Interview: Managing your global financial operations with Statrys

statrys interview

Statrys started its journey in 2019 with a mission to provide effective financial solutions and solve the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses, particularly when dealing with banks.

We are proud to offer services that bridge the gap between complex financial services and personalised support for more than 3,500 companies, including those in the ecommerce and dropshipping industry.

What’s your name?

Bertrand Theaud

What’s your store/company’s name?


What’s the website?

What’s your email?

Describe your business/service in a few words:

Statrys is a Hong Kong-based financial services provider offering multi-currency business accounts to companies registered in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the British Virgin Islands. We also provide company incorporation services and free invoicing software.

Describe your e-commerce journey. How did you enter the space?

Statrys’s services were motivated by a clear recognition of the challenges faced by SMEs, including ecommerce companies, in managing their global financial operations, especially when opening a business account. With our focus on solving this problem, we are on a mission to provide seamless payment services so that businesses of all sizes can thrive in the international marketplace.

How your business is helping the e-commerce owners?

We are simplifying the complexities of business account opening, company incorporation, invoicing, and international transactions. Our multi-currency accounts allow businesses to efficiently receive and send money in 11 major currencies, and our invoicing software streamlines the billing process. These services are especially beneficial for dropshippers who frequently deal with international suppliers and customers.

What is the most significant challenge dropshippers are facing today?

One of the primary challenges for dropshippers is managing cross-border transactions efficiently. To overcome this, they need business accounts that facilitate easy handling of multi-currency funds and transactions to pay suppliers and get paid from abroad.

What was the game changer to enter dropshipping or e-commerce business as a service provider? What are your future plans?

We recognise that the ecommerce business model offers significant opportunities for SMEs to expand into international markets. The game changer for Statrys was identifying the challenges these businesses have to face in the financial service industry to achieve their goals.

As for the future, we plan to continue improving our products to support our client’s growth. We also plan to expand our services to China and Europe in the near future.

What’s your best advice for both dropshipping beginners and experienced e-commerce owners?

For beginners, my advice is to research your market and suppliers thoroughly and to prioritise setting up a strong financial foundation. For experienced ecommerce owners, I recommend staying agile and open to new technologies and markets, always looking for ways to optimise your financial operations for global scalability.