Best Shopify Apps for Merchandising

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How you display your products in your online store and how easy you make it for people to view them can make the difference between highly successful Shopify dropshipping stores and mediocre ones.

You can take advantage of simple Shopify merchandising apps and enjoy a long list of benefits that you can thoroughly explore below.

For example, depending on the apps you install, you can easily integrate gorgeous size charts for your clothing store, display clean and elegant special offers, and so much more.

Let’s explore the full benefits of installing merchandising apps for your Shopify store.

Benefits of Merchandising

merchandising shopify apps

Show Off Your Products

Enjoy being able to fully customize how your products look in your store. Offer size charts, quick view, even 3D models, and more.

merchandising shopify apps

Offer Subscriptions

Help customers easily sign up for monthly or yearly subscriptions for your products or services.


Shopify merchandising apps

Custom Product Variants

Create as many custom product variants as you wish and elegantly display all of them in your store.



Alluring Product Display

✓ Let customers instantly look at product details straight from the catalog page

✓ Completely customize how each product is displayed and viewed

✓ Instantly insert detailed size charts or similar features for any relevant products

Custom Product Variations

✓ Let customers choose between sizes, colors, models, or any other choices that are relevant

✓ Allow viewers to submit custom orders with their own designs or other important features

✓ Include or exclude certain features for particular products or services with a simple click


Gifting Products

✓ Let customers send their orders as gifts to the person of their choosing

✓ Offer limitless customized gift wraps and messages

✓ Allow users to schedule when the gifts should be sent

Additional Features

✓ Easily sell digital products in your store and allow customers to download them

✓ Offer users to effortlessly send donations for your cause with a single click of a button

✓ Avoid third-party tools and let clients book appointments directly from your site

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