Google Analytics URL Builder Tool

For accurate advertising campaign tracking use our Google Analytics URL Builder Tool. It helps you highlight your efforts & maximize your budget.

Google Analytics URL Builder Tool

One of the most important factors that businesses need to consider when it comes to running an online business is link tracking. Tracking URLs can help them identify which pieces of content are performing well and which are failing. It can also help them track the various activities that are driving traffic to their website.

Tracking URL is of great help for all business owners and marketers because they can analyze business and marketing campaigns’ effectiveness all the time. They can track how specific sources, advertising, or media are working.

Without tracking, you might end up generating a lot of traffic and then not knowing where it came from. This is especially true if you have a variety of different activities that are driving traffic to a particular page, such as banner ads, blog posts, emails, PPC, etc.

The Benefits Of USing URL Builder Tool

Getting traffic from various sources is very beneficial, but it can be hard to track and manage. Having to keep track of all the different activities that are contributing to the traffic is also important to ensure that you have the most effective strategies.

Some online businesses are working without tracking URLs, by creating individual landing pages for every unique source. This can be good, but it is so much more time-consuming technique than using a tracking URL.

One way to track URLs is by using the Google Analytics URL Builder tool. This tool uses campaign variables to tag URLs and then uses an automated reporting tool to keep track of the progress. Campaign variables help you to track which of your promotions are generating the most traffic/conversions.

This option is a time-saver for businesses, and also is a very easy way to always be up to date with your e-commerce business traffic and where it is coming from!

How does Google Analytics URL Builder Tool work? Google Analytics URL Builder uses UTM parameters, which are added to your URL and are used to generate Google Analytics data.

UTM refers to Urchin Traffic Monitor. So, UTM is a parameter added to the end of your link to track the source of the traffic coming to your site. A UTM is contained in the URL Base, which refers to the address of the page, and right after it is the tracking parameter strings. This component includes mandatory and optional parameters.

Mandatory parameters are:

路        Campaign Source: The source port in the link tells us where the traffic is coming from.  For example, if the traffic is from Facebook, the source would be utm_source=Facebook.

路        Campaign Medium: It can identify the medium, such as affiliate links, paid traffic, QR codes, social links, PPC, etc. The UTM parameter is utm_medium.

路        Campaign Name: The campaign name is inserted in the tracking URL and is used for identification. The UTM parameter is utm_campaign.

Optional parameters are:

路        Campaign Term: This is used to examine the performance of the keywords during a paid campaign. The UTM parameter is utm_term.

路        Campaign Content: It is an item used to direct traffic to your site, like, a picture, a hyperlink, or a button. This parameter is effective if you have many links denoting the same URL, you may apply it to tell them apart. The UTM parameter is utm_content.

Here鈥檚 an example of an URL tracking link:

The words bolded above in the link are called parameters.  Here鈥檚 a breakdown of what these URL parameters mean:

  • Campaign medium (utm_medium): The marketing channel of your campaign (e.g., cpc, social)
  • Campaign source (utm_source): The individual source of your marketing channel (e.g., google, facebook)
  • Campaign name (utm_campaign): The name of your campaign (e.g., red_dress_sale, dress_sale)
  • Campaign ID (utm_id): The specific ad campaign (e.g., reddress.a, reddress.b)
  • Campaign content (utm_content): The different links that point to the same final destination (e.g., logolink, textlink)
  • Campaign term (utm_term): The specific keywords for paid search (e.g., reporting+tool, automated+scheduling+tool)

Why Google Analytics URL Builder Tool is useful for your business?

One of the most useful tools for e-commerce business owners and marketers is URL tracking, which allows them to keep track of their campaigns’ activities.

We recommend you to use our Google Analytics URL Builder Tool. It can help you to highlight your efforts and maximize your budget. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that keeping track of the click-throughs from your links is very important.

This method has changed the way traditional marketing has been done. Instead of waiting for the results, you should use the most accurate analytics available.

One of the most important advantages of using a tracking link is that it can help you analyze the performance of your company on various social media platforms. It can also help you identify the most effective campaigns. Another advantage of using a tracking link is that it can help improve the conversion rate of a website by providing a tailored experience.

You can easily create a campaign’s URL using the Google Analytics URL Builder tool. This feature will allow you to save time and energy by making the process of creating a campaign’s link quick and simple.

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