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We are proud inventors of the yoga swing and continue to provide innovative and effective therapy and fitness tools and techniques to encourage conscious health in a creative and independent manner. We do not believe in social norms nor that things should be done a certain way and therefore we promote the use of our products as a means to an end, to break past barriers and to achieve your own personal realization. We consider all of our connections from point A (manufacturing an idea) to point B (the customers) a part of the Omni Gym family. We take heed to individual needs, our social and environmental impact and we work hard to keep YOU satisfied and smiling. Join the Movement!

Our mission, as a family owned and operated company, is dedicated to promoting fun fitness, effective back and neck care and personal transformation for every body, without limitations on the place, age, physical ability or economic ability.

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  • Company is based in US
  • Average processing time of 7+
  • Most likely a dropshippers
  • Cost range of products is $500 - $1500
  • Minimum Order: 1
  • Shipping Cost: varies

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  • Supplier Location: US
  • Supplier Address: 171 E 18th St, Chico CA 95928
  • Phone Number: 1-530-332-9642
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$500 - $1500


This supplier has not been verified therefore we recommend being cautious.