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Alaska Perfect Peony started growing peony for the cut flower market in 2006. Our family arrived in Alaska in 1966. In 1968 we purchased our first 14 acres at the End of The Road and fixed up the existing abandoned log cabin originally built in 1947. With no running water or electricity it was a bit of a challenge with 4 little ones but the memories are good. We were able to get electricity before the year was out but for 5 years we learned how to melt snow, find at least 3 uses for every drop of water and we chopped a lot of ice from Fritz Creek hauling tanks of water pumped from the creek back to the cabin.

Our farm now consists of approximately 27 acres as we have purchased the surrounding properties over the years.  In 1996 we opened Fritz Creek Gardens, a retail garden center that specialized in over 500 varieties of Alaska Hardy® perennials, trees, shrubs, roses and vines.  As the peony fields matured and expanded we decided to concentrate solely on the peony business and sold the nursery to Danny Stanislaw, owner of Dutch Boy Landscaping.

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Absolutely gorgeous flowers! If you're looking for great quality product you should give them a try. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful!

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