-fixing of SEO technical issues, and a custom keyword strategy.

 With a guarantee of achieving a 100 SEO score and a 70% Indexed Page Rate, this plan supports small to medium businesses looking to expand their SEO efforts and enhance their online presence significantly.

Advanced Plan

For maximum SEO optimization and content generation, the Advanced Plan is the most robust option. Priced at $55.99 per month, it provides all the benefits of the Essential Plan, plus an increase in the volume of content generated to 30 articles per day.

This plan also promises an 80% Indexed Page Rate, catering to larger businesses or those in competitive markets that demand the highest level of SEO service and extensive content creation to dominate their sector.

AlphaRank Customer Reviews

I have certainly shown my personal experience with the app. However, it seems like I am not the only one pointing out to positive reviews.

The app has a 4.4/5 stars rating on Shopify. Plus, most of the comments are positive.

Thus, based on customer comments, Alpharank appears to be highly appreciated for its effectiveness in enhancing SEO for Shopify stores.

Users praise its user-friendly interface, which is particularly beneficial for beginners, and its ability to automate time-consuming tasks. This automation allows store owners to concentrate on other business areas, effectively saving time and money.

Additionally, the tool is recognized for its intelligent SEO diagnostics and high-quality content generation, which not only optimize stores but also provide a voice that resonates with customers.

However, some users have experienced initial difficulties with the app, noting issues such as the need for more responsive communication from the support team. But, I personally did not have such an issue.

Despite these challenges, the customer service team is noted for its attentiveness and ongoing improvements to the app, which has reassured users and encouraged them to continue using the product.

Overall, the feedback suggests that Alpharank is a good tool for anyone looking to improve their online visibility and sales.

Pros & Cons Of Using AlphaRank

Vast Keyword Database

Insights from Top Merchants

Enhanced Precision with Advanced Technology

One-Click SEO Optimization

AI Dependency


✅ Vast Keyword Database

When you tap into AlphaRank, you’re accessing a powerful search intent database with over 100 million keywords. This vast resource comes with competitive insights that greatly enhance the relevance and engagement of your content.

✅ Insights from Top Merchants

You also gain from the collective wisdom of over 300,000 top merchants. This wealth of merchant insights gives you a serious competitive edge in SEO and allows you to craft informed, data-driven strategies.

✅ Enhanced Precision with Advanced Technology

Experience 50% greater precision in your SEO efforts thanks to AlphaRank’s cutting-edge algorithms and integration with GPT-4 TURBO.

This enhancement boosts the accuracy of semantic analysis, helping you to fine-tune your keyword selection and overall SEO tactics.

✅ One-Click SEO Optimization

AlphaRank truly simplifies the process. With one-click efficiency, you can bypass the complex, traditional 20-step SEO routine.

Just one click starts the process, and AlphaRank handles the rest, supporting your SEO journey every step of the way.


❌ AI Dependency

Although the use of AI in AlphaRank brings a cutting-edge approach to SEO, it may lack the depth and subtlety that human expertise contributes to search engine optimization strategies.



AlphaRank is a great option for Shopify store owners who want to improve their SEO and get more visibility online. Its AI-powered features make SEO tasks like creating content and enhancing product listings simpler, which can be a big help in e-commerce strategies.

From my perspective, the real value of AlphaRank lies in its ability to democratize SEO, making it accessible and manageable even for novices in the digital marketing space. The intuitive design and automated features can help bridge the gap between small businesses and larger competitors by optimizing web content effectively and efficiently.

However, it’s important to keep in mind some downsides. AlphaRank is specifically made for Shopify, so if you use a different e-commerce platform, it won’t work for you.

Also, while its AI-driven tools are innovative, they may not always match the detailed and flexible understanding that comes from human SEO experts.

Given these points, AlphaRank is very effective in certain situations, but you should think about whether it fits well with your particular needs.

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