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Trends to Launch an Ecommerce Site with Shopify Themes in 2024
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Chief of Content Marketing
Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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It’s become a good habit for us to begin every New Year by checking out the major web design and web development trends that will be in the biggest demand during the next 365 days. Ecommerce trends require our special attention.

Customers’ demands change yearly. The tricks and approaches to handling online stores that worked in 2023 can be less effective in 2024.

When you launch a dropshipping store with Shopify themes, it’s important to be aware of Ecommerce trends that reflect customers’ needs. 


What Makes Shopify the Top Choice for eCommerce? 

Shopify is undoubtedly the industry leader. Today, you can choose from 10+ Ecommerce platforms suited for building online stores.

Before discussing the major Ecommerce trends to launch online stores with Shopify themes in 2024, let’s check out some facts about the Ecommerce platform. 

  • In terms of the global market, Shopify’s share is slightly lower at 22%.
  • 1.75 million businesses worldwide have Shopify-based websites. 
  • Shopify offers a collection of 100+ free and premium online store themes for different topics and purposes.
  • You can also download Shopify themes from third-party platforms like TemplateMonster digital marketplace.
  • Shopify lets you sell in 175 countries worldwide. 
  • Online merchants can choose from more than 7,000 applications to customize the designs and layouts of their stores. 
  • Shopify is the only eCommerce platform that brings the latest technologies and trends to its ecosystem. 

Updating your online store with style and following the latest web design trends can have a major impact on your Ecommerce business success. A well-designed website is the face of every company.

It’s the first impression a customer will have about your business when they find it in search engines or social media. 

  • Keeping up with the latest Ecommerce design trends is important because it lets you keep your store modern and up-to-date. 
  • New web trends help you improve user experience on your website and increase conversions. 
  • Implementing the latest web design technologies ensures your website is competitive with other dropshipping stores. 
  • You can improve your website’s conversion rates by helping your customers easily find what they want. 
  • Launching an online store that utilizes the latest trends can make your website easier to navigate. 

If you don’t keep your website up-to-date, you could miss out on the opportunity to improve customer experience and capture more sales.

Unless your dropshipping store looks modern and trendy, you could be missing out on potential customers who prefer shopping on websites featuring innovative tools and functionality, which provides them with a smooth online shopping experience. 

Customers want to interact with innovative technologies through cutting-edge online stores.

Integrating your website with technologies like artificial intelligence, chatbots, web animations, storytelling, and other technologies allows today’s Ecommerce store owners to use online stores that meet their client’s desires from their point of view. 

Personalized Shopping Experience

Whether you are launching a Shopify theme-based startup or updating a large website that can compete with big brands like Nike, Best Buy, etc., utilizing user insights to create highly personalized online campaigns helps you deliver user experiences that will appeal to your audience. 

Below you can find several examples of how you can deliver personalized user experiences to your customers when they visit your online store. 

  • Enable voice-enabled search. 
  • Use chatbots.
  • Create an online application for your web store. 
  • Use 3D images. 
  • Create personalized campaigns by segmenting your audience based on their location, devices they use, search behavior, etc. 

To take full advantage of this eCommerce trend, you need to dig deep into conversational commerce.

It’s the automated technology powered by the rules of artificial intelligence, enabling brands to interact with chatbots and voice interfaces. With Shopify and third-party apps, you can fully use conversational commerce. 

Explore our guide: How to Remove ‘Powered by Shopify’.

To take full advantage of using this Ecommerce trend and prepare personalized campaigns, businesses should segment their audiences carefully and understand their customers’ needs and expectations. 

Remember that installing third-party apps on your website can slow down your web store’s speed. You can fix this by working on JavaScript. Whenever you lack the needed knowledge or skills, you can rely on professional help from Shopify experts. 

Mobile-First Designs 

mobile first design for ecommerce

The trend is not new. However, it getting more popular yearly. The number of mobile shoppers grows by leaps and bounds. According to the latest stats, mobile devices made up 58.26% of web traffic in 2024.

Around 50% of global consumers use their phones at least once daily to buy goods or services, so businesses of all scales and topics need to ensure their websites are optimized to look great on mobile devices.

Web designers and developers should prioritize the mobile-first user experience while working on their Ecommerce stores or applications. 

Mobile-first designs consider limited screen sizes and emphasize designing for mobile users first and then adapting for larger screens.

This approach lets web designers and web developers better focus on the essential content and functionality they want to deliver to their customers, which results in higher usability and better overall user experience.

Designing mobile-first allows eCommerce websites and applications to be better optimized for mobile devices, resulting in faster loading times and better performance.

A mobile-first website will also make your website more noticeable in search engines since Google prioritizes websites optimized for mobile.   

Appealing and Engaging Product Pages

Augmented reality, 3D photography, and virtual reality web design techniques have been popular since 2021.

They’ll still be popular in 2024. Such technologies not only engage the audience but also aid users in comprehending the goods or services they want. 

Creating appealing and interactive product pages is an important aspect of running a striking online store.

Using outstanding visuals, businesses can draw users’ attention by showcasing their offers in a way it makes a difference and drive more sales.

Designing an appealing product page from scratch or customizing the ones bundled with Shopify themes suggests that you work on designs that make a difference in every detail, from photography to product descriptions. 

Let’s consider the following example of the SECRID website. As you browse through the category and product pages, you can learn more about the unique design specifications of card protectors and wallets sold on the website.

The sticky search bar and floating Find Store bar are included to bring customers’ online shopping experience to the next level without distracting them from the product description and striking visuals. 

dropshipping store design


ecommerce chatbots

Chatbots have become increasingly popular in the eCommerce world.

These are artificial intelligence assistants helping brands to deliver personalized online shopping experiences to customers by providing personalized information based on their search intent, suggesting products or services a potential buyer is looking for.

Companies can benefit from using chatbots on their websites and by integrating the respective functionality into their social media profiles.

Today, you can find ready-made Shopify themes already bundled with chatbots or artificial intelligence or support integration with dedicated functionality.

Companies can use chatbots to provide personalized recommendations, answer users’ questions, and provide customer support services.

Chatbots can also help you streamline the checkout process on your Shopify store, helping customers to buy products quickly and more securely. 


Storytelling is one of the best and most effective approaches to designing effective and captivating product pages.

This Ecommerce trend allows companies to describe their offers and their peculiarities in a way that resonates with their client’s expectations. 

shopify themes design

The Tirabasso website features a bold view and focuses on product quality and customer satisfaction.

As people navigate the product pages, they get immersed in the interactive storytelling achieved using neat animations and parallax scrolling. 

Using visual graphics, Ecommerce stores can communicate compelling brand stories to their customers, bringing their products to life.

Such a technique helps companies create an emotional bond with their customers, thus gaining users’ trust and confidence.

Stories are beneficial for Ecommerce purposes. Businesses can present their deals in a more interesting and captivating style using the storytelling approach. 

Non-traditional Filters

Product filters play a big role in Ecommerce websites. However, today you will only surprise people by adding traditional product filters to your website. Fun page filters make eCommerce websites more innovative.

This Ecommerce trend provides online shoppers with a unique user experience, which standard filtering systems can hardly offer. 

There are many ways to integrate your website with non-traditional product filters. For example, you can use sliders or toggle switches instead of the traditional drop-down menu.

You can also help users identify products on your Ecommerce store by using visual elements, like icons, illustrations, and color coding. You can also get inspired by non-traditional filters used in ready-made Shopify themes.  


We expect web animations to become more popular among Ecommerce websites in 2024 than ever before.

Animations can serve multiple purposes and needs. In Ecommerce stores, web animations are used to provide customers with a more captivating and immersive shopping experience.

For example, web designers can use animations to show products in action, zoom in on product details, deconstruct objects, or make other striking transitions. 

ecommerce animations

Beva Can is a great example of a website using web animations for Ecommerce needs. They’ve chosen animations to boost engagement with different types of cans moving around on the front page of the store. T

his type of design quickly captures customers’ attention, helps them find the right products, and proceeds to the checkout process.

It also encourages users to make impulse purchases. The great user experience aims to grow customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases. 

Interactive Product Visuals

Consumer expectations grow as web technologies evolve. As long as users cannot touch and feel the products they are going to buy on a web store, Ecommerce website owners should find solutions to enhance the brand experience for online shoppers.

Using interactive product visuals is one of the proven ways to let customers interact with the products presented on a web store and explore the items from different angles before making a purchase. 

Interactive product visuals let customers interact with your products and focus on specific details or features.

Some of the best ways to boost your web store’s product interactivity are by integrating them with 3D animations, hover effects, 360° product view, and augmented reality, just to name a few. 

shopify themes 3d animations

Taleo website uses animated product images, letting users better explore the promoted items in action. 

Neutral & Pastel Colors

Using neutral and pastel colors should be your best choice if you want to create a calming and inviting environment on your dropshipping website.

This trend is popular among Shopify theme developers aiming to bring the focus of customers’ attention to the products and services promoted on a website. 

shopify themes

Capable Marketing website uses soft pastel colors to focus users’ attention on the courses promoted on their web page, creating an experience that extends the product pages.

Businesses and web design teams should be especially cautious when implementing neutral colors in web design. If done incorrectly, a website may appear washed out.

That is why it’s always a good idea to use ready-made Shopify themes where every element is thoroughly chosen to serve its purpose. 

Learn how to change themes on Shopify (a guide for dropshipping beginners).

Typography and Colors

Color and typography are the last but not least important Ecommerce trends to follow in 2024. Bold and eye-catching fonts made in contrasting colors are easy to read.

Such texts easily stand out from the other elements featured on a website. To make typography work to its full potential, it’s important to ensure it’s easy to read.

Using different font sizes and weights should also help you achieve a better content hierarchy on a web page. Besides, color choice is important.

The best approach is to use colors harmonizing with the web store’s overall design. 


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Ecommerce design trends are expected to expand further in 2024. Every website made from scratch or with the help of Shopify themes can create a web presence that is more engaging and interactive for customers.

The latest advancements in web technologies allow businesses significantly improve user experience, grow sales, and achieve greater customer loyalty.

Consider using the Ecommerce trends listed above to maximize the success of your dropshipping business in 2024!

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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.