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SafeRacks is designed to be the strongest overhead storage solution available with a lifetime warranty to back it up. Our products offer unmatched versatility in the garage storage industry.

We offer unmatched service and product versatility in the garage storage industry. Our company specializes in overhead storage racks and offer an array of other life changing products for your home, garage, and other organizational needs.

The news has traveled around the neighborhood about Mr. Hoarder’s loss. With the Hoarders it’s a full family effort to find mom; hopefully they find grandpa too.

Find out what happens when your garage becomes an unmanageable mess…

SafeRacks is a committed partner in many local communities across the country, and a proud supporter of the brave servicemen and women of the US Armed Forces by actively helping veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project.

When possible, we offer a helping hand to charities by raising support for homelessness, workers with disabilities, supporting military veterans.

SafeRacks is designed first and foremost for maximum strength and durability. Our racks come in a number of sizes and are suitable for any garage.The SafeRacks design is backed with a lifetime product warranty at specific weight capacities when evenly balanced.

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