Ashcroft Furniture: The Award-Winning Nominee Of Manufacturer of the Year at the Home Furnishings Association’s (HFA) 2024

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Is Ashcroft Furniture reshaping the future of home décor? In an industry where innovation meets elegance, Ashcroft Furniture Co. has not only pioneered modern and contemporary furniture designs but has also earned a prestigious nomination for the Home Furnishings Association’s (HFA) 2024 Manufacturer of the Year Award.

This recognition isn’t just about the quality of their pieces; it’s a nod to their groundbreaking approach to customer service and their unparalleled influence in the market.

So, what makes Ashcroft Furniture a beacon of excellence in a sea of competitors? Dive into the heart of their story, where innovation, customer satisfaction, and an award-worthy legacy blend seamlessly.

Who is Ashcroft Furniture?

Ashcroft Furniture Co. is a well-known supplier of wholesale furniture, offering a range of styles from mid-century modern to contemporary designs.

They’re excited to share that they’ve been nominated for the Home Furnishings Association’s (HFA) 2024 Manufacturer of the Year Award.

This award is a big deal in the furniture industry, given to companies that stand out for their innovation, customer service, and contributions to the field. The winners are picked by a diverse group of judges from the industry.

Ashcroft Furniture is recognized for distributing quality modern furniture to stores, online sellers, and interior designers across the USA.

They’re also a top choice for businesses looking to dropship furniture, having been ranked as the number one furniture dropshipping supplier in the country by

Ashcroft Furniture’s Background and Successes

For over 25 years, Ashcroft Furniture has made a name for itself in the US furniture market.

Based out of Sugar Land, Texas, near Houston, they operate a large, 100,000-square-foot warehouse that allows them to quickly ship products and offer local pickup.

Their website is user-friendly and always up-to-date with the latest inventory. While they’re known as Ashcroft Furniture today, they were once called Ashcroft Imports. The company’s leadership team is experienced and visible on platforms like Linkedin.

Recognized Excellence: The Award Nominee For Manufacturer of the Year Award

Ashcroft Furniture has received attention from well-known publications like Business Insider and Fox 40 for its achievements.

So, we are happy to announce that Ashcroft is in the running for the HFA’s Manufacturer of the Year Award again, a testament to their continued excellence in innovation, customer service, and industry contributions.

They’re not just a wholesale supplier; Ashcroft Furniture is at the forefront of the dropshipping market in the USA, offering a range of high-quality, modern furniture to a variety of customers.

Their partnership with Shopify Collective makes dropshipping even easier, allowing Shopify store owners to sell each other’s products seamlessly.

Michael Ford, the Wholesale Director at Ashcroft Furniture, emphasizes their straightforward approach: “You sell, we ship!”

The company welcomes a wide range of businesses into its dropshipping and wholesale program, which is free to join without any monthly fees or minimum order requirements.

Customers can find Ashcroft Furniture’s products online, including stylish and modern furniture for every room in the house.

They also cater to those living in smaller spaces with furniture that fits just right. Besides their own website, their products are available through major retailers like Home Depot, Wayfair, and Amazon.

What Customers Say

Ashcroft Furniture prides itself on a 98% customer satisfaction rate, a claim supported by overwhelmingly positive reviews online.

Their commitment to excellent customer service is clear, and their products are featured in MidinMod furniture stores in Houston, among other places.

For example, check their reviews on Amazon. 👇


In summary, Ashcroft Furniture Co. is making waves in the furniture industry with its quality products, innovative dropshipping solutions, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a standout choice for anyone in the market for new furniture.

In a world where quality and innovation often dictate market leaders, Ashcroft Furniture Co. has not only demonstrated its prowess in delivering exceptional furniture but has also solidified its position as a vanguard in the home furnishings industry.

The nomination for the HFA’s 2024 Manufacturer of the Year Award is not merely a recognition; it’s a testament to Ashcroft’s unwavering commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and its visionary approach to design and distribution.

As they continue to sculpt the future of furniture with every piece, Ashcroft Furniture isn’t just making furniture; they’re crafting experiences, setting trends, and building a legacy that stands out in the vast landscape of home decor.