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That began in 1995, with just two sewing machines, the two of us, and a casual seamstress. After initially directing our business towards the retailing and manufacture of clothing, we were inspired by woolgrower friends in Western Queensland to design products that utilized the numerous strengths of Australian wool.

Our products are designed to last a lifetime. By using the very best materials such as pure Australian wool, a durable oilskin fabric, strong leather handles and the toughest stitching we could find, we’ve created an extensive range of products which we are truly proud of. Indeed we have received various awards for them, including the Reed Australian Gift Award in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and recently the Best Father’s Day Range with our Golf products.

Didgeridoonas® products are sold through selected stockists across Australia and we proudly export to a growing number of countries around the globe. Many Australian and International companies also use our products to promote their businesses.

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  • Company is based in AU
  • Average processing time of 7+
  • Most likely a dropshippers
  • Cost range of products is $50 - $100
  • Minimum Order: 1
  • Shipping Cost: varies

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  • Website: http://www.didgeridoonas.com.au/
  • Supplier Location: AU
  • Supplier Address: 1A Livestock Way, Pakenham VIC 3810
  • Phone Number: 1300 447 396
  • Email: sales@didgeridoonas.com.au

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$50 - $100


This supplier has not been verified therefore we recommend being cautious.