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Monave began as a small handcrafting business run out of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The owner, a makeup artist herself, frustrated with the poor quality of the products which were available in the wholesale arena, to purchase for her fledgling business, spent years creating her own formulas from scratch . With determination, talent, and an unwavering commitment to cleaning up the makeup industry, both socio-politically, and literally, she expanded her product range piece by piece, color by color, customer by customer.

As word grew, the line continue to respond to the challenge of meeting the needs of people from every age range, ethnic group, and lifestyle. The company developed its values, as a herald to the revolution in the personal care industry, a revolution of transparency, wellness, and an equitable workplace.

Each product that Monave crafts is made with an intense commitment to ingredient quality, product performance, sustainability, and freshness. Fresh Ingredients are purchased from small, organic farms, and mineral ingredients are child-labor free, and free of irritants and toxins, such as dyes, lakes, and carmine. Radically planet-friendly standards are at the basis of every decision that is made.

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  • Company is based in US
  • Average processing time of 7+
  • Most likely a wholesalers
  • Cost range of products is 1 - 10
  • Shipping Cost: free


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