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he best in baby clothing, gifts and accessories

Whether it's a baby shower, sprinkle, new baby or kids clothing and accessories, we have something for every little one. Shop our beautiful 100% pima cotton layette, as well as other finely curated brands to find that special unique item. We offer monogramming on many of our items to help you create those priceless treasures that become your most coveted memories. We have gorgeous newborn photo shoot items to capture those first days. We pride ourselves on find coordinating pieces that are sure to be the hit of the baby shower.  If you need help, call us and we will be more than happy to help put together a gift perfect for you within your budget.  We offer shipping and curbside pickup for those who live near our retail location. 

Classic baby styles; shabby chic for baby; clean lines and most importantly, gorgeous fabric selections are what set us apart. Take home outfits are our specialty. Browse our gorgeous selection of whimsical prints and classic styles for the perfect take me home set. Our beautiful baby blankets are perfect go to gifts and are always considered treasured keepsakes. Our complete selection of baby girl headbands and bows, newborn baby bows and baby headwraps and newborn hospital beanies are unmatched. So come browse our site to find the sweetest baby and kid clothing and gifts. 

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$20 - $50


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