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My Grandma's of New England® started an industry in 1990 with their original Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake - and with good reason. These decadent, dinner-worthy cakes are made from the finest and freshest ingredients available. The moistness and flavor of the cake are unmatched. All cakes are handmade and certified Kosher under Orthodox supervision.

And there really was a Grandma! My Grandma's of New England® started baking coffee cakes in a modest 250 square foot bakery in a remote section of Newton, Massachusetts. Baking her famous Cinnamon Walnut coffee cake in her kitchen, Grandma's business grew steadily by word of mouth. Soon, customers were driving from locations as far away as one hour to buy one of her cakes that were still warm from the oven. Completely selling out was a daily occurrence. Around major holidays, word quickly spread that if you wanted a cake for your family to enjoy, you had to place your order at least one week in advance.

Today our line includes the New England Blueberry, Granny Smith Apple, Cape Cod Cranberry, Cranberry & Blueberry (Red, White & Blue Patriot Cake), Lemon Poppy, Pineapple Coconut, Banana Walnut, Chocolate Chip Walnut, Ted Williams Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice (Sept-Dec). Our cakes are packed in a plastic freezer bag that preserves freshness whether fresh or frozen. Shelf Life is the bag is 14 days when unrefrigerated and up to 12 months if frozen. Cakes are shipped via UPS or UPS Sure Post with an estimated arrival at their destination within 4 business days of shipment (no guaranty).

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