Best Shopify Apps for Customer Service

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Customer Service

Great customer service is one of the most important features of any online business. By utilizing customer service apps on your Shopify store, you ensure that all of your customers are happy and satisfied.

All of that eventually results in more sales, more profits, an excellent brand reputation, and countless more repeat customers.

There are different types of Shopify apps that help ensure you have amazing customer service. With them also come lots of other different benefits as well.

Benefits that can help you increase sales even further, build a better brand, and significantly reduce refunds or returns.

So, let’s have a look at how you can fully benefit by installing Shopify customer service apps.

Benefits of Customer Service

customer service apps

Fast Messaging

It’s imperative that every potential buyer can easily reach you regarding any questions they may have. With the right apps, this becomes a quick and easy process for all.

Order Tracking

Allow customers to easily track their orders with a simple click. This can significantly increase the rating they leave and instill others to buy from you.

product return apps

Effortless Returns

A few returns are bound to happen. You can make returns a stress-free experience and still leave the customer satisfied.


Manage Customers

✓ Collect crucial customer data to easily grow your business

✓ Survey your customers and learn how to improve your store

✓ Save time and analyze all customer inquiries on a single dashboard



✓ Enable live chat to instantly answer potential buyers’ questions

✓ Provide contact forms so customers can leave detailed inquiries regarding anything about your store

✓ Create the perfect FAQ page so you never have to deal with the same questions over and over


Post-Purchase Services

✓ Let those who’ve purchased something effortlessly track their order

✓ Send personalized “Thank You” notes after purchase to increase loyalty and repeat orders

✓ Analyze customer feedback to improve your store and reduce returns

Personal Customer Accounts

✓ Retain more customers with personal store accounts and special deals just for them

✓ Make their shopping experience easier by providing a Wishlist feature

✓ Allow customers to gain various rewards by earning points when they buy

Best Apps for

Customer Service

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