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In 2007 wild fires raged through San Diego County leaving a wide trail of destruction in their wake.  Glenn and Shari Kunz and their son David were living in the area, but remained largely unconcerned by the fires moving in their direction.  News broadcasts had promised that residents of threatened areas would receive a phone call notifying them when to evacuate the area.  For the Kunz family, the fact that they hadn't received this call meant that they were safe from imminent danger.

At the same time their son, Daniel, was in Idaho watching news broadcasts which displayed images of raging walls of fire headed in the direction of his family home. Daniel called his parents several times urging them to begin evacuating the area but the Kunz family was reluctant to leave their home without the promised phone call from the authorities.

The phone call never came.  Before they knew it, it was too late for them to gather their precious belongings.  The danger was too close at hand and their escape had to be executed as quickly as possible.  Thankfully, the Kunz family had recently placed all important and essential documents into their Guardian Survival Kits.  Grabbing their backpacks, they exited their home and drove away in time to see massive blazes consuming the world around them.

Days later after the all-clear had been given, the entire Kunz family returned to their home to see what remained. The house had a steel structure and the expectation was at least the basic foundation of the home would remain intact.  Instead what they found was charred ash and melted steel.  Their home was gone. All of their worldly belongings including every remnant of Daniel, David & their sister, Jaime's childhood were erased.  Seeing the wreckage was harrowing, but the Kunz family was grateful that they'd survived.

In 2006 Guardian hired their first part-time employee, Ben a high school student who came to the office after classes to assemble kits. It was in 2007 that Guardian's growth began to soar. Through several strategic changes and new manufacturer relationships, Guardian was able to begin utilizing a warehouse to assemble kits and drop ship products. Within the year Guardian was one of the largest wholesale forces in the industry.

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