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It is our passion and livelihood to send smiles across the miles or right next door with our award winning gift baskets. We are two sisters that started this business with a love for animals and a desire to spoil as many as possible so we began designing gift baskets for pets. Using healthy products and a desire to provide only very high-end premium gifts, our pet gift baskets were a huge hit. We've delivered gifts to the Rich & Famous as well as individuals… anyone seeking out the ultimate in products and presentation would order from Bisket Baskets And More.

It wasn't too long after opening to the pet industry that we began to receive very appreciative notes and calls from the pet owners that received our gifts but they all had something in common… the owners were jealous that there wasn't any goodies for them! Soon designing gift baskets for the pet AND owner were added to our store. Bisket Baskets was the first to provide this type of gift and now many other companies have followed our lead.

The high-end quality of our premium gifts was getting noticed by some of the most prestigious companies and corporations around the country. They began to inquire about having a gift designed specially for them using our award winning foods and designs. It is an honor and a privilege to represent each and every one of those businesses in their gift giving needs. They have seen the difference a quality gift can make and quite often have acquired new accounts just by thanking their current clientele. This is the greatest compliment we can receive is to hear from our corporate clients that they gained new accounts as a direct result of sending our gifts. Our gift's will make an impact and represent you to the level you need to get noticed! Quite often we hear just how difficult it is to actually open the gift because of how beautiful it is.

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