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Aura Outdoors is a manufacturer and marketer of quality outdoor life products.

Whether it’s a lazy afternoon lounging on the patio or elegant al fresco dining in the garden, outdoor space is becoming an extension of our living space.

In response to the growing market demand for low maintenance outdoor furniture with uncompromising high standards of design and quality, Aura Outdoor continues to develop eye-catching designs with the inspired harmony of both traditional and modern materials. The stylish and practical fusion of tubular aluminum and woven PU Rattan, provide chic contemporary designs with the practical benefits of all-weather durability, light weight, and the flexibility for in or outdoor use. Similarly, the innovative blend of aluminum and permalene creates furniture that is both durable and has an aesthetic appeal.

Using our wealth of experience, the Aura Outdoor Team is recognized within the industry for designing and developing products that are both unique and innovative with retail price points in mind for the competitive market place. Ever perseptive to trends and demands for certain materials, our sourcing team is constantly working with our global factories ensuring these demands are met.

Working together with our China Office we closely monitor all aspects of our operations, including Quality Control and Assurance, Shipping and Logistics, and Customer Service, ensuring that your highest standards are met at all times. Aura Outdoor specializes in importing mixed containers of various goods from around the world direct to your door., making it both easy, and as flexible as possible for our customers to purchase from Aura Outdoor. We also stock a wide range of Aura Outdoor products to help anyone get out and enjoy the great outdoors, whatever their pursuits maybe.

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