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Blacklabel Beard Company was started rather simply. I had always been a fan of the beard and have always had some type of facial hair. I ended up shaving it off because of the itching and because it started looking unkept. One day,… upon the wife’s approval of course, I decided to let it grow out long.

As soon as my beard started getting longer I began looking for products that would help control the itching and also make it look better. One day I stumbled across the ”Beard Community” on the internet and kept seeing this thing called ”beard oil”.I ordered a few from different sites but couldn’t get past the smell of them. I started to do my own research on essential oils, carrier oils and aromatherapy and thought this is something I could do for myself at home.

After months of research, trial and error I finally had a winning formula and recipes that I could call my own. A few month’s later, after discussing with family, friends and lots of product testing, ”Blacklabel Beard Company” was started.

Our customers are everyday men. The modern guy. We have farmers, truckdrivers, office managers, lawyers, construction guys, all the way up to six figure income guys and all in between. Blacklabel Beard Company strives to appeal to everyone no matter what his job or job title is. Blacklabel Beard Company sells Quality products at fair and reasonable prices.

Now Blacklabel Beard Company is one of the leading companies for Men’s Grooming and Beard Care products and we sell both domestically and internationally. Blacklabel Beard Company makes High Quality, Premium, everyday care products like beard oil, cologne oil, pomade, beard balm, beard butter and more made from 100% all natural pure ingredients. No fillers or nonsense. Blacklabel Beard Company is committed and passionate about producing Premium, handmade products using 100% pure, natural ingredients.

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