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BestBack is a high end line of back supports that provide relief and comfort to anyone with discomfort in their back.

From the most subtle creeping pinch that occurs on longer rides to the most severe pain throughout the day – Best-Back will provide relief and support that is unmatched by anything else on the market!

A Best-Back back support has a very unique locking mechanism that unloads the lumbar region and provides instant relief. To feel it on, is to believe it. The unmatched sensation of relief occurs when you simply pull the straps and fasten in front of the support. This engages the locking mechanism that lifts and aligns – it will provide unmatched bliss.

We have spared no expense in the construction of our products. The support is made out of breathable cotton that allows your body to breathe comfortably in a variety of climates. The straps are made from high-grade polyurethane that gives a unique look and provides a durable material that won’t stretch or rip over time. Our straps are reinforced on the underbelly so they will never stretch or rip. Finally, the Velcro™ used is of the highest quality – it will not bunch up or wear out over time.

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