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Vivere Ltd is a globally successful outdoor living company that strives to provide high quality hammocks, sun loungers, and patio furniture to our customers. With our mantra, RELAX THE WORLD, in the forefront of our mind, we design, innovate and introduce products that will allow the user to experience rest and relaxation in their outdoor and leisure spaces.

Starting in the early 2000s as a small home-office based company that exclusively developed and sold hammocks, Vivere has grown to world-wide success. While primarily based out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, over the years we have spread our reach with additional headquarters and warehouses in Europe, USA, Australia, and Asia. Alongside this growth we have developed and continue to maintain the number 1 best-selling hammock combo across the globe.

At Vivere our primary focus is providing the finest quality hammocks, accessories, and outdoor furniture made with quality materials, while at the same time priding ourselves on maintaining superior customer service. Throughout the years we have developed and created growth in the outdoor living category. Our fresh, contemporary designs and vibrant, exclusive colours have continued to flourish are a mainstay for our brand. It is our aspiration to promote a calming and relaxing atmosphere for each and every one of our customers from coast-to-coast, continent-to-continent. Whether that be in the backyard or at the cottage, on a balcony or in a sunroom, in a public park or on a backpacking adventure, it is our hope at Vivere Ltd that you will enjoy a balance lifestyle and the relaxation you deserve in the best way possible!

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  • Company is based in CA
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  • Cost range of products is $100 - $500
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  • Supplier Location: CA
  • Supplier Address: 5067 Whitelaw Road Guelph, Ontario, N1H 6J4
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$100 - $500


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