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Are you willing to sell scrapbooking products, but you are in doubt because of the rise of technology? Do not overthink it.

Even though the technology is rising and there are a million apps for making and editing images, the scrapbooking market is not dead!

Scrapbooking is a $2.5 billion a year industry in the United States, and it’s becoming more popular in Canada. Although some may consider scrapbooks to be campy and cheesy, the growing demand for a chic and timeless presentation of photos and memories from special events means you can make money scrapbooking.

Embellishments like stickers, buttons, ribbons, wallpaper, flowers, and photo-safe pens are great for decorating the pages of the scrapbook and are all products to sell from the scrapbooking niche. 


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In-Depth Analysis

Everything you need to know about the trend Explore Niche: Scrapbooking in one place!


Google Trends: Scrapbooking is a growing hobby, and scrapbooking sections in craft stores are expanding online. Scrapbooking ideas and scrapbook paper are popular right now.

Timing: Scrapbooking history now includes the internet’s impact on this popular hobby. Scrapbooking supplies are now available all over the world. There are numerous scrapbooking websites, many of which provide layout collection. Recently, an online scrapbook sketches book was released, as well as well-made scrapbook themes that can only be printed and used. 

Scrapbookers can now find answers to their scrapbooking questions and order supplies online in seconds, thanks to technological advancements and the internet. Scrapbookers can also choose to scrapbook by hand or digitally.

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Interesting statistics: Today, the Scrapbooking industry is reaching $1.5 billion, and is showing no signs of slowing down. n the United States, there are now over 3,000 scrapbooking stores, serving 25 million scrapbookers.

Audience Challenges

As we saw the market segments for scrapbooking include mostly women between 30-45, and also single dads, we can conclude that scrapbooking products can be marketed as family-friendly or family-centric.

Audiences are looking for high-quality, aesthetically appealing products. Scrapbooks are frequently kept for years and even passed down through families, so tape, glue, and decals must be highly adhesive and long-lasting.

As a dropshipping seller, you must pay attention to the suppliers you choose and the quality of products they will deliver. These types of products, like albums, stickers, glues, and tapes can be easily damaged, so you might require very good packaging.

Customers are mostly using scrapbooking products for occasions like Anniversaries Scrapbook, Baby Scrapbook, Birthday Scrapbook, Christmas Scrapbook, Family Scrapbook, Family Heritage Scrapbook, Friendship Scrapbook, and Graduation Scrapbook.

Most of the products they buy online are, albums, cardstock, solid-colored papers, patterned papers, adhesives, like, blocks, ribbons, buttons, chipboard accents, pens in different colors that are fade-proof or water-proof, scissors and trimmers, embellishments, Scrapbook Kits, Page Protectors, etc. 


As you are a dropshipping seller, your competitors might be websites that sell scrapbook products arranging from albums to scissors and trimmers to stickers and embellishments, etc.

It is most likely that your primary competitors will be businesses that sell scrapbooking niche products online, with good quality, affordable prices, and established brand awareness. According to this, some of your competitors’ businesses might be, Scrapbook.com, Joann’s, Fabric and Craft Store., Altenew, Simon Says Stamp, Paper Wishes, ScrapbookingStore.com., etc. 

Other groups of competitors are secondary competitors, and these might be the ones with well-established brands: A Cherry On Top, Creative Memories, Vacation Scrapbook Supply, and more.

Companies like Amazon, Target, and Walmart sell skin care products for the lowest prices, and these might also be your threatening competitors.


Embellishments costs vary from 0.5 to 10 dollars. Average sale prices of this type of product are between $1 – 15. Profit margins reach a level around 30-50 %. Market saturation is competitive and the purchase cycle is characterized by repetitive buyers.

Scrapbooking stickers costs vary from 1 to 5 dollars. Average sale prices of this type of product are between $3 – 25. Profit margins reach a level around 80-84%. Market saturation is competitive and the purchase cycle is characterized by repetitive buyers.

Scissors costs vary from  1 to 14 dollars. Average sale prices of this type of product are between $3-36 USD. Profit margins reach a level from 62% to 66%.  Market saturation is competitive and the purchase cycle is characterized by repetitive buyers.


Influencers: @micaelaferrero, @alagaina_scrap, @bella_rica_design, @ira_angold, @nuriasolete, @aluacid, @lola_scrap, @sweetmomabcn, @maggiehdesign, @anastasijacernova

Blogs: Scrapbook.com, CraftGossip | Scrapbooking, Ali Edwards Blog, Shimelle.com, Stamp & Scrapbook EXPO, Scrapbook & Cards Blog

Communities: Paperclipping.com, ScrapHappy.org, Scrapbooking the day away, Scrapbook Addicts

Subreddits: r/scrapbooking, r/Scrapbook, r/crafts


Customers can be divided into segments based on various characteristics. So, current market segmentation results show that groups of customers who mostly demand avid scrapbookers (women) aged between 20-45, women over 45, scrapbooking products are teens and pre-teens aged between 10 to 19 years old, and single dads.

Scrapbooking has 81% female to 19% male gender customers. 

Data analysis of women as a target audience revealed that the majority of women scrapbookers were between the ages of 30 and 45, nearly half were employed full-time, and 82% had a college education.


Scrapbook ideas keyword search volume is high, which is 201,000. The average cost per click is $0.93. Other searchable keywords related are Scrapbook, with 60,500 searches and CPC of $ 0.74 than scrapbook pages, scrapbook paper, and scrapbook supplies.

The keyword paper crafts search volume is high, up to 60,500 searches per month. The average cost per click is $0.67. The most searchable keywords connected to the keyword are paper crafts easy, paper crafts for kids, and paper crafts Christmas.

 Scrapbook stickers keyword average search is 4,400 per month. The average cost per click is $0.67. The most searchable keywords connected to the keyword are scrapbook stickers wedding, scrapbook stickers printable, and scrapbook stickers love.


Because of the COVID-19 and lockdowns, people had so much more time to look back and capture some of the memories they built before COVID. In addition to this people started to gain more interest in scrapbooking their memories, and this resulted in market growth for scrapbooking products. In 2020 around 4 billion dollars were spent on paper crafts for scrapping. Today Scrapbooking is a $2.5 billion a year industry in the United States.

Following trends for scrapbooking products in 2022 include cardstocks with solid colored papers. Customers prefer acid-free and lignin-free papers. Patterned papers are even trendier. They come in a variety of designs, weights, textures, themes, etc.  

Adhesives are also very desirable pieces from the double-sided adhesive, tape runner, glue dots, and glue stick to liquid glue.  

From all scrapbooking products, embellishments are having their moment. Most demanded designs are flower embellishments, ephemera frames and tags, journaling cards, decorative chipboards, die-cut cardstock pieces, bling jewels, multicolor gem rhinestone stickers, and more.

Customers choose pens that are pigment ink, fade-proof, water-proof, and will keep their scrapbooking layouts safe.

Blue, neo mint, and mustard yellow have been incredibly popular color options. Butterflies, art deco, polka dots, grid patterns, and antique retro-inspired are the most popular designs for scrapbooking in 2022.


You can use Dropshipping.com for checking out products in the scrapbooking niche, which has a great base of products. Also, you can search for images on Pinterest, Unsplash, Pexels, etc.

Product considerations

What customers mostly take into consideration about scrapbooking products is the quality, size, width, materials, etc. Thus, all these characteristics are important for you as a seller.

Shipping costs may vary depending on the weight of the product. Thus, as the weight of the scrapbooking products varies, so will the cost of shipping the products. Also, another case when shipping costs vary is because of the size of the product. Larger product shipping costs might be higher. We also recommend you review the rules for COVID in international transfers.

There is a large supplier base available to pick from, such as Dropshipping.com, Aliexpress, or Amazon, make sure they have the supply and the product quality that you require.


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