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Located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, Cefian Fashion Inc. is a wholesaler and manufacturer devoted to bringing the best of women’s fashion to you–the best choices, quality, and prices. Having our own in-house design and production teams allows us to focus on crafting the best fashions at a high quality for competitive prices. We pride ourselves in the quality of our garments, which is what keeps our loyal customers returning.

We understand that the woman of today is a strong, confident woman, who tackles multiple challenges in her day. She is an entrepreneur, a boss, a mother, and has more than one job or title under her belt. She enjoys a killer work out just as much as she enjoys brunch with friends. We design for her. The Cefian woman is one who is killing it on her day to day, and needs garments that will take her from her 10am meeting, to her dinner date, to her girl’s night out. We design versatile, quality pieces that not only look amazing, but will keep her comfortable throughout the day.

We are a company that focuses on collaboration, so we are always open to new suggestions and ideas. If you have a specific design in mind, or would like to see more of a certain style, feel free to contact us at any time. We are open ears and would love to get to know our customers better and what worked and what didn’t for you.

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Quick Details

  • Company is based in US
  • Average processing time of 1-3 days
  • Most likely a dropshippers
  • Cost range of products is $1 - $10
  • Shipping Cost: free

Quick Details

  • Website: https://www.cefianfashion.com/
  • Contact Page: https://www.cefianfashion.com/contact-us
  • Supplier Location: US
  • Supplier Address: 777 E. 12th St. Unit 1-7 Los Angeles, CA 90021
  • Phone Number: 213-629-5040
  • Email: info@cefian.co

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$1 - $10


This supplier has not been verified therefore we recommend being cautious.