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10 Useful Shopify Chrome Extensions for Your Ecommerce Store
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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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A report by Earth Web shows more than 3.23 billion people use Google Chrome. In the past few years, this browser has gone through significant improvements. Today, it allows quite a range of personalization capabilities. That’s why a Shopify Chrome Extension can be of a great helpp.

Its Web Store today is home to more than 150,000 Chrome extensions. They allow users to customize their UI and web. Moreover, the Shopify Chrome extensions are highly useful to dropshippers. 

People who want to launch e-commerce platforms will find them useful. E-commerce entrepreneurs can use Shopify Chrome extensions to conduct product searches.

Also, they are useful for competitor analysis and order fulfillment.

Dropshippers can use them to track prices and automate tasks or integrate with social media. Currently, about 4.8 million Shopify dropshipping stores benefit from Chrome extensions.


Why Do You Need Shopify Chrome Extensions?

fashionstore example

Chrome extensions are software that is added to the Chrome browser. Their work is to boost and personalize its uses. Choosing the right extension offers you an advantage. It lets you optimize the Shopify dropshipping store.

The extensions let you push your store to a higher level. Several reasons make using Shopify Chrome extensions useful. 

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✅ Price Monitoring

Dropshippers need to keep a close eye on price changes. Slight changes could affect margins and lower or increase revenue. Shopify Chrome extensions help monitor changes across multiple channels.

Hence, the information allows them to decide the amount they will charge for goods. 

Google Chrome offers thousands of extensions that enhance your browsing experience. Also, adding a Shopify Chrome extension means your computer needs more RAM to run your Shopify operations smoothly.

Eventually, the browser might use a lot of RAM significantly slow down the computer, and hamper your dropshipping efforts. When you begin using Shopify Chrome extensions, it is also important to remember to clean your Mac.

Cleaning removes system junk and all unnecessary tabs in the browser. You can learn how to tidy it up in CleanMyMac’s post. This will make it fast and power it up to carry on with your Shopify dropshipping work without any hassle.

✅ Purchase execution

Shopify data shows an average dropshipping store can receive 10 to 15 orders daily. Thus, some people on the Shopify community report receive up to 300 orders daily. In e-commerce, the store owner needs to forward the order to their suppliers.

The supplier packages and ships it to the customer. Order fulfillment is done manually which might take time or cause errors. Also, Shopify Chrome extensions help the store owner to execute the order with only one click.

✅ Searching products

The number of products that can be sold on Shopify for dropshipping is in the millions. Shopify data shows there are more than 16 million products certified on the platform.  Searching for the right products can be tedious.

With Shopify Chrome extensions, you can easily search for trending goods. The extensions let you check its reviews and data fast. Some extensions help dropshippers compare different platforms. For instance, they can compare WooCommerce vs Shopify or another platform. 

✅ Offering customer support

A report by Semrush shows the Shopify platform had a traffic flow of 191.56 million in December 2023 alone. Statistics by Medium show that all stores in the platform receive about 1.27 million requests per second.

Some dropshipping store owners outsource customer support to help keep up with inquiries. Quick replies are important to help make more sales. Thus, it affects the types of reviews the e-commerce store gets from users. Shopify Chrome extensions can help make the customer support experience better. 

✅ Analyzing competitors

SEO is important in dropshipping. It can help attract more shoppers and rank the e-store higher in search engines. Dropshippers need to understand who their competitors are.

Thus, they need to know their tricks and how they are making it. It can help the store owner optimize product listings. Moreover, improved listings can raise the Shopify conversion rate and thus higher profits. Shopify Chrome extensions are useful for competitor analysis. 

✅ Conducting e-store metrics

Proper data collection is useful for driving a dropshipping store into success. A research report shows about 27% of e-stores leverage dropshipping as their main sales model. The data they generate is useful for enhancing performance.

Dropshipping stores launch different campaigns to boost sales. It is important to analyze the performance of different advertising activities. Shopify Chrome extensions help conduct e-store metrics. 

✅ Creating an impressive dropshipping store

An online dropshipping store on Shopify is open 24/7. It allows customers to shop day and night and brings revenue to your account. Creating an e-store with clear images makes your store attractive.

Online Dasher statistics show that 75% of shoppers online make decisions based on product photos. Also, further reports show quality product images increase conversion rate by 94%. Some Shopify Chrome extensions help you fine-tune the images. They allow image editing to create the most impressive store. 

✅ Integrating Shopify store with social media

Social media is a vital source for Shopify dropshippers. It lets them expand their e-stores to higher levels. Data shows about 4.95 billion people use social media. Integrating your e-store with social platforms opens unlimited opportunities for dropshipping businesses.

If you are planning to start dropshipping this year, extensions for social media might be useful to consider. Thus, they can help keep track of user actions and create a customized audience. Moreover, they are useful for audience optimization and retargeting.

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Best Shopify Chrome Extensions on Google

A Shopify Chrome extension is considered best for Shopify dropshipping due to the features it offers. It should provide a smooth interaction with your e-store to allow it to function well. Depending on the type of extension, it should offer competitive analysis and customization features. 

The extension must be easy to integrate with other platforms such as CRM. It should offer security features that ensure the smooth running of your store. The top Shopify Chrome extensions include the following. 

1. Grammarly

Grammarly can help make written content better. It helps create marketing information that communicates with clients more effectively. Well-written content improves the image and credibility of a dropshipping store.

Hence, quality content increases client confidence and attracts more revenue. Moreover, you need to install it as a Chrome extension on Shopify. 

What to use Grammarly for 

  • Check if the writing tone of your product descriptions is correct. Check whether your blog and email content for your dropshipping store is error-free. 
  • Customize it to fit your content needs such as social media posts tailored for your audience. 
  • Use the tool to review suggestions for errors and correct them. 
  • Use it to check plagiarism to ensure your content is original. 

2. ColorZilla

The beauty of your e-store is important. The colors you choose and the product arrangement style is useful. Plus, you need to choose colors that fit your brand colors.

ColorZilla Shopify Chrome extension lets you use its wide range of colors to create an attractive store. Moreover, it helps you create a store design that matches the colors of the products and logo. 

What to use ColorZilla for 

  • Create an impressive store that displays color uniformity all through. 
  • Personalize each page of your store by matching the colors of the products with the rest of the page. 
  • Mix and match different colors to achieve the best look of your e-store. 

3. Shopify App Detector

You might want to know the different types of applications running on your dropshipping store. The Shopify App Detector analyzes the store and displays the applications in use. Also, the reports empower you to tweak the apps to gain enhanced functionality. Plus, it is a very helpful Shopify Chrome Extension.

What to use Shopify App Detector for 

  • Scan your Shopify store to view all installed apps. 
  • Get detailed data about the apps. It provides the developer information, the name of the app, and its work. 
  • Analyze the apps your competitors are using. Know the functions of the apps. 
  • Evaluate the apps in your store to determine their value. Assess their features to decide whether they are worth keeping. 

4. Buffer

Buffer Shopify Chrome extension allows users to plan and organize marketing on social media. It makes sharing easy and allows personalized posting. You can use it to schedule posts to reach audiences in real time.

Statistics by the Social Shepherded show the social media conversion rate on Shopify stands at 1.81%. Store Leads reports that 47.2% of Shopify stores use Instagram while 43.5% use Facebook. 

What to use Buffer for 

  • Collaborate with people on social media for enhanced marketing.
  • Browse content on Chrome and share it on different social media accounts.
  • Track post-engagement performance using its analytics features. 
  • Create a scheduled time to post content. 

5. Koala Inspector

Koala Inspector is an important business intelligence tool for Shopify stores. Once you install this powerful Shopify Chrome extension, it begins to spy on other dropshipping stores. Plus, its purpose is to offer intelligence on what your competitors are doing.

A report by Market Splash shows businesses using BI increased revenue by 12% in 2023. Also, they reduced operational costs by 23%. Moreover, their efficiency increased by 80%. 

What to use Koala Inspector for 

  • Analyze competitor Shopify stores for insights.
  • Get ideas on the marketing strategy competitors are using. View the content types they are using.
  • View the channels competitors are using to market.
  • Know the products competitors are selling and the prices or promotions they are offering. 

6. Lusha

Lusha Shopify Chrome extension you find contacts for leads and guide them through the funnel. Dropshipping statistics by Ippei show that lead generation attracts a return of 80% – 90%. Vantage Market Research estimates the dropshipping market value will stand at $931.9 billion in 2030. Lusha offers different tools to help build contact lists and leads. 

What to use Lusha for 

  • Gather and guide leads through different channels. 
  • Integrate it with CRM to offer better services. Transfer email contacts from CRM to Lusha.
  • Launch campaigns to help you build contact lists. 
  • Verify information for accuracy to ensure contact details gathered are accurate. 


POKY Shopify Chrome extension allows you to import products from multiple platforms to your Shopify dropshipping store. It is a good option when creating an e-store from scratch.

Also, you just need to copy and paste the products directly from the supported platforms. In addition, Forbes reports that 20.8% of consumer purchases happen online. Unfortunately, 57% of shoppers cannot refer users to a poorly designed store. 

What to use POKY for 

  • Use it to shop for products across different supported platforms
  • Drag and drop or import the products into your Shopify store

8. ChatGPT for Amazon & Shopify

ChatGPT for Amazon & Shopify is designed to help you sell. Thus, it is a great Shopify Chrome Extension.

Thus, you can program it to answer queries from customers. It helps analyze trends and create quality content for marketing. It is useful when creating prompts and product descriptions. 

What to use ChatGPT for 

  • Use it to deliver automated replies to customer queries. 
  • Gather and analyze feedback from customers for better insights. 
  • Develop informative content to educate customers on various topics. 
  • Use it to offer multiple language support for customers across the world. 
  • Make customized product recommendations and descriptions.

9. Bardeen

Bardeen allows you to quickly connect or switch from one app to the next. You may want to start a meeting fast or connect with a collaboration app. Integrating the Bardeen Shopify Chrome extension makes this process seamless. 

What to use Bardeen for 

  • Automate most Shopify dropshipping tasks such as sales and hiring.
  • Extract data from market research and summarize it. 
  • Quickly switch from one app to the next.
  • Bring all workflows into one place.
  • Use it to integrate apps and sites

10. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb provides estimations of traffic volume on your Shopify store. It lets you see the keywords visitors are typing most.

Moreover, the tool offers a detailed analysis of traffic behavior across your site. 

What to use SimilarWeb for 

  • Use it to get a view of top referring sites
  • View your competitor and other similar websites.
  • View traffic sources for your competitors.
  • Get a view of the level of traffic engagement on your site. 
  • Show where visitors go after leaving your site and how they leave.


Chrome extensions can help improve your Shopify dropshipping store in a big way. Shopify Chrome extension improves the store’s usefulness and effectiveness. They contain features that enhance the administration of the store.

What’s more, the tools provide insightful data and streamline all necessary operations. So, integrating them optimizes your experience and that of your customers.

Furthermore, they allow you to personalize your e-store to meet your needs and that of your customers.

Also, a Shopify Chrome extension keeps your store up to date with the latest trends. With over 150,000 options to choose from, you need to stay informed about the best options for you.  

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