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The concept of Naturally Vain came from our mother, years before we decided to start our business. The ingredients of the beauty products we used around the house caught her eye one day. Upon seeing that her family used products that contained things like chemicals, preservatives, and other unpronounceable ingredients, she became very concerned and decided to do something about it.

Our mother decided to create her own line of shampoos and soaps using only the best natural oils and types of butter available. Her passion for creating better beauty products for her children to use soon extended to friends and family too. Not long after that, our mother began selling her products locally at trade shows and in small boutiques. People loved them. No matter where our mother went, her natural products flew off the shelves and the demand for them increased beyond the capabilities of a home-based business. 

So we created Naturally Vain. The business stays true to our mother’s original intent; to create handmade natural beauty products that families around the world feel good about using. We’ve expanded from the original home-based business and we’ve sold thousands of soaps and other beauty products since then. But we remain committed to rigorously inspecting every product we manufacture to make sure that they meet the Naturally Vain promise. From day one. Our promise to you: Top quality, handcrafted products with premium ingredients from nature. Cruelty-Free and Vegan. Crafted with care and thought. Handmade with nature.

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Great Customer Service. Went to the bayshore mall and left with a bunch of great products at a fair price.

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$20 - $50


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