Launch the right product, with the best marketing angle.

Our partners at Minea analyze all online advertising to help you find the best products to launch, and the best creatives in your niche in just a few clicks.

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The search for turnkey products for e-commerce 👀

Stop using outdated tools to find a potential product. Put the odds in your favour by finding out which product works best.

A centralized tool

No need to use different tools to find your winner. Minea saves you time and money with an all-in-one tool.

An endless source of winning products

Minea selects high potential products in 2 clicks. Stop spending time scrolling through Facebook and take action with Minea.

Essential metrics

With a strong experience in e-commerce, Minea’s teams provide you with key statistics that will allow you to make the best decision on the choice of your product.

Get to the heart of your customers with the best possible creative ⌛

Today, mastering advertising platforms is not enough to be profitable. The key to profitability is to produce original ads that will catch your customers’ attention. Minea allows you to discover the best ads of the moment, and of your niche.

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Take inspiration from top marketers 🖥️

Discover the marketing strategy behind the success of the best players in your niche.

Spy Competitors

A complete analysis of your competitors' advertising strategy and results

Find creatives

Your competitors have already tested hundreds of creatives, learn from their mistakes and stand out

Viral Campaigns

Stay up to date with the latest marketing strategies of the biggest brands

E-commerce has no borders, neither does Minea 🌍

Find products to launch in all markets, the creative styles that resonate best in each country, and launch in new countries with the right advertising codes!

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Hundreds of winning products

The best creatives of the moment

Influencer placements

Hundreds of winning products

Hundreds of winning products

Discover the products that are currently popular

The best creatives of the moment

The best creatives of the moment

Find the ads that work best for my niche

Influencer placements

Influencer placements

Discover the best strategies for influencer marketing

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What’s inside this package:

  • Facebook AdSpy
  • Pinterest Adspy
  • Snapchat Adspy
  • Instagram spy placement
  • Snapchat spy placement
  • Winning products tool
  • Analysis of all the ads of a shop


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What’s inside this package:

  • Facebook AdSpy
  • Selection of winning products by AI
  • Analysis of all the ads of a shop
  • Certainty of not missing any winning product
  • Regular updates

Simple and affordable pricing

Boost your e-commerce business with a powerful, reliable and complete tool adapted to the search for products on all social networks without geographical barriers.

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