Interview: “Truevo’s business is rooted in Ecommerce, as a fintech acquirer our platform”


What’s your name?

Nick Dobson

What’s your store/company’s name?

Truevo Payments

Truevo’s approach is delivering an excellent technical and cardholder experience whilst providing exceptional support

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Describe your business/service in a few words:

Truevo is a multinational fintech company designing payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our end-to-end payment solutions transform the fintech industry across Europe and the UK. We enable companies to securely and efficiently accept payments online in over 140 currencies.

Describe your e-commerce journey. How did you enter the space?

Founded on the promise of enabling entrepreneurs to have a partner they can trust to help support their business growth. Founded in 2011, Truevo has always had Ecommerce and Mobile Commerce in its veins. Our solutions and technology have evolved with Ecommerce providing a seamless partner to our customers.

How your business is helping the e-commerce owners?

Truevo provides a suite of feature-rich, easily deployable solutions. By adopting a low-code or no-code approach, customers can quickly enable their businesses to take card payments. Truevo’s approach is delivering an excellent technical and cardholder experience whilst providing exceptional support. E-commerce owners look for expert payment partners that allow them to focus on growing their businesses. Truevo is that partner.

What is the most significant challenge dropshippers are facing today?

Retail and Ecommerce are under pressure. Customers expect faster delivery, lower prices and seamless checkout experiences. Dropshipping businesses are not an exception. In my view, the biggest challenges are as stated above but include:

Seamless and mobile optimised checkout, allowing customers to quickly and easily make their purchase using a reputable payment provider

Offering payment options relevant to your customers create a simple and effective checkout process – This can include stored card features for repeat purchases or Google and Apple Pay for mobile commerce.

Cost of providing service in line with the customer expectations, dropshipping can provide a lower cost of acquisitions but should not detract from delivery speed and customer experience. The world is quickly becoming more expensive and competitive, and the small things make the difference between a purchase and a lifetime customer.

What was the game changer to enter dropshipping or e-commerce business as a service provider? What are your future plans?

Truevo’s business is rooted in Ecommerce, as a fintech acquirer our platform and people have only ever known the ecommerce world, which gives us a fantastic foundation when delivering solutions to our customers. Truevo plans to continue to provide simple but powerful solutions to our customers to help them focus on growing their businesses. We handle the payments, and they focus on what they are good at, which is running their business. Longer term, Truevo’s ambitions are to continue to deliver value-added solutions, and simplify our customers’ operations making them more effective and optimised in how they run their businesses.

What’s your best advice for both dropshipping beginners and experienced e-commerce owners?

Pick your partners wisely. From payments to logistics. These partners should be an extension of your business. Do the research, and don’t base your decision on cost. Often the cheapest solution is not the best. Likewise, the most expensive might not deliver the premium solution required. Understand your non-negotiables and make sure your partners live and breathe them.