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How to Integrate Dropshipping SaaS Tools In Your Ecom Business
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The dropshipping market is predicted to reach $301.11 billion in 2024. That should be some great news, but unfortunately, it’s not so for the small dropshipping business owner struggling to stay above board. 

Imagine seeing these huge figures flying around in your industry and knowing you’re not getting any slice of the cake.

You then begin to question your abilities and processes. You start to doubt your competence. 

So, why is everyone making bank and you’re not? Have you assessed your operations and found that they follow best practices?

Have you done a competitive analysis and seen nothing your competitors are doing differently? 

If you’ve used a flashlight on your processes and found nothing wrong, then you should think about integrating Dropshipping SaaS tools into your store.

Why? The impact of software-as-a-service integration on the dropshipping business is huge and not many players are taking advantage of them.

Yes, you don’t know your way around and that’s why you’re here; to know what these tools are, how they can benefit your business, and how you can integrate them. You won’t be disappointed. 


Dropshipping SaaS Tools And Why They Are Important For Dropshipping

If you’re into dropshipping, you probably already use Shopify and Oberlo. These tools help your business run smoothly.

Thus, they allow you to stay compliant with modern practices, which attract more customers. Also, in the long run, they save you time and make you money.

Types of Dropshipping SaaS Tools For Dropshipping 

Types of SaaS tools for dropshipping 


Many software is available for businesses, but there are specific ones you need if you’re into dropshipping. Find some of them below.

SaaS for an eCommerce website

To thrive in the dropshipping field, you need a reliable eCommerce website.

While you may want to build yours from scratch, it is best to take advantage of existing eCommerce platforms that are already helping businesses like yours make a haul.

On these platforms, you get to open your online shop with easy steps. These software are embedded with the necessary tools for running your business, getting customers, and closing sales.

Software for Lead Generation

Landing customers is no joke, not with the seemingly oversaturated dropshipping market.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone; there’s software that will make the journey smoother. 

This software assists you in converting your website visitors into prospects by providing data that will equip you to approach these prospects appropriately. Also, it does this by tracking website traffic and analyzing your visitors’ activities. 

Tools For Promotion And Sales

If you’re serious about having a sizable chunk of the dropshipping cake, you will invest in software that’ll help you make that dream come true.

Promotion and sales software will help you push forward your business and sell your products. 

Software For Picture Optimization

Have you ever clicked on a product simply because the photo looked so good? I have. There’s an immediate attraction that occurs when you see a beautiful product photo.

You may not even plan on buying; you’ll just click to have a better view. And in the process, you might change your mind and bring out your credit card. 

The importance of clear, beautiful pictures for a dropshipping business cannot be overemphasized.

That’s why you need an application that can help you enhance your photos. If you’ve not been using it, you’ve been leaving wads of cash on the table. 

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) won’t be a strange term to you if you’re in the eCommerce space. It’s not negotiable if you’re selling online.

You’ll want your products and brand to come up in search engines for increased traffic. For this, you need a tool that can help you with keyword and competitive SEO research.

Software For Social Media Marketing

Everyone and their mother are now on social media. What better place to meet them and sell your products? Before you jump on the social media hype, though, you need to master the art of marketing on social media. 

Not to worry, there are apps that help you manage your social media accounts, create and schedule posts and form strategic collaborations for campaigns. This software gives you an edge in the social media space.

Chatbot Tools

Customer service is not what it used to be; times have changed. There are chatbot tools now that attend to your prospects and customers 24/7. You don’t have to be online all the time before you attend to buyers.

The icing on the cake? These bots simulate human-to-human interaction to provide your customers with a personalized experience. 

Customer Feedback Software

If you’re doing business and not getting customer feedback, it’s like talking to someone and not letting them respond.

Soon, they’ll get tired and leave. Customer feedback is essential as it lets you feel the pulse of your clients and know if you’re doing the right thing. 

Investing in applications that will let you know why people abandon their carts and abort their purchases, for example, is vital for business growth.

This software helps you gather the information that helps you improve customer service and general operations. 

Team Collaboration Software

Team collaboration software


You might be starting your dropshipping website alone, but as you grow, you’ll be needing a team. Now, building an effective team is not a walk in the park. Y

ou must be on top of your game; otherwise, all your hard work will go down the drain. If you already have a team, then make them more efficient with team collaboration software.

Communication is at the heart of collaboration. When team members communicate well, they work better.

Good team collaboration software helps your team improve their communication. This software offers direct messaging, chat rooms, and private room options

On these platforms, you can sort topics seamlessly for easy reference. In addition, team members can follow project updates and conversations in real time. These applications ensure everyone is on the same page.

Software for Email Marketing

Email marketing is part of your marketing efforts to promote your products and grow your customer base. An effective email marketing campaign ensures customers on your list know about new products, discounts, and other relevant updates. 

Going through this process manually takes forever. Imagine having to manually send emails to hundreds or thousands of customers. It is tiring and monotonous.

Software for email marketing solves this problem. It helps with email automation, campaigns, and segmentation. With it, the right people get the right message at the right time.

What is a SaaS Integration?

saas integration


SaaS integration is when you connect one SaaS app with another and they automatically exchange information. It’s like having two toddlers who need to share toys in different rooms.

So, what you usually do is allow them to play with a set of toys at a time and exchange them. You keep going from room to room each time the exchange is needed.

Then, one day, you have the lightbulb moment. You realize you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and time if you just put the two toddlers in the same room with the toys between them.

They can play with the toys together and exchange them without your interference. 

This is exactly what integrating Dropshipping SaaS tools is. You connect two apps and let them share information freely and automatically. Also, it doesn’t matter if the apps are in multiple locations; you can still integrate them.


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5 Ways To Integrate Dropshipping SaaS Tools In Your Store

Integrating your software makes business operations seamless but deciding which applications to integrate could be confusing. These are 5 ways you can integrate your software-as-a-service tools. 

1. ERP eCommerce integration

As a dropshipper, an ecommerce integration with ERP will give your business the much-needed boost. With it, you can create an effective online sales channel.

An ERP ensures your business management software works in harmony. All your back office functions are completed smoothly. 

The benefits of having an ERP integration in your dropshipping business include:

  • Improved conversion rates
  • More repeat customers
  • Reduced order errors
  • Revenue increase 

2. Website and email marketing integration

Email marketing is effective if properly deployed, especially when integrated with your website.

With this integration, you can collect the email addresses of your website visitors, follow up with email marketing, and convert them. A bonus is that you can target certain customer segments through their behavior. 

3. Shipping and fulfillment software integration

Shipping and fulfillment are big issues for dropshippers as it is where most complaints come from. Software integration in this area simplifies the process.

The whole process is automated when all the software for this purpose is integrated, making your work easier and your customers satisfied.  

4. Social media and marketing software integration

Another software integration that works like magic for dropshipping is social media and marketing.

Integrating your social media management and marketing tools, allows you to automate communication and fulfill orders easily. 

This integration saves you and your customers time and ensures a consistent brand voice. A nice topping is the extra customer support boost.

Feedback from social media channels can be seamlessly used for marketing decisions. 

5. Ordering, marketing, and analytics software integration

Integrating your ordering, marketing, and analytics software gives you a holistic picture of who your customers are and how they behave.

You know their demographics, average order value, and shopping behaviors. This will help you make better marketing decisions, drive sales and build customer loyalty.

Benefits of SaaS Integration for Ecommerce

Why all this noise about integration? Why should you invest so much in this software? What are the returns on investment for software-as-service tools? Find answers to your questions below.

Time Management

This has to win the prize for the best benefit of SaaS integration. The automation that comes with integration saves tons of time.

Stuff you would normally do is automated and you’re able to focus on other important tasks. As we all know, more time means more money. That’s a double win. 

Improved Operations

When your tools are integrated to achieve your business goals, your operations become smoother.

SaaS integrations let you reach your goals with less effort. The results show in your deliverables and your customers are happy. 

Enhanced Customer Experience


All your business efforts are geared towards getting customers and making them happy. This becomes easier with SaaS integrations.

When customers and prospects are able to perform their tasks seamlessly, they’re happy. And happy customers are paying customers. 

Better Employee Experience

Customers are not the only ones who enjoy the benefits of Dropshipping SaaS integrations; employees also do. A cocktail of applications that make work smoother is every worker’s delight.

Everything they need to perform their task is available at their fingertips. This is a great plus because when employees are happy, customers are also happy.

Error Reduction

Executing any task manually introduces errors. It’s only natural, as humans are prone to errors.

A seemingly little error can cost the company lots of money or even smear its reputation. With this software, however, errors are highly minimal. 

Better Transparency 

These applications give you an overview of every aspect of your business at any given time. This transparency is very healthy for business.

You’re able to measure your growth accurately and intervene in necessary areas on time. This gives you an edge as nothing will catch you unawares. 

Improved Project Management 

Managing multiple projects or accounts becomes seamless with SaaS integrations. Every team member knows what they should be done on time and are well supervised.

If any project is lagging, attention is quickly drawn to it and a solution will be found. 

Increased Revenue

This is the end goal of running a business. No matter the work one puts into a business, without revenue, it is a failed business.

SaaS integration helps you maximize your profits. When your work processes are smoother and your customers and team members are happy, your revenue will grow. 


Dropshipping SaaS Integration – the shortcut to dropshipping success

We’ve all heard the saying, “Work smart, not hard.” What better way to work smart than to leverage SaaS integration in your dropshipping business? They make your work simpler and more effective. 

Software for eCommerce websites, lead generation, promotion and sales, picture optimization, SEO, social media, chatbots, and customer feedback are some of the essential SaaS tools for dropshippers.

For maximum results, integrate relevant software. Ways you can integrate your software include ERP eCommerce integration, website, and email marketing integration, shipping and fulfillment integration, social media and marketing integration and ordering, and marketing and analytics integration. 

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