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Chub Rub was conceived in early 2010. After spending countless years grilling with off the shelf dry rubs, two grilling aficionados decided one night, that they would create their own version of a perfect blend of spices to produce the taste that they had been looking for. After many months of researching how different spices react with each other, and with their taste buds, Nick and Danny narrowed their spice selections to one prestigious list. After acquiring these certain spices and blending them together, Chub Rub was born. Over the next year and a half; they cooked out many times weekly, sometimes trudging through the snow to get to the grill, ensuring to take notes and tweak the recipe each time. Nick and Danny even brought on a new partner named Zach to help perfect the recipe. After over a year and a half, the rub was finally deemed perfect! Once Nick, Danny, and Zach were happy with the blend, they began to pass out the rub to all of their family and friends as gifts for various occasions. After receiving rave reviews from every person who tried Chub Rub, they knew that they had a truly special creation. After much convincing from people who had tried the rub, they decided to bottle their product to share the special blend with the world.

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$10 - $20


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